"I cast my stone to leave. And now I regret that bitterly. This was a mistake. We should go home."
— Whispering Breeze to Furled Bracken on returning to the lake in Sign of the Moon, page 229

Whispering Breeze is a slender,[4] silver-gray[2] tabby[5] she-cat[2] with long legs[4] and blue eyes.[2]


In the Power of Three arc

Long Shadows

Whispering Breeze is a sharpclaw of The Ancients, a Tribe of cats who long ago inhabited the area where the modern Clans do now. With the return of Jay's Wing, who had been the tunnels, Dove's Wing says that she wishes that Falcon Swoop, their mother, could see them. Whispering Breeze comforts the young cats, saying that perhaps she can. She shows concern for Jay's Wing, who is actually Jaypaw, and thinks that he may have gotten a little confused while down under the ground.
She is mentioned later by Half Moon, when she remembers the heavy rains of the previous moon. She remarks that Whispering Breeze caught prey for the entire group of cats, since she didn't mind getting her fur wet. Whispering Breeze casts her stone to leave, along with Chasing Clouds, Stone Song, Owl Feather, Dark Whiskers and Broken Shadow. As the cats are preparing to leave, she awakens Jayfeather from his nap and asks if he's ready to leave.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

When Jay's Wing explores the caves in the mountains, Whispering Breeze nudges him with her shoulder, and asks what he found in the caves. Stone Song asks if they could be used for shelter, and she asks, shocked, if he was actually thinking of staying there. She is unhappy that there was no grass or moss for comfortable nests. Stone Song tells her that she may as well get comfortable, and she retorts that a cat had to be crazy to be comfortable in the cave.
Whispering Breeze, unhappy with Stone Song and his choice to stay, shows contempt at being forced to stay in the mountains. She thinks that before they even have the chance to get home, the land around the mountains would kill them first, and shows obvious disdain at being forced to sleep in uncomfortable conditions.



  • She has been mistakenly called Whispering Leaves.[6]

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Falcon Swoop:[3] Deceased, residence unknown


Jay's Wing:[4] Deceased, Reincarnated as Jayfeather


Dove's Wing:[4] Deceased, Reincarnated as Dovewing


Falling Rain ♂Falcon Swoop ♀Whispering Breeze ♀
Jay's Wing ♂Dove's Wing ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Whispering Breeze: "Perhaps Falcon Swoop can see you."
Dove's Wing: "Do you really think so, Whispering Breeze?"
Whispering Breeze: "Precious Dove's Wing, you know how much Falcon Swoop loved you and Jay's Wing while she was alive. I'm sure she still loves you, wherever she may be."
Dove's Wing: "I hope so."
—Whispering Breeze comforting Dove's Wing Long Shadows, page 188 & 189

"And what about nests? Where's all the moss? Or grass, or feathers? Are we supposed to sleep on bare rock?"
—Whispering Breeze, unhappy with Stone Song Sign of the Moon, page 201

"We won't get a chance to go back to the lake. This place will kill us first."
—Whispering Breeze Sign of the Moon, page 235

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