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Willowbreeze is a kind, curious, and caring she-cat. She is a loyal warrior of RiverClan, and will help anyone in need.[1]



Willowbreeze and Crookedjaw had begun to grown close ever since her apprenticeship, and after Willowbreeze was made a warrior, they became lovers. Crookedjaw is willing to do anything for Willowbreeze, as shown when he saved her from a Twoleg pelt-den camp even when most other RiverClan warriors thought she was a lost cause. The two quickly become mates, and Willowbreeze is soon pregnant with Crookedstar’s kits. Crookedstar is elated as the news, especially after all the loss he has already suffered in the past. However, after Willowbreeze’s kits are born, Willowbreeze develops a terrible coughing sickness. Two of her kits are infected, as well. Crookedstar clings on to the hope that they will survive, but Willowbreeze knows that she is on her way to StarClan. She and her two kits survive just long enough for her and Crookedstar to name them. The next morning, Willowbreeze, Minnowkit, and Willowkit are gone. Crookedstar is devastated, and becomes very protective of the remaining she-kit, Silverkit. Crookedstar is reunited with his mate and all his lost loved ones when he goes to StarClan.[1]


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