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Your Strengths:
  • I am active in all the projects and work to complete their Concerns. I also have a fair amount of nominations.
  • I've made 3,471 edits (and counting) since I've joined. (57.61% - Mainspace, 12.07% WWiki talk, 4.43% in Forums, and 2.51% in Warriors Wiki)*
  • I’m familiar with all of the policies of the wiki.
  • I participate in Wiki Operations whenever I can.
  • I have the ability to be on the wiki most of the day, because most of my school-work is via laptop.
  • I revert bad edits daily, and know all of the guidelines of the Projects to be able to discern good edits from bad ones.
  • I always try to do what I think is right-- and am not influenced easily although I accept when I am wrong. This can help me and hurt me both.
  • I strive to be a well-rounded editor, and have participated in most aspects of the wiki.
Your Weaknesses:
  • I’ve only been on the wiki for 6 months, and may lack the experience others have.
  • I’m a student, and do have other responsibilities outside the wiki, as well as family commitments, which can slightly affect my activity on weekends.
  • I don’t have any leadership experience.
  • I’m not completely competent will all aspects of wikicode yet, though I’m working hard to learn.
  • I tend to lead with my head(logic), and not my heart(emotions) when I make decisions, and this can make me come off as dismissive to people who don’t know me.


Hi! I’m Spookycat27, a daily editor on here. Now, I couldn’t imagine not editing here and it feels nice to work in a community setting where everyone’s opinion is heard. Out of all the places I try to fit in, this feels like one of the most inviting places. I’ve used this wiki for the whole time I’ve loved Warriors, and was ecstatic when I realized I could finally join in November 2015. The six months of editing on this wiki has shaped my life -- all my friends always know I’m about to tell them the latest happenings from here!

I’m active in all the Projects, and have 8 PC nominations, and 32 PB nominations. I have about 4,300 edits, with 57% mainspace, and about 12% in Project talk pages. I love this wiki, and the majority of my free time is spent here. I am on my laptop the majority of every weekday, and always keep the activity window open which is good for reverting edits made in bad-faith. I am OCD about the formatting of pages, and will always fix any errors that are pointed out to me, as several people have left me messages of things to fix. I chip my opinion into any Project discussion that pops up, as well as any other forums that are made. I have recently started to read blog posts, and have marked many of the bad ones for deletion in an effort to keep the wiki well-kept.

I’d like to request rollback rights because I feel they would help me to more efficiently revert strings of bad edits, faster. Thank you for reading this, and possibly considering me for this position.

My second will be Mapleclaw.


While Spooky might have only been on the wiki for 6 months, I have no doubt that she would make an excellent rollback.

Spooky's dedication to this wiki shows in her every edit; her project talk page contributions, the book and character articles that she writes, and the chararts that she has made (and is now tweaking ;)). She edits here every day and whenever I am on, I almost always find that she is on the wiki too. She is a notable contributer to all of the (active) projects, and has made many nominations, as well as gave suggestions for those that others made. Also, I have seen few topics/FA discussions brought up for PC, PB, and PW that Spooky hasn't replied to and stated her idea on, while remaining respectful toward other users at the same time.

And while Spooky's larger edits are evident the wiki, I hope that her smaller, minor edits- such as linking, finding quote page numbers, and fixing mistakes- haven't gone unnoticed either. Additionally, there have been many times where I saw Spooky respond to questions and suggestions on the talk pages of articles, and I have seen her undoing uncited, incorrect, unnecessary, etc. edits very quickly after they have been added too. For these reasons, I truly do think that rollback rights will make this already-helpful user an even bigger asset to this wiki. Good luck, Spooky. 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 03:59 Sat May 7

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Vote-yay An impressive user, with a very impressive and phenomenal contribution trail behind them. Like Maple, I have been waiting for the day where I can finally voice the support that Spooky needs to get rollback rights. They're active, edit a lot, even moreso than most of the users we've had lately. There is not a doubt in my mind that this wiki could only benefit from giving Spooky the rollback rights they've worked so hard to get. Jayce  ( 15:43, 5/08/2016 )
Vote-yay Spooky is a gerat user and she is active and hardworking. Her edits are amazing and I think she definitely deserves this. Appledash the light of honor 17:21, May 15, 2016 (UTC)


With all votes in favor, Spooky shall be granted rollbacker status. Congratulations! Atelda insert vague subtext here 05:57, June 6, 2016 (UTC)

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