For full instructions, please see the RfCM Page.

To request Chat Moderatorship please check that you meet the requirements.
  • Membership of the Wiki for at least 6 months.
  • No warnings for chatroom policy violations in the previous three months.
If an administrator feels that you meet the above requirements, then they will endorse you. The voting process is only open to existing staff members, and they must possess the rank of chatmod, rollback, or administrator. Previous staff members may not vote, nor may users who do not possess rights. If there is no endorsement, the vote fails. Only administrators may endorse a nominee.
If you meet the above requirements and desire chatmod status you may post post the following form on this page:
== Nomination for [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]] ==
:'''Date''': Day Month Year
  • Replace USERNAME with your Username.
  • Enter the date as requested.
  • In place of TEXT, prove a short essay explaining why you feel you should be granted moderator status.

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