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Your Strengths:
  • I've been on the wiki for five years now
  • I've had experience in leadership in both project leads and staff membership
  • I've been a rollbacker in the past, so I know what is expected of me
  • I am patient and level-headed
  • I love to help out and be a leader
Your Weaknesses:
  • I am sensitive, and the opinions of others can get to me
  • I can be stubborn in my opinions at times
  • I am a high school student and I can frequently be overcome with life stuff that can get in the way of activity
  • I am strong in my voice, and that can both help and hurt me


This is my fifth year here at Warriors Wiki. In these five years, I’ve lead some projects, been a staff member, been a role model, been a mentor, warned some users, argued my opinions, and have been a faithful editor. When I wrote my first RfR in December of 2011, I mentioned that I really wanted to get my name out there in the mainspace more. I felt back then that I was somewhat of a nobody. I was encouraged to just keep editing and being the best I can be at editing and leading, and now four years later, it’s safe to say that I’ve grown immensely as an editor and as a person.

I led as a rollbacker for about half a year, and I’ve been a chat moderator both in 2012 and 2015. I’ve had leadership experience in being a SW of PCA for about three years, and have become the newfound deputy of PB. I love being a mentor, and have had many graduated apprentices both officially and unofficially. Helping users out is a passion for me, and I’m delighted to use my skills to help those who are confused or struggling.

I wish to become a rollbacker again because I wish to regain back what I had before. I want to get back to being a user that others look up to, depend on, and rely on for help and advice. I’ll be on the wiki regularly, and will help combat vandalism and unfaithful edits. For much of 2014, I was inactive, but I rejoined the wiki earlier this year and have no intention of leaving it anytime soon. My status as a rollbacker was cut short in 2012, and I would love nothing more but to continue my role, and to help this wiki grow. Splook sweet  creature 03:37 Fri Nov 6

My second will be Snowdapple.


I'm just gonna outright say in my time here at WWiki, everything I've seen of Splook, she is one of the best users here. She's very enthusiastic and can get the job done in a level-headed manner, and can be - at times - one of the most sensible. She is a great artist of PCA and from what I've seen of her work for PB, she's very eager while writing the articles, and that's not something you see every day. I have not seen her work as a mentor, as I am new here, but I do believe that she loves helping out new users to become better in their artwork.

Splook is a chat moderator, for which I believe her second time in that position, and she enforces the rules gently and thoroughly. She had a vanishing bout back before I joined here, but now that she's back, I don't think she'll vanish again anytime soon.

Being more than a normal user is everyone's dream, but there are certain others whose dream is to help others, and I believe that's Splook's intention. Not all the time do you see someone who just solidly wants to help edit the mainspace, getting their name out there and known in this new era of 2015. As I've seen, there has been a grow in vandalism, and it would help the best if we had another rollbacker, to which Splook fits the description solidly, and I think she'll do wonderfully. User:Winterflurry/Sig 14:30, November 6, 2015 (UTC)

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Vote-yay This may seem biased coming from me of all people, but putting my friendship aside with Splook, I definitely know that she's one of the most dedicated users out here, or else she wouldn't have joined after 5 years of editing. Splook's the deputy of PB, and I know I did a good job choosing her. She was a SW of PCA and she has a ton of leadership skills. She's a chat moderator and was a rollback before, so this should be a cinch. Another rollbacker is key, and she fits the requirements just well. Good luck, Splook. Appledash the light of honor 15:26, November 6, 2015 (UTC)
Vote-yay As per Icy. I have nothing more to say. Jayce  ( 20:29, 11/10/2015 )
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