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Whitewing is a sweet, caring, and loyal she-cat. She cares for those she loves, and is not afraid to speak her mind.[1][2]


Brightheart and Cloudtail

Whitewing’s parents love her, and Whitewing is very close to them.[3] They care for her, and Whitewing is deeply affected when they are captured by Twolegs.[4] However, when they return, Whitewing is very excited, and greeted warmly by both of them.[5]


When Birchpaw becomes an apprentice, he and Whitepaw begin to grow close. Whitepaw is happy to have someone to train with as she was the only apprentice in ThunderClan for a while, and Birchpaw is happy to be an apprentice with her as he was the only kit for a while.[6] They do all their training together, and become warriors together, as Whitepaw delays her warrior ceremony so that she can continue training with him.[7] Later, Whitewing and Birchfall become mates, and Whitewing loves their kits very much.[8]

Dovewing and Ivypool

Whitewing has a good relationship as a mother to her kits, and they often come to her for advice. Whitewing is always ready to comfort them when they are stressed or worried.[2]


Whitewing was good friends with Shrewpaw as an apprentice, and is devastated by his untimely death.[5]

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