"We can't take on the Twolegs!"
— Weaselwhisker to Cloudstar in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 8

Weaselwhisker is a brown-and-ginger tom.[2]


In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Weaselwhisker is a warrior of SkyClan under Cloudstar's leadership. He is a member of a border patrol that Cloudstar takes to investigate Twoleg activity in SkyClan's territory. As they arrive, Weaselwhisker is one of the first cats to exclaim in shock at the destruction. Noticing a wall of branches and leaves that block their path, Weaselwhisker yowls out to StarClan, asking what is blocking their way. When Cloudstar marks the border, Weaselwhisker asks if his leader truly thinks that scents will stop Twolegs.
When Cloudstar returns from a patrol, he finds Weaselwhisker sunning himself in the clearing of SkyClan's camp, on what appears to be a tree stump. Cloudstar inquires if the hunting patrols have returned, and the brown and ginger warrior replies that they have, and he adds that they've gone out yet again. This shocks Cloudstar, who is dismayed with the amount of prey brought back by the earlier patrols. Weaselwhisker says that it's hard to find prey, as the trees have fallen, leaving the forest bare, and making the animals they hunt flee for their lives.
When Buzzardtail sorts out patrols for SkyClan, he puts Weaselwhisker at the head of a patrol, and included within this patrol is Fernpelt, Stoatfur, and Weaselwhisker's own apprentice, Acornpaw. The deputy tells Weaselwhisker and his patrol to hunt along the river, saying that perhaps they'll have a good chance at finding something. Buzzardtail is about to assign more patrols, with Mousefang leading another, when he is interrupted by Cloudstar. He says that he wishes for his cats to practice battle moves, to take on the Twolegs. Weaselwhisker protests, saying that SkyClan cats cannot take on Twolegs. He is corrected by Cloudstar, who says that they're preparing to take on ThunderClan, not the Twolegs.
During the battle with ThunderClan, Weaselwhisker launches himself into battle, being the first to attack the opposing side. As he does, however, he is swarmed and disappears into a flurry of fur and leaves. He is hauled away from the fray by Cloudstar, and dives right back in, this time helping Nightfur and Acornpaw take on Nettleclaw, although all three cats are shaken off, and Cloudstar notes that they were thrown aside, like thistledown would be.

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"They said the woods where the trees have fallen are empty, and the rest of the territory is so noisy that prey is being frightened away from there, as well."
—Weaselwhisker to Cloudstar, when he asks about the hunting patrols Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 5

Weaselwhisker: "Great StarClan, what is that?"
Mousefang: "Is that the tree you were in?"
Cloudstar: "No. Our tree is closer to the border."
Buzzardtail: "Then they’ve come even farther than you thought. How can we possibly tell our Clanmates that the camp is safe?"
Cloudstar: "There is no reason for the Twolegs to destroy our forest! We have lived here unchallenged for countless moons. StarClan has given me no warning that anything will change, so we have no option but to set new border marks and carry on as we always have done."
Weaselwhisker: "And you think the Twolegs will take notice of that, do you?"
—Weaselwhisker, Mousefang, Buzzardtail, and Cloudstar discussing the damage Twolegs have done to their territory Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 4

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