"RiverClan cats are born to swim."
— Wavepaw to Brindlepaw at the Gathering in Thunder and Shadow, page 353

Wavepaw is a silver-and-white[blog 1] she-cat[1] with green eyes and a long tail.[blog 1]

In Thunder and Shadow, Wavepaw attends her first Gathering as a RiverClan apprentice with her sister, Cypresspaw. She explains to Breezepaw, Nightpaw, and Twigpaw that it's her first time. Honeypaw sniffs in reply that she's been to many. Wavepaw reassures Cypresspaw, who is nervous about the many cats at the meeting. Fernpaw and Brindlepaw join them, and they ask Wavepaw if she is new, to which the she-cat affirms.

Honeypaw explains to Twigpaw that Wavepaw had said RiverClan kits learn how to swim before they're apprenticed, which prompts skepticism. Wavepaw insists RiverClan cats are born to swim, and Honeypaw voices her unfamiliarity with water. Wavepaw meows that rivers are fun and fish is delicious. She and Cypresspaw offer to teach the splotched she-cat to swim, and Honeypaw follows them. Later, Mistystar announces Wavepaw and Cypresspaw as new apprentices to the other Clans.


Interesting facts

Author statements

  • In Kate Cary's personal records, Wavepaw has been called a pale brown tabby tom with distinctive "rippling" stripes.[blog 5]


  • Wavepaw is called both male and female in the same chapter.[3]

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Cypresspaw:[1] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)


Cypresspaw ♀Wavepaw ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Cypresspaw: "I didn't realize there'd be so many cats here."
Wavepaw: "Don't worry, Cypresspaw. There's a truce, remember? We're safe here."
—Wavepaw reassuring her sister at their first Gathering Thunder and Shadow, page 351

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