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This policy in a Nutshell
  • Establish awareness of staff positions and current members
  • Establish resources to apply for various staff positions


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The Warriors Wiki staff team is responsible for managing the encyclopedia body of Erin Hunter's Warriors book series that anyone can edit since opening on the 21st June, 2006. Our goal is to create a quality database for the series in its' entirety. All staff members are require to abide by the civility policy. Listed below are the different levels of staff, including brief information and how to apply.

Bureaucrats and Administrators

Bureaucrats are the highest members of staff. They possess the ability to promote members to staff and close staff applications. Administrators can promote Discord moderators, but other roles are exclusive to bureaucrats. Both ranks have the ability to block users, move and delete pages, rollback edits, and monitor the Discord server.
There is no way to apply for bureaucrat rights. The application for adminship is known as Request for Adminship (RfA), but administrator applications are currently closed. To fill out a RfA, click here.

Content Moderators

Content moderators posses rollback abilities, and can move and delete pages. They can also monitor and invite users to the Discord server. Content moderators are experienced, trusted and hand-selected staff members by the administrators. There is no way to apply.


Rollbacks can revert multiple edits from the same user at once, effective against spam edits. Rollbacks can also monitor the Discord server. The application for rollback rights is known as Request for Rollback (RfR), and rollback applications are currently open with one (1) position available. To fill out a RfR, click here.

Discord Moderators

Discord moderators monitor the Discord server for violations against the rules and intervene when necessary. They can also remove users from the server and add and remove roles from users. The application for Discord moderator rights is known as Request for Discord Moderator (RfDM), and Discord mod applications are currently open with one (1) positions available. To fill out a RfDM, click here.

Current Staff



Content Moderators


Discord Moderators

.iNebulaJaysnowPotato FlakinSun that Casts Shadows
.TrollskyJayfrost (BC)Neon SkyliteThroppWhorlpelt

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