Question: Tell me a bit about your time here over the years.


Officially, under this account, I have been here for almost ten years. In general, I have been here for about eleven years. In those years so many things have changed on the Wiki. I have climbed my way up the ranks and have contributed to the best of my abilities, eventually becoming an administrator. I also had the fantastic chance to adopt the Wiki, and now, I continue to edit regularly and I do not see myself leaving.

Question: How did you first discover WWiki, and what made you decide to contribute here?


I got Outcast as a birthday present, and in Christmas, I got a soaked The Sight. I was then able to order all box sets of the original series, and read it in a go. I have reread the series several times. I do not exactly remember how I found Warriors Wiki, but I think it was just searching for answers to some general questions. I decided to contribute here because I love Warriors deeply, and due to the amount of books that were coming out, I decided I wanted to be as much help as I could be by adding as much information as possible.

Questions: For those who aren’t familiar with your contributions here, tell us a bit about some of the things you do here.


Currently, I am a bureaucrat of Warriors Wiki, making my way from rollback from chat moderator. I am a senior warrior of Project Charart and Project Awards, the leader of Project Reality and Project Books, and the deputy in Project World and Project Characters. I take care of some nitpicky grammar stuff, but I also like to write character articles and book articles. Due to my dislike of A Vision of Shadows and the newer books, I plan to focus more of my attention on World articles and expanding history on older characters. I also take care of administrative duties, and off the side duties on PCA. I host the Wikian of the Month, I help hand out awards, I host the PCA charart contest, I create the forums and votes, and I also came up with the idea of Project Operations, and I recently rewrote several policies and created new ones. I also have more ideas to come and propose.

Question: In your words, what does it mean to be an bureaucrat here?


It is not easy! To be one or to become one. There is a lot of activity involved and a lot of duties to perform, and you need to keep things running smoothly at all times, especially when vandalism comes into place. But in the end, it is rewarding.

Question: What role do you feel WWiki plays within the Warriors fandom?


In the fandom, the Wiki is a place you can go to if you have any questions about any characters, if you forgot what happened to them in a certain book, if you have not read a certain book. If you want interesting facts, you can go here. If you want the description of a cat, you can go here. Basically, there is an article for everything on here, and if there is not an article that does not have anything, suggest it!

Question: What is your proudest achievement/contribution since joining the wiki? Why?


I believe the fact that I was able to adopt the Wiki is an achievement in itself. I am very happy that I got to do that, and I am also proud of all of the articles I have created, and the nominations I have. Overall, I am in general just proud to be an editor and an admin here.

Question: If you could change one thing that was canon in Warriors, what would it be?


How could I pick just one? I would first change Dovewing's eye color to be consistent, and I would go back and fix errors in the books to keep everything consistent. I would also make Tigerheart not leader of ShadowClan! Next to that, I would have Breezepelt be exiled from WindClan. I could go on, but those are the most important things to me.

Question: Do you have some advice for anyone who’s interested in becoming an active contributor to the site?


Be patient. You will be scolded, but please do not let that get to you. You made mistakes, and that is fine. Eventually, you will learn. I would also highly recommend getting a mentor over at Adopt a User, and ask as many questions as you can. If you feel like you are being treated unfairly, please say something! We want to hear from you.

Question: What impact has WWiki had on you / your life?


Writing for Warriors Wiki has greatly improved my writing skills and my grammar skills - and my typing speed as well, if that can be accomplished. It also has helped my memory very much, as writing from books repeatedly sharpens my memories and I do not have to reread the books that often in order to edit.

Question: What impact has Warriors had on you / your life?


It saved my life. Simple as that. Warriors has saved my life. It gave me something to look towards to in the morning, to look at my shelf and think "if something happens to me, I cannot read the book I wanted to!" It gave me a world to live in when I could not live in my own. I could relate to the characters, and it gave me something to think about, something to relate to. So, Warriors, from the bottom of my heart: thank you.