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"Warriors don't attack medicine cats. And even if they did, it's worth the risk. Saving cats is why I became a medicine cat, and now I have to do this to save Mosspelt."
— Willowshine to Mothwing about finding more watermint in River of Fire, Bonus Scene, page 21

Willowshine is a small,[13] lithe, sleek,[14] thick,[15] and soft-furred,[16] pale gray[5] tabby[17] she-cat[18] with bright green eyes.[17]

Willowshine was a RiverClan medicine cat who served under Leopardstar's and Mistystar's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born to Mosspelt as Willowkit and almost immediately discovered a passion for learning and using herbs. She helped Mothwing during the time when several RiverClan cats became sick after drinking tainted water. She became a medicine cat apprentice as Willowpaw with Mothwing as her mentor. Leafpool also mentored Willowpaw in the ways of their warrior ancestors, as Mothwing did not believe in StarClan. When Hollypaw became a medicine cat apprentice, Willowpaw quickly befriended with her. Willowpaw eventually earned her full medicine cat name, Willowshine.

When Mistystar announced that RiverClan wouldn't be interacting with any other Clans for sometime following Darktail's terrible reign, Willowshine and her mentor weren't allowed to go to the Moonpool or speak with the other medicine cats. However, Willowshine had a vision about a six toed cat, and she went to Alderheart to help her with the vision. She eventually became RiverClan's sole medicine cat after Mistystar exiled Mothwing for her being a codebreaker. During an attempt to rescue Squirrelflight from the Dark Forest, Willowshine volunteered to go, but was intercepted and killed by Ashfur, who dragged the she-cat into the Dark Forest and subsequently made part of his imprisoned ghosts under his control. Willowshine was forced to fight for Ashfur, but managed to break free. She fought against the dark warrior in the final battle, and joined StarClan after.


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The New Prophecy

"All of Willowpaw's medicine cat training would be taken care of: Mothwing would pass on her healing skills, while Leafpool could teach her to interpret the signs from StarClan."
―Leafpool's thoughts after agreeing to train Willowpaw Sunset, page 204
Willowkit is the daughter of Mosspelt and participates on the Great Journey. When the Clans arrive at their new home, Willowkit helps Mothwing in the medicine cat den, and demonstrates her knack for identifying herbs and nursing sick cats. When Willowkit reaches her sixth moon, she becomes Mothwing's apprentice, but Leafpool wonders how Mothwing could teach her apprentice how to interpret omens and communicate with StarClan since she does not believe herself. Feathertail visits Leafpool in her dreams and asks her to teach Willowpaw the StarClan portion of her training.

Power of Three

"I didn't really think about it. It just sort of happened, and then I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Being a medicine cat is great!"
―Willowpaw to Hollykit The Sight, pages 76-77
Willowpaw and Mothwing visit ThunderClan so Leafpool could interpret Willowpaw's dream. She befriends Hollykit who asks how Willowpaw became a medicine cat and is determined to become Leafpool's. Instead, Jaypaw becomes Leafpool's apprentice and he snaps at Willowpaw when she tries to guide him to the Moonpool. Mudfur warns Willowpaw about Twoleg kits wrecking havoc on RiverClan's camp, and RiverClan is forced to move their camp. Hollypaw sneaks into RiverClan territory to speak with Willowpaw but is caught. Mothwing gives Willowpaw her full name, Willowshine.

Omen of the Stars

"If StarClan told her to jump in the lake, she would!"
―Mothwing to Jayfeather about Willowshine's faith in StarClan The Last Hope, page 75
Since Willowshine was given her full name, Mothwing tends to just send Willowshine alone to the half-moon meetings much to Jayfeather's ire. In StarClan, Graypool insists to Willowshine that RiverClan must stand alone with incomplete warnings. She and the other medicine cats remain distant with each other, and agrees with Mistystar and Onestar that Jayfeather's duties should be suspended until he can prove he didn't kill Flametail. Mothwing and Jayfeather tell the other medicine cats about the upcoming battle with the Dark Forest and go to StarClan to confirm it.

A Vision of Shadows

"I hate talking like this. We're medicine cats. It's our job to help out sick Clanmates, not to argue about which of them deserves the treatment more."
―Willowshine to Mothwing about the cats with the vomiting sickness River of Fire, page chapter 1 (Bonus Scene)
Willowshine befriends Alderpaw and insists he'll become a great medicine cat like his mentor. When a sickness devastates ShadowClan, Willowshine tries to find lungwort in their territory but to no avail. When the Kin takes over RiverClan's territory and injure many RiverClan warriors, Darktail takes them as prisoners despite Mothwing and Willowshine's protests. She and Mothwing treat the other injured cats after the final battle.
Mistystar closes RiverClan's borders as a result of her Clan's devastation, and forbids Willowshine and Mothwing to attend the half-moon meetings. Willowshine worries about her short herb supply and the rising tensions between the other Clans and within her own Clan. Willowshine receives a vision of the camp on fire, but Mothwing brushes it off as a bad dream. Mosspelt, Willowshine's mother, falls ill and implores Mistystar about re-opening the borders, but she refuses. Lightning cause a fire to ignite in RiverClan's camp and ThunderClan comes to their aid. Recognizing the need for the Clans to work together, Willowshine participates on a journey to return SkyClan to the lake.

The Broken Code

"But as his fury ebbed, a pang of pity for Willowshine stabbed through Rootspring. He remembered her when she was alive, how loyal she had been to her Clan and her calling as a medicine cat. It hurt him deeply to see her like this, reduced to obeying Ashfur’s evil commands."
―Rootspring's thoughts on Willowshine The Place of No Stars (book), page chapter 19
When Mistystar exiles Mothwing for being a codebreaker, Willowshine is left as RiverClan's sole medicine cat. Willowshine tries to persuade Mothwing to rejoin RiverClan after the golden she-cat joins ShadowClan, but Mothwing refuses until Icewing and Harelight, cats who were also exiled, are allowed back. Following Squirrelflight's abduction by Ashfur, the spirit possessing Bramblestar's body, Willowshine advocates for herself to travel to the Dark Forest, due to her status as a medicine cat and lack of connection to Squirrelflight. In the process of dreaming her way there, Willowshine is killed by Ashfur and her spirit taken prisoner in the Dark Forest. Willowshine's spirit then forcefully takes Rootspring into the Moonpool, explaining that as the only cat who can see ghosts, she needs his help to save Squirrelflight and the Clans. Rootspring and Willowshine roam the Dark Forest, briefly reuniting with Squirrelflight until Ashfur's ghosts trap and capture them, where Rootspring realizes that Willowshine was always under Ashfur's control ever since she died, and was only pretending to help him.


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"Willowpaw was a natural medicine cat, and her instincts were sharp. She knew when she had to offer something Mothwing could not, and she was kind enough to keep that to herself. All she lacked was confidence. It would be good for her to take care of Voletooth on her own."
―Mothwing's thoughts on Willowpaw Mothwing's Secret, page chapter 6
In Mothwing's Secret, Willowpaw becomes Mothwing's apprentice, and while Mothwing is confident she'll fulfill Willowpaw's training as a healer, she worries she'll fail Willowpaw by not being able to teach her about StarClan. Willowpaw discovers Mothwing's secret when Voletooth pleads for Mothwing to speak to StarClan for him, but she covers for her mentor. Mothwing trains Willowshine to become a skillful medicine cat and reflects that it was their own skills that saved Petalfur instead of StarClan's interference.
In Mistystar's Omen, Willowshine offers to go with Mistyfoot for her leadership ceremony, but Mistyfoot insists Mothwing should come instead. When Mistystar discovers Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan, she realizes Willowshine knew all along. She questions Willowshine about her training, but Willowshine defends her mentor and how Leafpool taught her, too. Mistystar forces Mothwing to retire and makes Willowshine the Clan's sole medicine cat. Reedwhisker is almost killed by a dog, and Willowshine is overwhelmed by his injury. After speaking with Stonefur, Mistystar lets Mothwing help Reedwhisker and become a medicine cat again.

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Mosspelt:[5] Living (As of River)


Dawnflower:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Robinkit:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Woodkit:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member
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Pebblefoot:[20] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Minnowtail:[20] Living (As of River)
Tumblekit:[21] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Emberdawn:[22] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Lakeshine ♀Cedarpelt ♂Marshcloud ♂Fallowtail ♀Unknown
Sunfish ♀Frogleap ♂Mosspelt ♀Emberdawn ♀
Grasswhisker ♀Vixenleap ♀Dawnflower ♀Robinkit ♂Woodkit ♂Willowshine ♀
Pebblefoot ♂Minnowtail ♀Tumblekit ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown




  • Willowshine was initially described as dark gray,[18] and has been shown with dark blue eyes.[23][24]
    • She also has been described as grayish-white,[5] and said to have blue eyes.[25]
  • Willowshine is mistakenly said to be too young to take on the full duties of a medicine cat, despite being approximately three years old at the time.[25]
  • On the Warrior Cats website, Willowshine is depicted as a dark gray tabby on her profile page.[26]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Su Susann's "Missing Kits" on Vicky's Facebook, Willowshine was described as a very pale gray tabby she-cat with bright green eyes, and her father was Frogleap.[27]


"Of course I'm fine! That monster was never going to catch us."
―Willowkit to Leafpaw when she asks if she's okay Dawn, page 237

"Is this what it feels like to be a medicine cat? It's the best thing ever!"
―Willowkit to Leafpool and Mothwing Twilight, page 169

Feathertail: "That will be your task. You have no apprentice yet—and no need for one. You will be here to serve your Clan for many seasons more. So will you sometimes visit Willowpaw in RiverClan and speak to her at the Moonpool? You can teach her everything she needs to know, without having to walk in her dreams again."
Leafpool: "Yes, of course."
Feathertail: "[...] Spottedleaf led the kits to the butterfly because she felt it was time for you to know the truth. She believed she could trust you to use your knowledge wisely and accept the responsibility of helping Willowpaw."
Leafpool: "I'll try."
—Feathertail asking Leafpool to mentor Willowpaw's StarClan training Sunset, pages 203-204

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"I would never betray one of Mothwing's secrets."
―Willowpaw to Leafpool Mothwing's Secret, page chapter 7

"That's okay. Next time I hope you fall in!"
―Willowpaw to Jaypaw when he apologizes for attacking her when she rescues him from a rabbit hole The Sight, page 266

Willowshine: "What's the matter? Is someone sick?"
Jayfeather: "I needed to talk to Mothwing."
Willowshine: "But you're not a medicine cat anymore. Dawnpelt accused you of-"
Jayfeather: "If ShadowClan told the river to stop flowing, would it?"
Willowshine: "It's not just ShadowClan! StarClan shared dreams with me and they told me that medicine cats must stay away from one another."
—Jayfeather and Willowshine The Last Hope, page 75

"It feels great, doesn't it? Wait till you get home. The older cats will start treating you with respect. And when you're busy in your den, apprentices will bring you prey. There's more responsibility, of course, but Puddleshine will still help you. And learning new things is half the fun."
―Willowshine to Shadowsight after he earns his full name The Silent Thaw, page 38

"We can't turn away from StarClan when we disagree with them. They see everything. They have more knowledge than us."
―Willowshine about the codebreakers The Silent Thaw, page 162

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  1. Willowshine was apprenticed during Sunset, which takes place in the following newleaf. This would place her approximate birth season in the previous leafbare.[2]

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