Wayne McLoughlin was an illustrator, and has illustrated most of the original Warriors books covers, as well as designing the jackets for most of the books.[1]


Born in Wales in 1944, Wayne McLoughlin developed an early interest in nature. He was an explorer of Hampstead Heath, London, and later of the swamps of northern Florida where he helped out local schools by collecting turtles and lizards.[2] Due to his interest in art, which developed at around this same time, he often recorded his experiences in sketches and paintings.[2]
Wayne served in the USMC in Vietnam, but later completed a dual major at San Diego State University in Fine Art and anthropology. He was hired to photograph tribal life in the South Pacific and in New Guinea for 'Anthropology Today' by CRM Books[2]
He later returned to the US after working on television and commercial design overseas. Here he began a career creating illustrated humor parodies for national magazines. These include: "Esquire", "Omni", "Next" among others.[1] Alongside this, he did work for scientific publishing and institutions such as the National Geographic Society.[1] He was also commissioned for pieces for campaigns and projects by major corporations including Adidas, Texaco, and MasterCard, some of which became award-winning pieces. His paintings have been included in many books and publications on animals and nature in addition to this.[1]
He has also produced work for the outdoor magazine, "Sporting Tales"[1]and in the past twenty years he has further contributed to other magazines such as 'Field and Stream' for whom he edited for over a decade and explored humor in sports through both prose and pictures. His vast experience as a hunter, fisher and explorer, and his travels in the United States, Canada and South Pacific - with his wife, Jackie - inspire and inform much of his writing and artwork.[1]
Prior to his death, he lived in Bellow Falls, Vermont.[3] On Tuesday, July 7th, 2015, at the age of 71, he passed away.[4][5]

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