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8 June 2008
Project Mission
To organize and coordinate the creation and use of Userboxes for the entire Wiki. This includes that improvements of existing userboxes and tweaking of user-created boxes

Inactive Phase
Project Members
Organizers: SnowedLightning & Spookycat27
Warriors: Comet the Cat, Patchfeather14, & StarlightGirlHSS
Supporters: None
To join the project place a request to join on the talk page.

Userboxes are small templates that users place on their Userpage (or a sub-page of their userpage) to indicate some affiliation, point of view, preference, or other fact about themselves. The Userboxes displayed on this page are official ones, but a number of unofficial Userboxes are hosted as Subpages of various Userpages.

The following Userboxes are available as of currently:

Personal Description Gender Shows gender (male or female)
Appearance Shows hair and eye color
Traits Shows personal traits (related to Warrior Cats)
Name Shows first name and / or nickname
Age, Age 2 Shows user's age (exact or approximative)
Birthday Shows birthday (exact or approximative)
Zodiac Shows Zodiac (Western and Chinese)
Location Shows your current location (country / continent)
Languages Shows which languages you speak, and at what level
Height/Weight Shows your height/weight
Wikian Info Member Since Shows how long have you been a WWiki member for
Editcount Shows the number of edits you made
Staff Shows if you are a Staff member on WWiki
Other Wikis Shows if you contribute to other Wikia wikis
IRC Shows if you usually visit the IRC channel
Friends With Shows if you are a friend of other editors on WWiki
Warriors Books Book Ownership Shows which Warriors books you own
Arc Shows your favorite Warriors arc
Signed Books Shows if you have any Warriors books signed by the authors
Warriors Opinions Characters Shows your favorite and least favorite cats
Clans Shows your favorite and least favorite Clans
Shippings Shows your favorite and least favorite couples
Pet Peeves Warriors pet peeves
Personal Preferences
and Information
Animals Favorite Animals
Colors Favorite Colors
Music Favorite styles and artists; or shows if you play an instrument
Literature Favorite genres and authors; or shows if you write literature
Weather Favorite season or weather
Sports Shows if you perform (or watch) a certain sport
Hobbies Shows your hobbies
Food Favorite food
TV Shows Favorite TV shows
Fonts Favorite fonts
Supporter Supporter / fan (of an actor, sportsman, team etc)
WWiki Projects Books Shows if you are a member of Project Books; and your rank
Characters Shows if you are a member of Project Characters; and your rank
PCA Shows if you are a member of Project Character Art; and your rank
Reality Shows if you are a member of Project Reality; and your rank
World Shows if you are a member of Project World; and your rank
Userbox Shows if you are a member of Project Awards; and your rank
Userbox Shows if you are a member or supporter of Project Userbox
Adopt a User Shows if you participate in the Adopt a User program as a mentor or apprentice
Other Comedy Various humorous userboxes
Unofficial Various unofficial userboxes

Project Information

This project coordinated the creation and maintenance of official userboxes. It is now in maintenance mode. Requests to update or modify existing official userboxes are to be made on the Talk page of the template in question. Unofficial boxes may be created by anyone, on their own discretion.

Project News

  • 10 May 2010 - the project is Active again after two years of inactivity.
  • 31 August 2010 - the project leaves Active Phase after contributor consensus.
  • 13 February 2013 - the project changes phases from being closed to being in maintenance mode.
  • 8 April 2018 - project switches to Active Phase due to massive amounts of updates needed to various userboxes and coding.

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