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"Tall Shadow's group can be ShadowClan!"
— White Tail naming ShadowClan in Path of Stars, page 306

White Tail is a broad-shouldered[6] dark gray tom with white patches,[7] and amber eyes.[7]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Path of Stars

Black Ear: "Is Gray Wing sick?"
White Tail: "He's got the sniffles. Reed Tail's been giving him herbs just like the ones he gave me when I had the sniffles."
—Black Ear and White Tail about Gray Wing Path of Stars, page 302
White Tail is born to Gray Wing and Slate, alongside his littermates Black Ear and Silver Stripe. Although unnamed, he pushes against his sister, and Gray Wing purrs that they are beautiful, and he promises to teach them how to hunt and vows to keep them safe. Slate replies that they are lucky to have him as their father, and Gray Wing curls himself around Slate as she nurses their kits, and the air throbs with their purring.
The next day, Gorse Fur tells Gray Wing that Jagged Peak and Tall Shadow have come to see his kits, and Gray Wing watches the kits sleep at Slate's belly. Tall Shadow congratulates Gray Wing and asks to see his kits, and though Gray Wing warns that they are asleep, he says that Slate would probably like to show them off, and Tall Shadow promises to try to not disturb them too much before she slides into the den. Jagged Peak tells Gray Wing that Reed had told them that Slate had kitted, and Tall Shadow had wanted to see them for herself. Gray Wing says that there are three, but Jagged Peak warns that they will keep him busy.
When Reed announces that Fern has been hurt, Gray Wing frets that the camp is under attack, and he tells Jagged Peak to guard the kits. He races across the clearing and glances back at his den, thinking that nothing must harm his kits. Wind Runner explains to Gray Wing that they don't know what attacked her, but that she is badly hurt, and Gray Wing fears that dogs are roaming the moor, and he is worried for his kits. When Gray Wing returns to camp and is in his den he recalls how Fern was attacked by Bee to Slate. His mate whispers that she thought that Slash would leave them alone, and White Tail, Silver Stripe, and Black Ear sleep at her belly. Gray Wing snuggles closer to Slate and his kits, and remembers how he had wanted to guard the camp, but Wind Runner had told him to stay close to his kits. Gray Wing leans forward and sniffs White Tail's soft fur, and the kit mewls in his sleep and rolls over, Silver Stripe stirring beside him. Slate asks Gray Wing if their kits will ever be safe, but he promises that as long as he lives, nothing bad will happen to them.
When Thistle and Clover ask Thunder if they will meet Clear Sky's kits, Thunder says that they are too young. Clover asks if that means that they also won't meet Silver Stripe, Black Ear, and White Tail, and Milkweed tells her daughter that they will be with Slate in their den, since they are not even a moon old.
After the meeting with Slash, he tells the Clans that they will pay the price, and Wind Runner realizes hat he took Slate and her kits. As Gray Wing hurries back to camp, he prays that Slate and the kits are okay. When they find Slate, she soon regains her consciousness, and remembers the kits. She struggles to stand, but yowls her kits' names, and Gray Wing asks where they are. Slate gasps that they fought for them, but Slash and his cats were too many, and she darts forward, calling out for White Tail and Black Ear. White Tail mews, in a frightened tone, his mother's name, and he slides out of the gorse wall of camp, the branches trembling and snow showering down as he does. Silver Stripe follows him, and Slate runs toward them, exclaiming their names. Gray Wing is relieved that two of his kits are safe. Silver Stripe tells her mother that they hid like she asked them too, and White Tail whispers that they hardly breathed. He trembles and dives beneath Slate's belly, crouching there, and Silver Stripe tells their mother that they thought she had been killed. White Tail shrinks deeper into Slate's fur as she scoops his sister closer, and tells them that they were brave to hide. White Tail sobs that Black Ear wasn't quick enough, and was grabbed when the rogues saw him.
When Thunder is met by Clear Sky as he searches for Black Ear, he informs his father that Silver Stripe and White Tail are safe, although Slate and Spotted Fur were wounded trying to protect them. When they find Black Ear, he asks if Silver Stripe and White Tail are all right too, and Clear Sky tells him that hey are safe and sound.
When Gray Wing waits for Slate and Black Ear, White Tail nuzzles closer to him, and asks if his brother is safe. Gray Wing coughs that he is being fetched by Slate, but Swift Minnow tells him to save his breath and she sits between Gray Wing and presses the kits between her flank and his. The gray-and-white she-cat wraps her tail over their tiny bodies and protects them from the thickening snow. After talking to Moth Flight, White Tail fidgets beside Gray Wing and says that he wants Slate and is hungry, and Gray Wing murmurs that she will be home soon. Swift Minnow suggests that he tries a mouse, and when Wind Runner objects that he is too young, Swift Minnow offers to chew it for him first, but is interrupted by Gray Wing. Slate and Black Ear have come to camp and Silver Stripe squeaks to Black Ear that White Tail said that Slash ate him. White Tail objects that he didn't and he pushes his sister out of the way and nuzzles Black Ear, purring. Gray Wing breathes their scent as they huddle beneath his chin, but when Slate stares as him, Gray Wing feels guilty, since he had promised to help raise the kits, but knows that his end is nearing, and she will have to raise them alone. Slate tells the kits to give their father some space, and she scoops White Tail away by his scruff.
Gray Wing goes into the den and his kits charge in after him, and White Tail informs his father that Thunder said Black Ear was nearly killed by a monster. He scrambles into the nest beside him. The kits recall Black Ear's story for their Gray Wing, but Slate tells Black Ear that he is safe now and she scoops him up and places him beside the others. Gray Wing is happy to feel the kits warm again his flank but he coughs, and when Black Ear asks Slate if he is sick, White Tail lifts his nose knowledgeably. He informs his brother that he has the sniffles, and Reed Tail has been giving him herbs just like the one he gave him when he had the sniffles. Wind Runner comes forward and promises Gray Wing that his kits will always be safe, and she says farewell to the gray tom. As she leaves the den, Gray Wing trusts Wind Runner, and knows that whatever happens, his kits will be safe. Jagged Peak and Pebble Heart come to their last good-byes to Gray Wing too, and White Tail puts his paws on the side of the nest and stares at Pebble Heart, asking his father why everyone is coming to see him. Gray Wing laps his son's head, and lies that they came to make Black Ear okay. White Tail wonders why they would come, and presses if they are kin, and when Gray Wing answers that they are, White Tail frowns and asks why they don't live in their group. Gray Wing replies that they have their own group, but realizes that Clan is a term better fit for the groups, and when Black Ear asks what their Clan is called, Gray Wing whispers that they are WindClan. Silver Stripe clambers onto Gray Wing's flank and declares that Thunder's group must be ThunderClan, and White Tail hops up beside her, suggesting that Tall Shadow's group can be ShadowClan. Black Ear adds that River Ripple's group must be RiverClan, and White Tail asks what Clear Sky's group should be called, to which Gray Wing decides that it will be SkyClan.
Gray Wing begins sees spirit cats, and when Turtle Tail appears, her eyes sparkle with sadness as he looks at White Tail, Black Ear, and Silver Stripe. She whispers that she wishes he could stay with them, but it is their destiny to know him only as a memory. More spirit cats appear, and Gray Wing touches the heads of his kits one by one, and tells White Tail to learn all that he can so that one day he will make his Clan proud. Black Ear says that it sounds like he is saying good-bye, and Gray Wing says that he is. Black Ear protests and White Tail cries for him to not go as Gray Wing's last breath leaves his body. Gray Wing steps from his nest and glances back to see Slate and his kits clinging to the body he no longer needs, and he whispers that he will always be watching them.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

"White Tail, you've grown so handsome!"
―Moth Flight to White Tail Moth Flight's Vision, page 310
White Tail is first mentioned when Moth Flight wakes up from her dream, and wonders where Slate's kits are. Moth Flight remembers how Slate had asked her to watch over White Tail, Silver Stripe and Black Ear, and she recalls that they had been playing in the sandy hollow when Moth Flight fell asleep, but now the kits are nowhere to be seen. Holly asks Moth Flight if something is wrong, and Moth Flight responds that she is fine, though Dust Muzzle whispers that she still lost Slate's kits. Moth Flight silences him and heads across the grass, wondering if they are near the stones.
She recalls how White Tail and his siblings enjoy chasing one another around the smooth flat rock near the camp entrance, but Rocky tells her that he saw them playing outside of camp when they came out of the tunnel, near the RiverClan border. Moth Flight is shocked when she realizes that they are by the gorge, and exclaims that they are only two moons old. She thinks of how Slate had trusted her to watch her kits, and frets of catastrophes that might have happened to them, such as White Tail being carried off by a buzzard. After Moth Flight and Rocky argue over why he didn't bring them home, Spotted Fur offers to help Moth Flight search for them. Swift Minnow tells Moth Flight that she must find them before Slate wakes up, and the young she-cat vows to do so. As they leave the camp, Spotted Fur suggests going to the gorge and Moth Flight agrees. As they head toward the RiverClan border, they encounter Willow Tail, who decides to help them. The cats try to scent the kits but are unsuccessful, until kit wailing is heard, and Spotted Fur exclaims that the kits are in trouble, and he plunges through the heather.
Moth Flight, Spotted Fur, and Willow Tail find out that Silver Stripe has fallen into a narrow rabbit burrow, and White Tail, who is noted to be no larger than a rabbit kit, noses past Willow Tail and peers into the burrow, exclaiming that she has been in there for ages. Moth Flight is relieved that Black Ear and White Tail are safe, but is still worried about Silver Stripe. The she-kit frets that she can hear paw steps coming up the tunnel, causing Black Ear to assume its a badger, and White Tail unsheathes his claws and declares that he will save her. he sticks his head into the hole and begins to burrow into the tunnel, but Spotter Fur grabs the kit's tail with his teeth and hauls him backward, saying that they won't lose two of them. The kits worries about the badgers, but Willow Tail assures him that the tunnel is too small, yet White Tail now worries about rats. Moth Flight suddenly snaps at the kits that they should have stayed in camp. When Silver Stripe gets out of the rabbit burrow with Moth Flight's help, White Tail happily squeaks her name. After Moth Flight also gets out and the cats are about to go back to camp, Spotted Fur lifts White Tail, but when Willow Tail smells something and puts Silver Stripe down, Spotted Fur drops White Tail beside his sister.
They find Red Claw by the border and Willow Tail quarrels with him, but Spotted Fur says that they should get the kits back to Slate, and Moth Flight suddenly becomes aware of White Tail shivering against her belly, and she agrees that they are getting cold. Although Willow Tail still frets about if Red Claw will stay on their land, Moth Flight is careless about the subject and she picks up White Tail's scruff and begins to pad toward camp. As they approach camp, Slate rushes up to them and worries if her kits are safe, and Moth Flight puts White Tail down gently, letting the kit run at once to his mother and nuzzle into her flank. Silver Stripe tells her mother of how she fell into a rabbit hole, and White Tail recalls to Slate that she had been in their for ages. Slate pulls her kits closer to her belly, worried, but Spotted Fur reassures her that the kits were fine. After Wind Runner scolds Moth Flight for not watching them, Spotted Fur suggests getting the kits into camp, and he begins to nose White Tail and his siblings toward the camp entrance. Later that day, when Windstar is in a bad mood, Moth Flight complains about it to Dust Muzzle, but her brother reminds her that she was supposed to be looking after Slate's kits. Moth Flight argues that they were okay because she rescued them.
When Moth Flight is at Highstones and Half Moon tells her that she will be a medicine cat, Moth Flight says that she hasn't earned any cats respect so far, is useless, and even lost Slate's kits.
When Moth Flight returns to WindClan after her journey to the Highstones, Slate looks up from White Tail, who is rolling on his back while trying to swipe his mother's tail, and greets Moth Flight. Black Ear asks where she was and when Micah responds that they were at Highstones, Slate is surprised and she crosses the grass toward them, White Tail following her.
Later, White Tail is seen trying to climb up beside Silver Stripe who is wedged into the prickly gorse halfway up the wall of her den. Moth Flight tells them to stop, and when Reed Tail offers help, Moth Flight asks him to look after the three. Reed Tail says that Swift Minnow is back from hunting, and he will see if she can watch over them. White Tail frowns that they want to stay in Moth Flight's cave, but Reed Tail tells him that that kits need fresh air and sunshine, and he noses the kit toward the den entrance. Black Ear is curious about the herbs, and Moth Flight explains what each one is. However, she ends up making several mistakes and Reed Tail corrects her, causing White Tail stares at her, and ask if she isn't their medicine cat. Reed Tail shoos White Tail toward the entrance and has his siblings follow. The silver tabby tells them to go and find Swift Minnow and the kits leave the den, grumbling. After Reed Tail reassures Moth Flight that she is meant to be a medicine cat, Holly yowls, asking three cats where they are going. Reed Tail exclaims that it is the kits, and guesses that they are trying to sneak out of camp again. Right after, Moth Flight finds out the Rocky is sick and decides to go to Twolegplace to find catmint, but Slate's kits interrupt her and say that they want to go. White Tail begs Moth Flight to teach some hunting moves, and he leaps onto a rock, claiming that he wants to catch a rabbit, but Reed Tail teases that they are bigger than him. Holly calls to Reed Tail that there are three fat mice in the fresh-kill pile, and she asks if he knows any cat who might want one. The kits scramble over the tussocks and Black Ear exclaims that he wants the fattest one, but White Tail yowls back that he is the fattest one. Reed Tail voices his hopes that Slate is okay with them being taken out of camp, as they have lots of energy.
The day that Moth Flight will go to RiverClan with Micah, White Tail, Black Ear, and Silver Stripe are seen in camp, climbing the gorse wall behind Slate.
After Micah's death, when she is in ShadowClan, Moth Flight is told by Cow that she will have kits, and she thinks that she can't be responsible for new lives remembering how Slate's kits were once lost on the moor because of her.
When Moth Flight returns to WindClan after being in ShadowClan, Slate greets her, and Moth Flight asks how White Tail is, and if his siblings have been behaving themselves. Slate answers that they are fine, but notes that they have grown so much. Moth Flight comes to camp and asks where the kits are, and gasps when she sees the three young cats bound toward her, since they are so big. She calls out there names, noting that they look old enough to hunt, and exclaims to White Tail that he has grown so handsome. She notices that he has his father's broad shoulders and Slate's soft amber gaze, but Silver Stripe exclaims that Black Ear is handsome too.
After her kits are born, Moth Flight is visited by Micah in a dream, and she tells him that Spider Paw is very protective of Blue Whisker, and won't let Slate's kits near her because she is scared of them. Micah frets that they have hurt Blue Whisker, but Moth Flight reassures him that they haven't, but she can't understand why such big cats act like kits. She explains that she keeps telling her daughter that they are still kits, yet she doesn't seem to believe that she will be that big in a few moons too. That day, while his siblings teach Moth Fight's kits hunting moves, White Tail squeezes under the heather wall with Honey Pelt beside him. Moth Flight asks Slate what the two are doing, and the gray queen responds that White Tail promised to show Honey Pelt all the secret ways out of camp. Slate tells Moth Flight that the Clan will take care of her kits, but Moth Flight thinks she doesn't want to be like Slate. However, she ignores that truth that White Tail, Silver Stripe, and Black Ear have grown into happy young cats despite their grieving mother. Moth Flight thinks that the Clan had indeed raised them, and given the kits warmth, kindness, food, and protection- all that they ever needed. Dappled Pelt and Acorn Fur come to see Moth Flight and the medicine cat leaves camp to speak with them. When she returns, she sees that Honey Pelt is chasing White Tail toward another gap in the heather wall.
During White Tail and his siblings first full-moon Gathering, he leads Silver Stripe and Black Ear past Moth Flight, and their tails flap excitedly. Moth Flight recalls how they had been restless all day, excited at the thoughts of seeing new faces and smelling new scents. Slate hurries after her kits and asks them to slow down, and muzzles jerk around as the kits burst into the clearing. Slate dodges in front of White Tail and scolds her kits to calm down, as she doesn't want RiverClan and ThunderClan thinking that she raised a pack of foxes. Silver Stripe asks to talk to the others, and White Tail gazes around thoughtfully, nose twitching, and he comments that RiverClan cats smell funny. Slate silences him, and says that they just smell fishy. Silver Stripe is curious on if they swim, and Moth Flight suggests that she talks to Drizzle. Black Ear heads toward the young RiverClan cats, and Silver Stripe follows, White Tail at her heels. Slate calls to them to be polite and Dappled Pelt watches them race away, and notes that Gray Wing would have been proud of them. Slate murmurs that he had always wanted kits of her own, and voices her wishes that he had a chance to watch them grow up. Moth Flight comments that he is probably watching them right now.
When Rocky is sick, Moth Flight notes that they must make sure that his nest is lined with comfrey in the future, and says that now that White Tail, Silver Stripe, and Black Ear are old enough to go on the moor, they should be happy to gather fresh leaves for him. Moth Flight thinks that they will soon be old enough to become apprentices, and wonders which one of the older cats will be chosen to teach the young cats how to hunt and care for the Clan. She thinks of it as just recently that she saved Silver Stripe from the tunnels, and is amazed at how fast the kits grew.
Later, when Moth Flight's kits follow her to RiverClan, after they return to camp, Storm Pelt says that he is unsure of how they snuck out, since Gorse Fur was at the entrance, and Honey Pelt says that they used the tunnel that White Tail had shown him.
After Windstar receives her nine lives from the Moonstone, Bubbling Stream tells Moth Flight that White Tail said that he could go hunting with him and Storm Pelt, and asks to go. Moth Flight objects that she is too little but Bubbling Stream argues that he had said he wouldn't let any buzzards get him. Moth Flight reminds her that Storm Pelt is taking White Tail out to teach him hunting techniques, and asks how he can learn anything if he is protecting her from buzzards.

Character pixels




Slate:[8] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


Gray Wing:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Black Ear:[8] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


Silver Stripe:[8] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
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Cricket:[9] Deceased, residence unknown
Jagged Peak:[10] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Skystar:[11] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed she-cat:[12] Deceased, residence unknown
Fluttering Bird:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed she-cat:[12] Deceased, residence unknown
Quiet Rain:[10] Deceased, verified StarClan member

First cousins:

Dew Nose:[14] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Tiny Branch:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Dew Petal:[16] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Flower Foot:[16] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Thunderstar:[17] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Eagle Feather:[14] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Storm Pelt:[14] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Bright Stream's tabby kit:[18] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Bright Stream's pale gray kit:[18] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Storm two unnamed kits:[19] Deceased, residence unknown

Second cousins:

Lightning Stripe:[20] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)
Sleek Fur:[20] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)
Shell Claw:[20] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)
Feather Ear:[20] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

Author statements


  • He is mistakenly called a kit twice, when he was in fact fully-grown.[4][21]
  • He is mistakenly called Black Ear.[22]


Silver Stripe: "We hid like you told us to."
White Tail: "We hardly breathed."
—Silver Stripe and White Tail about when Slash and his rogues came Path of Stars, page chapter 21

"I want Slate. I'm hungry."
―White Tail to Gray Wing Path of Stars, page 274

Silver Stripe: "White Tail said Slash ate you!"
White Tail: "I did not!"
—Silver Stripe and White Tail when Black Ear comes back Path of Stars, page 300

White Tail: "Why is everyone visiting you, Gray Wing?"
Gray Wing: "They've come to make sure Black Ear's okay."
White Tail: "But why them? Are they kin?"
Gray Wing: "Yes."
White Tail: "Then why don't they live in our group?"
Gray Wing: "They have their own groups. They have their own Clans."
—Gray Wing and White Tail about Clans Path of Stars, pages 303-304

"I wish you could stay with them, Gray Wing. But it's their destiny to know you only as a memory."
―Turtle Tail to Gray Wing about his kits Path of Stars, page 306

Dappled Pelt: "Gray Wing would have been proud of them."
Slate: "He always wanted kits of his own. I just wish he'd had a chance to watch them grow up."
Moth Flight: "He's probably watching them right now."
—Dappled Pelt, Slate, and Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 343

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  1. The cats in Shadowstar's Life are only ever called warriors within the story, and never as hunters aside from the initial allegiances.[5]