"Oh, sure. We'll do exactly what you tell us—not!"
— Webster to Jessy in Bramblestar's Storm, page 319

Webster is a muscular, black-and-white tom.[2]


In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

Webster is the first cat that Jessy and Bramblestar encounter when trying to find Victor. Webster growls at them and asks who they are and what they want. Bramblestar asks whether he is Victor or not, and Webster replies that he is a friend of Victor. He peers at Jessy and says he's seen her around before and questions why she is with the wild cats. After Jessy retorts to leave the wild cats alone, Webster snarls scornfully that he would do the opposite, and threatens Jessy and Bramblestar so they leave.
On the fence, he strides right up to Bramblestar, so that the two cats are almost nose-to-nose. Bramblestar nervously wonders if he will pounce on him while they are on the fence, thinking that some kittypets have good balance, but not that good.
Jessy is the one to bravely fight Webster in the ensuing battle, but she is lighter than the tom and gets the worst of it, as Webster is an experienced fighter. He grips Jessy in his claws so she can't maneuver enough to strike back at him. ThunderClan reinforcements arrive soon enough, and Cloudtail tears Webster away from Jessy, attacking his ears and driving him back.


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