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All the pages still needing a satisfactory status:

Atelda insert vague subtext here

Should Cats of the Park be given satisfactory, or even be nominated for silver? Appledash the light of honor 01:13, August 30, 2015 (UTC)

Monster - Silver Nomination

It looks good. Comments? Appledash the light of honor 03:10, November 28, 2015 (UTC)

Comments? Appledash the light of honor 22:46, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

Doesn't a monster almost kill Moth Flight in MFV/Secrets of the Clans? It's not in the history... Also, in the Forgotten Warrior, when Cinderheart is shown Cinderpelt's life or something, she remembers being hit by a mosnter, should that be mentioned too? I can add that one if it should be there 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 00:13, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

Okay. I'll add that soon but if I don't get to it by 2 days can someone do it for me? Applies to allt he nominations down below .Appledash the light of honor 01:05, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

Okay. I can do it for you if you don't want, but for reference it's in the Forgotten Warrior Chapter 18 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 01:07, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

I added it (and the many appearances from Twilight). CBV? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 22:02, January 9, 2016 (UTC)

actually, I feel kind of dumb for commenting after I said CBV myself, but could you add Moth Flight's Vision and the part in Secrets of the Clans about Mothflight? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 22:26, January 12, 2016 (UTC)

And monster is very very briefly mentioned for Mothflight's The ultimate Guide section, could you add that too :3 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 22:29, January 12, 2016 (UTC)

Are you working on this, Icy? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 00:13, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

Yes because I'm a fool - I'll get it done by Friday, is that okay? Appledash the light of honor 23:50, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

Yep, that's fine :) 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 23:52, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

I'm guessing you forgot about this? You can still write it if you want. 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 22:33 Sat Jan 23

Sorry to nag, but can you do the Ultimate Guide and Secrets of the Clans sections? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 00:56 Wed Jan 27


Thought I should bring this up. The article looks honestly very confusing to use (and base off) and it's really confusing to edit. I've been working on it for a few days yet I can't seem to grasp the basics, for example, not all moons and seasons are mentioned in the Gatherings. Is there anyway we can simplify this? Appledash the light of honor 18:57, November 28, 2015 (UTC)

Also we kind of need a guideline on how much history an article neds, such as ThunderClan or ShadowClan. Basically it seems like that on some articles, the entire book is used as a summary, yet on others there's hardly anything. We should come up with a basic guideline on how these articles should be formatted, and what should be used.

-Just as a suggestion, but the list of gatherings might be a bit more organized and easy to use if it's like the structure of the Events Timeline? I dunno, I think it would be... 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 00:40, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

Any other commnets/suggestions/ideas? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 16:01 Sun Jan 31


Are appearances supposed to be cited? They're not for character pages, but then for like half of the PW pages appearances are cited, for the other half they aren't... Do they need to be cited? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 23:09, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

They shouldn't be. If they're not cited on the character pages then they shouldn't be cited for PW pages. Appledash the light of honor 00:29, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

Mmm, but PW has different guidelines than PC though...PW focuses on the general history of a place where as PC is specific towards a single character...In most of PW's articles, the cites are not truly cites but more of references which should stay as per the guidelines. Atelda insert vague subtext here 21:59, January 18, 2016 (UTC)

Well, I think it could depend on the article. Given that some things (like locations) appear throughout an entire book (such as ThunderClan's camp (which probably has a specific name), Deepsands Gorge, ect. It would be kinda... interesting and difficult to read if there were citations every other sentence and every godforsaken mention (especially if it is spanning the time of an entire book), and given that character articles cite descriptions like that, it's already hard to read those without getting lost. So, for sake of readability, I would think extremely important parts of the history (like if it's mentioned that there are certain trees around ThunderClan's camp, if something drastic happens, such as the tree incident in Fading Echoes, ect), then it should probably be cited. But.. it would be extremely hard to cite an entire book section multiple times. For things like prey or animals such as sheep or foxes, given that they don't appear all the time, citing those appearances would be much much easier, given they are their own unique appearance each time. Jayce  ( 05:52, 1/19/2016 )

Well, the thing is that for some animals/creatures (take Dog for example), some of the appearances are cited, some are not. Most of the appearances for other animals, however, are not cited. So if citing animal appearances isn't required I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to get rid of the ones that do have citations, so that it all matches the same format... 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 00:11 Wed Jan 20

But again, these are not citations. They don't necessarily need to be after every sentence, but rather reference the area of the book. Atelda insert vague subtext here 06:33, January 31, 2016 (UTC)

Events Timeline

Okay so I was looking at this page, and it's really unorderly and needs lots of cites, but also, the years before Rusty entered the forest are missing some years (such as 2, 3, 5) and that seems kind of confusing. Also, with the novellas that seem to constantly go farther back into Warrior's history, if the events in say Mapleshade's Revenge (I think that's the earliest novella, right?) are to be added, then all of the years after that would need to have their number changed and it would just be confusing. I think it might be a better idea just to start with Rusty putting his first paw into the forest as year 0, then anything before that would be "___ Years BF" (before Firestar :P). Or just 'Year -1' or something. (Although really, I don't think that we know for sure how many years passed between sections of BP and ITW...)

Also, the Early Settlers should definitely have a timeline, because they got a whole series to themselves, and were really important. But since it would just make the page even more messy to add them in, I'm thinking that it would be a good idea just to make an Early Settler Timeline by itself.

Thoughts/Comments/Suggestions? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 15:26, January 18, 2016 (UTC)

I was thinking the same sorts of things. Honestly, I cannot tell when Goosefeather's Curse is, or maybe even when Bluestar was born.Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 06:33, January 19, 2016 (UTC)

Stealth, the book order should be as follows, given the context within each book. (not counting prologues and graphic novels):

  • The Sun Trail, Thunder Rising, The First Battle, The Blazing Star, A Forest Divided, Path of Stars, and Moth Flight's Vision
  • Cloudstar's Journey
  • Mapleshade's Vengeance
  • Goosefeather's Curse
  • Tallstar's Revenge, Yellowfang's Secret, Crookedstar's Promise, and Bluestar's Prophecy (all of these take place around the same time, but events within the book and context clues place them in this order)
  • Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, and Forest of Secrets
  • Tigerclaw's Fury, The Elders' Concern, and Rising Storm (all happens within the same range of time)
  • A Dangerous Path and The Darkest Hour
  • Firestar's Quest and SkyClan's Desitiny
  • Midnight, Moonrise, Dawn, Starlight, and Twilight
  • Leafpool's Wish
  • Sunset
  • After Sunset: We Need to Talk
  • The Sight, Dark River, Outcast, Eclipse', Long Shadows, and Sunrise
  • Hollyleaf's Story (starts after Hollyleaf runs away in Sunrise, and then leads up to The Forgotten Warrior)
  • The Fourth Apprentice
  • Mistystar's Omen and Fading Echoes
  • Night Whispers, Sign of the Moon, The Forgotten Warrior, and The Last Hope
  • Dovewing's Silence
  • Bramblestar's Storm
  • The Apprentice's Quest and Thunder and Shadow

I can't place Ravenpaw's Farewell in the list yet, since I really am unsure where it goes. I'll need to check the book once it comes out. Jayce  ( 07:55, 1/19/2016 )

If I may pop in and add the mangas to your list.

  • The Rise of Scourge starts in Bluestar's Prophecy and ends at A Dangerous Path/The Darkest Hour
  • The Sasha and Tigerstar arc begins in A Dangerous Path and ends during Firestar's Quest
  • Ravenpaw's arc begins soon after Firestar's Quest but I'm not sure when it ends (I only have the first book :P)
  • I think Graystripe's arc takes place in Dawn/Starlight and of course ends in The Sight.
  • SkyClan's arc starts in Twilight/Sunset and I do not know when it ends. (Again, I only own the first book.)

I have an excel document where I have done my best to map out the events throughout the Warriors series, though it's very long and I'm not sure how it would translate to a wikia page. I'd would like to partner up with someone to fill out the Events Timeline page, though I'd need to learn the page's coding (that table you have there) and discuess which filler stuff I need to cut out of my timeline. ThirteenthStar (talk) 09:05, January 19, 2016 (UTC)

I'll make a page called 'Early Settler Timeline' then, for events from The Sun Trail-Moth Flight's Vision, unless anyone disagrees? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 23:11 Sun Jan 24

I disagree. I don't think we need a timeline for that because it fits right in with Events Timeline. If we need a differnet timeline we might as well make timelines for each series. Appledash the light of honor 01:30, January 27, 2016 (UTC)

But it doesn't really fit in; it's an entirely different chain of events. We have no clue how much time passed between Moth Flight's death and Goosefeather's birth. Into the Wild- the Last Hope all are in order, and we know how many moons and years passed between each consecutive book, even if they are different series. 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 01:49 Wed Jan 27

Why not just organize and number the years into 'eras'. Example: We'd begin with the Dawn of the Clans era. The first year (Basically just The Sun Trail) would be labelled DotC Year 1 or something then continue until Moth Flight's Vision. After that would be the "Scattered Years" era. Which is Code of the Clans to Goosefeather's Curse where you can number the years if you want but specify where the years are in an unknown order. Then you get into all the books we have an order for. ThirteenthStar (talk) 02:22, January 27, 2016 (UTC)

Oops thought I responded to this a while ago. The thing is, if DoTC events come first, the main series will be pushed to the back, and I think it would be a bit too long of page. If others still think that all the events should be in one page, though, I think a good way to make it more organized and easy-to-use could be to make those pop-up table things (like in the Ceremonies or Leader Information boxes). Thoughts/other opinions/comments?

Also, what are the thoughts on making, Into the Wild Year 1, and all years before that "Year -1", or "1 YBF" or something like that? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 23:10 Sat Jan 30

The Great Battle (DotC) ~ Silver Nomination

Phew, took some time and work. Comments?Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 00:27, January 27, 2016 (UTC)

Wow that was quick ^^ This is probably going to be quite a bit of work, sorry, but could you add citations to the description? For example, in the Battle Against BloodClan and the Battle Against the Dark Forest, and in other events, like the Journey to Find Sol, there are cites in all sections, including the first 1-2 summary sentences, the premise, the overview, etc. 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 01:07 Wed Jan 27

I'm clinchy about doing the cites is that even a word? I mean I did BloodClan and Sol, and that was ridiculously tiresome and hard. I think there needs to be a discussion about where to have cites first because it being everywhere is not a great idea I think.Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 01:16, January 27, 2016 (UTC)

imo cites are needed... if nothing else I think there should be a cite per paragraph, that could simply cite the chapter that it was from (I've never really thought that citing exact pages was necessary). Anyways, what does everyone else think about having cites for events? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 23:44 Sat Jan 30

I'll concede to not everywhere, but descriptions absolutely. It's like a description of a character; it's the description of the background. Atelda insert vague subtext here 06:34, January 31, 2016 (UTC)

Agreed. Appledash the light of honor 23:51, January 31, 2016 (UTC)

Done sorry I took so long.Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 07:35, February 4, 2016 (UTC)

I still think that cites for the main description part (premise and overview) should be added. Although the other sections are fine without, I think that since the main description has the most important events, they should be cited. 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 22:44 Thu Feb 4

Hmm, I'd like a second opinion on that please.Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 20:27, February 8, 2016 (UTC)

The Ridge

I think the ridge, which first appeared in Dawn, could be made an article because it has an important part in Warriors history. Like for example, the four Clans saw their new home from the ridge and Hollyleaf also looked at the Clan territories from there during the events of Hollyleaf's Story. Songheart

No it doesn't need its own article. It's too small for it. Appledash the light of honor 01:29, January 27, 2016 (UTC)

I agree, tbh it doesn't seem that important. Is it included in like ThunderClan's territory's section or something though? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 01:35 Wed Jan 27

No, it's beyond Clan territory. Songheart

I suppose that it could be added to the 'Other Territories' section of The Lake Territories if anyone else agrees with you that it should be mentioned as a location, but I don't think it's significant enough to put there. 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 23:50 Sun Jan 31

Agreeing with Maple. It's not significant enough. Just include it in the history of the characters, or the journey itself. It's fine there. --Appledash the light of honor 23:52, January 31, 2016 (UTC)

Any other comments/thoughts? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 00:10 Wed Feb 3

It's a significant spot. I agree.Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 07:36, February 4, 2016 (UTC)

Where do you think it's description should be put, Stealth? I'm a bit confused on who you're agreeing with... 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 22:32 Thu Feb 4

Oh sorry I mean that adding it to other territories on the lake territories page is good.Stealthf🔥re ❤Warriors Forever!❤ 05:00, February 5, 2016 (UTC)

March FA

So since the The Apprentice's Quest will be coming out this March and since we'll be returning to the lake *groan*, I think that having The Lake Territories as the Featured Article would be quite fitting. The article is also well-done imo. Opinions? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 22:36 Thu Feb 4

Comments before vote? 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 23:12 Sun Feb 7

Vote's up! 🏵️ Maple 🏵️ 00:33 Thu Feb 11

Join Request

I'd like to join Project World as I've already been putting a lot of focus into the Events Timeline page. It only makes sense to become associated with editors with more know-how and experience who could give me advice and help on how to improve that particular article. Freedom Who's Hawkwing? 03:16, February 12, 2016 (UTC)

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