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Your Strengths:
  • 36.43% of my edits currently are in the main count, along with 3.23% being in Warriors Wiki, 24.78% in Warriors Wiki Talk, 8.81% in files and 0.39% in template.
  • I have leadership skills outside of Wikia and online, as I've acted as theatrical art director in the past.
  • I have been around on the Wiki for over nine years on and off, and I know my way around.
  • I'm always around and ready to help, whether it be with someone personally or within a project, I'm eager to get things done and execute ideas or help those in need.
  • I'm very passionate and excited to be involved. I truly love working on this Wiki.
Your Weaknesses:
  • My kindness can often get me into trouble at times, as it is not always what's required in conflict-resolution.
  • While I am very committed, my life can get hectic very fast sometimes, but I want to work hard to assure that my life conflicts don't hinder my passions.
  • With said life conflicts, I sometimes have moments where I go quiet and need to take a breather, but I try my best to get myself the rest I need whilst not neglecting my passions and duties.


I first joined this Wikia in 2009 on a different account, and since then I have been in and out of this Wikia. While my involvement has not always been consistently active in those nine years, I have been active since August of this year, and my edits started picking up in October. I try my hardest to contribute to every aspect of the Wikia, and I have been very active in the editing side of the Discord. I absolutely adore working on the Wiki and I truly wish to give back, as it has provided me a lot of joy not just in these past months, but since I first joined. My current editing track hasn't lasted for very long, but I feel as if my overall time and experience on this Wikia as a whole can qualify me for rollback.
I find my passion in writing character summaries, providing critiques and doing art in PCA and working on chapter subpages. I try my best to lead people to success and help them where they need, as giving help is a strong suit of mine I've found. I'm always looking for something to do, and I love being able to offer assistance to anyone on the Wikia. I also like to engage myself in debates in blog posts, and I love thinking very analytically about Warriors. I've read the books for well over ten years, and I constantly reread them as they've been a huge joy in my life from the moment I discovered them.
I adore this Wiki, and I want to put my all in. My loyalty here has never wavered, and I'm determined to stay committed to help improve the Wiki and anyone who needs it.

My second will be Hawkey.


I have known Echo for about nine years now, ever since we were both new and inexperienced users on Warriors Wiki. I have watched her grow and develop as both as a Wiki user and as a person. I have also had the privilege of being an administrator alongside her on our previous project: a roleplaying wiki called Cats of the Clans. Having seen Echo flourish and succeed in a staff role, I know that she would take her rollback duties seriously and would do an excellent job.

Upon Echo's return to the Wiki in August, she has worked tirelessly to write character summaries for PC, create beautiful chararts for PCA, and write analytical blogs and essays about the Warriors series. She is caring, compassionate, hard-working, and is excellent at mediating problems. This past month, she was the top contributor of the wiki, exceeding even the Wiki's staff in her number of edits. Echo is also innovative and organized, and she is excellent at coming up with ideas to improve the Wiki's efficiency and accuracy. If you know Echo, it is obvious that she loves the Wiki, the Warriors series, and cares deeply about the other editors. Warriors Wiki would be fortunate to have Echo as a rollback.

-- Hawkfire always daydreaming ( 12/11/18 )

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Vote-yay Echo's proven herself to be a true asset to the wiki, and I believe she would do well as a rollback. Best of luck!spooky is that... a furry cat?!?  02:51, December 15, 2018 (UTC)
Vote-yay No complaints from me; it'll be nice to have more staff who actually want to edit and do it of their own volition. Jayce  ( 02:54, 12/15/2018 )
Vote-yay Appledash the light of honor 13:35, December 19, 2018 (UTC)


With all votes in supporting, RiinRin will be given rollback rights. Congratulations. Appledash the light of honor 14:12, December 19, 2018 (UTC)

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