"Leafstar, I never expected this honor. I can never be as noble as Sharpclaw was, but I swear by StarClan that I will be a loyal and faithful deputy."
— Waspwhisker to Leafstar after he becomes deputy in Hawkwing's Journey, page 216

Waspwhisker is a gray-and-white tom[3] with blue eyes[9] and a scar that stretches from under his belly almost to his tail.[10]

Waspwhisker was a SkyClan deputy under Leafstar's leadership during his Clan's journey to find the other Clans after being driven from the gorge by Darktail. He was originally a kittypet; after joining SkyClan, he fathered Rabbitleap, Plumwillow, Nettlesplash, and Creekfeather with Fallowfern. Waspwhisker aided Leafstar greatly during his deputy-ship, but when Twolegs invaded SkyClan's makeshift camp, he was taken, never to be seen again. His position was succeeded by Hawkwing.


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Super Editions

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"[Leafstar] pictured Waspwhisker when he had first joined the Clan during the first snowfall of leaf-bare: a lost kittypet wailing with cold and hunger as he blundered along the gorge. Now the gray-and-white tom was one of the most skillful hunters in the Clan, with an apprentice of his own."
—Leafstar on Waspwhisker SkyClan's Destiny, page 15
In SkyClan's Destiny, Waspwhisker is a new warrior of SkyClan mentoring Mintpaw; his mate, Fallowfern, is nursing their four kits: Rabbitkit, Plumkit, Nettlekit, and Creekkit. Leafstar assigns him to a patrol to attack a group of rats, and though they are successful, Waspwhisker is badly injured. After recovering, he assists in scaring Shrewtooth's former Twoleg. Moons later, he helps in fighting the cruel rogue, Dodge.
"Every cat respects him. If any cat can help lead us out of these dark times, it's Waspwhisker."
—Hawkwing's thoughts on Waspwhisker Hawkwing's Journey, page 217
In Hawkwing's Journey, Waspwhisker's second apprentice, Duskpaw, is killed in a Twolegplace fire. After Echosong receives a prophecy urging SkyClan to find the other Clans, Waspwhisker attends a patrol sent to find them, but Billystorm is killed by badgers, and the group is forced to return. After Darktail and his rogues drive out SkyClan and kill the deputy, Sharpclaw, Leafstar appoints Waspwhisker as his replacement. Waspwhisker helps lead SkyClan as they search for the other Clans, but is captured by Twolegs in a night raid.

SkyClan and the Stranger

He is assigned on a patrol to investigate fox scent on SkyClan territory, but his son, Nettlesplash, strays from their group, and it is later discovered that he and several SkyClan cats are taking food from Twolegs. Much later, he alerts Leafstar when her kits go missing.



  • He was mistakenly called Hunchfoot in the allegiances of SkyClan's Destiny.[3] It states in the book that Waspwhisker is the father of Nettlekit, Rabbitkit, Creekkit, and Plumkit,[11] and there is no cat by the name of Hunchfoot in the book.
    • Vicky said on her Facebook page that Waspwhisker's original name was Hunchfoot but was changed to Waspwhisker at the last moment, and she was sorry that the allegiances were not changed as well.[12]

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Waspwhisker's deputy ceremony
Leafstar: I say these words before StarClan, that the spirits of our ancestors may hear and approve my choice. Waspwhisker will be the new deputy of SkyClan.
Waspwhisker: Leafstar, I never expected this honor. I can never be as noble a cat as Sharpclaw was, but I swear by StarClan that I will be a loyal and faithful deputy.
Everyone: Waspwhisker! Waspwhisker!
Reference: Hawkwing's Journey page 216


Plumkit: "No! You can't go!"
Nettlekit: "We'll miss you. What if you never come back?"
Waspwhisker: "That's enough, of course I'm coming back. And you have to look after your mother while I'm away. Make sure you do everything she tells you."
Creekkit: "We will!"
—Plumkit, Nettlekit and Creekkit trying to persuade Waspwhisker not to fight in the battle SkyClan's Destiny, page 416

Fallowfern: "Take care,"
Waspwhisker: "Of course I will."
—Waspwhisker and Fallowfern say good-bye before he heads into battle SkyClan's Destiny, page 416

"There's no call to be rude, Lichenfur. My son's skill is something to be proud of."
—Waspwhisker to Lichenfur about Rabbitleap The Rescue, page 10

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