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This page documents an Official Policy on Warriors Wiki.
This page was approved via contributor consensus. All edits must be discussed on the talk page prior to a Sysop making changes.
This policy in a Nutshell
  • Establish resources for newer and returning users about the basic rules and policies
  • Establish a blocking policy abiding by Fandom guidelines


Hello and welcome to the Warriors Wiki! Whether you are a brand new editor looking to help or an experienced editor looking to refresh yourself, this page details our rules, some of our policies, and blocking policies. Please make sure to abide by these rules, and if you have any questions, contact a member of staff!

Basic rules

  1. Keep it civil: Do not make personal attacks on other people. If you need to criticize another user's argument, do so without attacking them as a person. Do not use bigoted language, including slurs which degrade another person or group of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc. Please also refrain from general rudeness, judgmental terms in edit summaries, especially when it comes to undoing edits, and belittling other users due to their writing style, or what they choose to include. For further information, please see our civility policy below.
  2. Be a productive member of the wiki: Contribute to the wiki in line with the established processes and conventions. Need help or want to know how to contribute? Ask an administrator or check out our community tab! Disrupting the wiki with “edit warring” over differing opinions of a topic with another user or group of users is not productive.
  3. Do not harass other users: If somebody asks you to stop posting certain content on their talk page, respect their wishes. It is their talk page.
  4. Do follow community guidelines for formatting: When a community has established formatting, it's important to adhere to that, especially when spoiler content is involved. For more information, see our spoiler and unreleased books policies below. Each of our projects have style guidelines, such as our pixel artwork, character articles, books and chapter subpages, and world articles.
  5. Do not engage in excessive original content: The wiki is a collaborative community resource for Erin Hunter's Warriors, and therefore only canon content from the series is allowed. This wiki is not a publisher of original thought, a blog, web space provider, art site or social networking site, or a role-playing website or a repository for fanon creativity. For further information, see our Warriors Wiki is NOT policy below. Have a question about whether your content counts as canon? Ask a staff member!

All users are required abide by FANDOM's Terms of Use and the additional guidelines found there. This also includes the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule stating that users must be 13 years of age (or 16 years of age for California and the European Economic Area) to be online.


The following lists some of our specific policies regarding various aspects of the wiki. All policies are voted via a community consensus and all users are required to abide by them. Have any specific questions about the wiki's policies? Ask an administrator!

  1. Blogs - Provides guidelines and standards for blogs.
  2. Book covers - Lists the naming conventions for uploading the original publishing and foreign translations of the Warriors book covers. Book covers must include the specific arc, book number, and language identifiers.
  3. Civility - Provides further examples of incivility, how edit wars occur, how to reduce the likelihood of them, and when a staff member should intervene.
  4. Discord - This wiki has an invite-only Discord server, and active editors may reach out to a member of staff to receive an invite. Users must abide by Discord's Terms of Service and the wiki's Discord rules listed on the policy page. Users are also encouraged to reach out to staff via #staff-contact or seek editing help from one of the help channels. Please note that a ban from the wiki includes a ban from the Discord server, and users may be banned for Discord-related incidents.
  5. Image Use - Users may have one personal image file and it must be named [[File:USERNAME.personal.extension]]. Users violating the one personal image rule will have their additional images deleted and their file renamed. Need help renaming your file? Ask an administrator or a content moderator and they'll be happy to help! The only exceptions to this rule are contest images, pixel images for PCA, or alternating between file extensions such as .png, .jpg, or .gif.
  6. Personal Attacks - Please refrain from personally attacking other users, including but not limited to racist, sexist, and homophobic comments directed against another user, profanity, threats of violence including death, threats of vandalism, and being rude in general, attacking someone for their views on certain things. Personal attacks do not include, but are not limited, to disagreements such as "I disagree with your comment" or "Your statement is a point of view, not a fact" or an edit summary such as "reverting vandalism," but assume good faith before saying that. Personal attacks will result in a ban.
  7. Signatures - Custom signatures are allowed on the wiki, but they must include links to your user page and talk page, and bear some resemblance to your actual username.
  8. Sock puppetry - Please refrain from creating alternate accounts, particularly to avoid a ban. Any instance of this will involve an immediate ban. If you wish to move to another account, you are free to do so as long as it is explicitly clear.
  9. Spoilers - Character pages must include a {{Startspoiler}} and {{Endspoiler}} tag, along with a {{BookSpoiler}} tag for recently released books. Please include spoiler warnings when discussing unreleased or recently released content on discussion pages. When a blurb from an official source is released, new character pages may be created, albeit with limited information. All additional information may be be added at the book's released date midnight UTC time.
  10. Staff - Introductions to the current staff members along with brief summaries of their duties and how to apply to become a staff member. Feel free to reach out to any staff member on their talk pages!
  11. The Wikian's Code - Users of the wiki are strongly suggested to follow a moral code much similar to the warrior code to improve their experience on the wiki and their status as an editor. This includes assuming good faith, respecting everyone, learning from mistakes, forming friendships and stifling anger.
  12. Unreleased books - Similar to the spoiler policy, recently revealed books from official sources may be added to the wiki as a stub and the unreleased category.
  13. Warriors Wiki is NOT - This wiki is an encyclopedia intending to document all content regarding Erin Hunter's Warriors series. This wiki is not a publisher of original thought or a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site. Please refrain from role-playing, writing excessive fanfiction, fanart, or posting theories on the wiki. You are more than welcomed to post an picture of your original character as your personal file, and limited to writing a brief summary of your original character on your user page.


The following explains the blocking procedures performed by administrators and block lengths. Blocks may only be issued for violations of the stated rules of the wiki or FANDOM's Terms of Use. Keep in mind the block lengths are merely suggestions, and not concrete ban lengths as admins reserve the right to ban a user for a specific length given the context of the ban. This is not a concrete list as administrators can block a user with a consensus.

Grounds for blocking

  1. Vandalism - Vandalism is defined as any bad-faith edit with the intent to disrupt Wiki articles or purposely damage their credibility, or adding fake edits on purpose. Usually, the editor must be warned prior to blocking, however, if the editor decides not to comply, this is grounds for a ban. Those who are found guilty of vandalism despite being warned not to may be blocked for three (3) days or more. If they continue to do so, the ban will be extended.
  2. Spam - Posting irrelevant spam links in articles, making bad faith edits that make no sense whatsoever, or creating useless articles are grounds for a short-term ban. Editors must be warned prior with a reminder of the rules (particularly the NOT policy). Those who are found guilty of spam despite being warned not to may be blocked for three (3) days or more. If they continue to do so, the ban will be extended.
  3. Inappropriate account names - If there is a slur used in someone's name, or in general an inappropriate username in terms of rudeness / personal attacks, this is grounds for an immediate, no-warning infinite block.
  4. Disruption - Users who purposely join the wiki just to cause chaos will be blocked permanently, although a warning should be placed on their talk page prior. Those who are found guilty of disruption despite being warning not to may be blocked for one (1) week or more. If they continue to do so, the ban will be extended.
  5. Personal attacks - If any user is caught purposely attacking a user, insulting them, or being rude continuously after being asked to stop, they will be warned on their talk page. If they refuse to stop, a ban will be issued to them. It will be up to the admin who is distributing the block to decide the length, though these typically range from one (1) week to one (1) month or more.
  6. Sock puppetry - If there are users who have been found to have more than one account, for any purpose that is not explicitly approved by an administrator, they will be infinitely blocked and have an IP block placed upon their accounts. Using more than one account to influence a vote, spam, or evade an existing block will result in action taken.
  7. Any rude messages left on talk pages, whether it be about the wiki, about a certain person, etc. It will be up to the admin who is distributing the block to decide the length, though these typically range from one (1) week to three (3) weeks or more.
  8. COPPA violation - As stated previously, all users are required abide by Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule stating that users must be 13 years of age (or 16 years of age for California and the European Economic Area) to be online. While no staff member shall ever ask for personal information, if any user willingly and without prompting discloses they are underage, they will be banned until they are of age. This is either 13 or 16 years of age depending on their geographical location, but the default will be 13 years old.
  9. Safety of the community - Administrators can block a user using a staff consensus if they are a danger to the community, as this community is typically skewed towards a younger audience. Examples include predatory behavior and outside wiki behavior such as the Discord.

Asking to be have a ban lifted

Users who believe they have been wrongfully blocked may contact the blocking administrator in good faith on Community Central. Good faith means giving the admins time to respond with at least 24 hours. Escalating to FANDOM staff when you've not given the admins a fair amount of time to respond will not be seen as a good faith effort.

Please only send in a support ticket via ZenDesk about a block if you have made a good faith effort to discuss your block with the admins (or can't) and the block is longer than two (2) weeks. You will be required to submit a link to said discussion. If a user continues to ask for their ban to be lifted, they will not have it unless they can demonstrate they have learned from their mistakes. However, if they have committed several grounds for a ban, and have been let off the hook too many times, alongside making plans to evade their ban, they will most definitely not be even considered to be have it be lifted.

How to become a member of staff

Users may apply for adminship through filling out an Request for Adminship. Nominees must be an active wiki editor for at least one (1) year with a constructive edit history. Any user who is not a member of staff may second a user's nomination. However, users who have been previously blocked in the past may be automatically rejected for consideration. Nominations are first approved by the admin team, based on general requirements set up on the wiki, then by a community consensus. Requirements can be waived for users who shine in some way. Waiver of requirements can be done during the nomination process by the nominee or their second. This is done by putting forth the reason why that requirements should be waived for that user.

Warriors Wiki administrators have no term limit;, however, administrators may step down or voted by a community consensus to strip them of their rights. If an administrator's conduct violates the behavior expectations, then the community can vote to conduct a Vote of No Confidence or the administrator may step down.

Additional staff roles can be done on their respective pages. Content moderators are promoted by administrator consensus from the current rollbacks. Rollbacks go through a Request for Rollback process. Nominees must be an active wiki editor for at least six (6) months, and nominations are approved by administrators and those with rollback rights. Discord moderators go through a Request for Discord Moderator process and it is preferred they are an wiki editor and an active member of the Discord for three (3) months, and nominations are approved by administrators and current staff members.

Being a good administrator

  • Be open and responsive. Communication is key. Many users, especially new ones, will look to administrators for guidance and advice. Being a friendly and approachable face, as well as addressing users in a timely manner, is important to creating an open and welcoming environment on the wiki.
  • Do not act as the "owner" of the site. Wikis belong to the community, and ideally admins should not be considered "in charge," even if they’re the founder of the wiki. They are experienced users who are trusted to use a few extra tools for the betterment and protection of the community as a whole, not for personal gain.
  • Do not protect large numbers of content pages. The majority of pages on a wiki should remain unprotected to encourage all users in the community to edit. Page protection should only be implemented if it serves the betterment of the community for reasons such as preventing persistent vandalism or "edit warring." Protection should not be used to lock a page on a version preferred, to reserve the page to be edited later as an admin project, or to mark any page as "complete" - there is always more to be improved.
  • Do not revert edits made in good faith without explanation. Rewording should always be considered before resorting to reversion. If the edit is incorrect or cannot be reworded or revised, then a clear explanation should be provided to the user that made the edit as to why it was reverted.
  • Do not shut out the opinions of other users. Everyone in the community should feel encouraged and empowered to speak up and engage in reasonable discussions about topics that pertain to the wiki, even if their opinions differ from that of an administrator.
  • Do not play favorites. All editors should be given the opportunity to learn and grow in the community.
  • Understand your limits. Being an admin on a wiki can be rewarding, but it can also be tiring. If administrators need to take a break or leave the wiki, it is okay. Talk to other admins and let them know.