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"Panic flooded his thoughts until he froze, too scared to move. Something evil was happening to these spirits. He began to tremble, a yowl of anguish rising in his throat. He tried to swallow it back, but it tore out of him, joining the anguished wails of the spirit cats."
- Rootspring during the Sisters' ceremony, Darkness Within

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Shadowsight is a ShadowClan medicine cat under Tigerstar's leadership in the lake territories. Shadowkit was born to Dovewing and Tigerheart, and frequently experienced violent seizures followed by prophetic visions of the future. When contact with StarClan was severed, Shadowpaw began hearing a voice, and after following his orders to save Bramblestar, became the sole remaining connection to StarClan. Shadowsight later learned of Bramblestar's impostor, realizing the voice he heard manipulated him. After the impostor attempted to kill him, Shadowsight became a ghost and freed Bramblestar's spirit from the Dark Forest.

A Shadow in RiverClan is the second stand-alone Warriors graphic novel, the first of which to be in full color. The book was released on June 2nd, 2020, was written by Dan Jolley, and its artwork was done by James Barry. The book features Feathertail as she struggles to forgive RiverClan following Tigerstar's cruel reign of TigerClan. When Leopardstar allows Sasha and her two kits, Hawk and Moth, to join the Clan, Feathertail must find a way to escape the shadows of the past if she is to be a part of her Clan's future.

Natural disasters are events and hazards, at time catastrophic, occurring from the natural environment. The Warriors series has included numerous natural disasters, the most prominent have been featured in multiple prophecies and omens. RiverClan is especially prone to flooding due to being in close proximity to sources of water, and ThunderClan's camp in the lake territories is susceptible to rockslides and falling trees. Droughts and freezing temperatures can make prey scarce and lead to diseases and starvation.

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