"We are the closest Clan to StarClan, spiritually and physically, and we always know our warrior ancestors are watching over us. That is what makes us strong. No matter what trials we must endure, WindClan will last forever. "
Tallstar on WindClan in Secrets of the Clans, page 27

WindClan is a group of cats that live primarily on the open moors.[1] Their founding leader, Windstar, got her name from being able to run as fast as the wind, so by extension the name was thought to be given to the Clan.[2]


WindClan cats are known for their love of open spaces. They are small and wiry compared to the other Clans. They live on open fields, or moorland, where they catch their main prey of hares and rabbits.[3] Of all four Clans, they are the least used to wet ground, preferring the grassy ground of the moors, which they sleep on.[4] They do not like to sleep in the shelter of dens because they prefer the fresh air.[1] They are fiercely loyal and tough. They can also be nervous and quick to flee, due to lack of cover on the moor.[3] In the old forest home, they took pride in being the closest Clan to the Moonstone, where the leaders and medicine cats went to share tongues with StarClan, and they often find themselves blessed to be the closest Clan to StarClan, both physically and spiritually since they do not live in an environment surrounded by trees or many shrubs that block their view of Silverpelt.[1] They are considered the fastest of the Clan cats,[3] and are considered to be the most quick witted amongst the other Clans.[5] They are also the easiest to be offended and are the least likely to start battles between other Clans.[3] The pelts of WindClan favor shades of gray and brown, perhaps as a natural outgrowth of the camouflage those colors provide. Of all the Clans, they have the deepest knowledge of Twolegs from seeing them on the farms that surround their territory.[3]


In the forest territories

The WindClan moors territory is located in what Twolegs call Windover Moor. The territory also includes Twoleg places such as the border, Windover Farm.[6] Landmarks in this territory include:

  • Camp - It is tucked into a natural dip in the sandy moors. This makes the camp sheltered from wind, but easy to attack.[7]
  • Abandoned badger set - A tunnel once used by a badger.[7]
  • The Gorge - A deep gorge cut by the river in the terrain, border with RiverClan. Apprentices are forbidden to go near it.[8]
  • Twoleg farm - The northwest border of the territory is marked by a farm. Ravenpaw and Barley live here.[8]
  • Outlook Rock - A large rock on the border heading towards Fourtrees. From here, everything can be seen across the moors.[8]

The camp is very well hidden, surrounded by a tangle of gorse. An old legend says that Windstar, the founder, scooped out a pawful of sand to make the hollow for the camp. There are no proper dens. The leader, apprentices, and warriors prefer to sleep under the open sky, although in bad weather, they retreat in burrows made by rabbits, foxes or badgers. The leader has a den behind the Tallrock, but he never sleeps there. The Tallrock is a large boulder used by the leader for special ceremonies. The elder's den and nursery are dens along the gorse wall surrounding the camp.[1]

In the lake territories

The lake territory for WindClan is called Hare Hill by Twolegs. The borders of the Clan have Twoleg names, such as the Hare Hill Riding Stables and Hare Hill road.[9] Landmarks here include:
  • Camp - A shallow scoop in the ground open to the sky.[10]
  • Moonpool stream - A stream marking WindClan's northern border, which is shared with ThunderClan. Leads up to the Moonpool.[10]
  • Horseplace - The fence of Horseplace marks the Southern border of WindClan. Their heavy hooves make cats stay away from them.[10]
  • Lake shore - WindClan is located on the eastern shore of the Lake.[10]
A giant boulder resides in the center of the camp. This is called the Tallrock, where the leader makes his speeches. A gorse bush against the rock is the nursery.[11] In another boulder is the medicine cat's den.[4] The leader, apprentices, warriors and the deputy sleep in the center underneath the sky. In bad weather, they retreat in burrows made by rabbits, foxes or badgers.[11] There is also an old badger set where the elders sleep.[4]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Path of Stars

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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Bluestar leads a patrol into WindClan territory, and the patrol scents ShadowClan everywhere. Nearly every bush has been sprayed by ShadowClan, and WindClan was nowhere to be found. They also found blood and fur, indicating there must have been a battle between them. However, no bodies could be found. One-eye comments that WindClan is many, and that they have lived in the uplands for generations. They later find out that Brokenstar, though having shown no sign of hostility at the Gathering, drove WindClan out of their home. The reason they got driven out was that ShadowClan demanded more hunting grounds, and thought that WindClan was too weak. They asked WindClan to give more land, but WindClan refused, resulting in WindClan being driven out.

Fire and Ice

In the prologue, WindClan has found a place to reside which is relatively close to the Twolegplace near Highstones. It is revealed that they have to hunt for rats as there is no other prey, and Morningflower's kits will soon be born. They find a shadowy tunnel, and are forced to live there for the time being.
At a Gathering, Nightpelt states that ShadowClan has more room to hunt for prey now that WindClan is gone. Crookedstar agrees, but Bluestar cries out the WindClan must return. She reminds Crookedstar that they have plenty of prey anyway and she tells Nightpelt to remember how ThunderClan helped chase Brokentail out. The two leaders agree.
Bluestar tells Fireheart and Graystripe that she wants them to go find WindClan and bring them back. Tigerclaw reminds them it will be difficult and dangerous, as no cat knows where they have gone. As they start the mission, they head onto WindClan territory. Graystripe comments that it's very windy and he wouldn't like to live there. Just then, they see a RiverClan patrol hunting on WindClan land. Fireheart and Graystripe are almost caught, but they hide in an abandoned badger set, and they escape. They venture closer and closer to Twolegplace, almost losing the scent. Finally they pick on a strong scent, and they go in. At first, the WindClan cats seem hostile, but Tallstar comes up. He says they were expecting ShadowClan, not ThunderClan. Fireheart tells him that Brokenstar has been driven out, and Tallstar agrees to come back.
On the way back, Tallstar introduces them to his deputy, Deadfoot. Fireheart carries Morningflower's kit since she feels weak carrying her own. Finally they get to the Thunderpath. A monster rushes by, and Tallstar states that they should cross in groups, the strongest first. When they are bringing the elders over, they plan too late, and a monster rushes near them. Fireheart jumps in front of the WindClan cats, but the monster swerves, and misses them altogether. Onewhisker touches noses with him, acknowledging that he would have died for them. They need to stop for the night, and Ravenpaw takes him in his barn so they can rest. They catch prey for them all, and the Clan sleeps for the night.
The next day, Barkface wakes up and looks at the clouds. He prophesies that the clouds are stained with blood and this day will bring an unnecessary death. The rest of the Clan wakes up, and WindClan is escorted back to their camp. Tallstar thanks Fireheart and Graystripe a lot and tells Deadfoot and Onewhisker to escort them to their camp. They need to go past the gorge, making them be on RiverClan territory. They cross onto RiverClan territory, but as they pass the gorge, a RiverClan patrol sees them and attacks. However, a ThunderClan patrol arrives, and Whiteclaw is killed from falling off the edge. Deadfoot and Onewhisker go back to their camp.
During the next Gathering, Onewhisker greets Fireheart happily, and Deadfoot greets him too. Fireheart is happy to see WindClan doing so well.
Soon, RiverClan and ShadowClan form an alliance and attack WindClan. Onewhisker rushes to ThunderClan camp to ask for help. ThunderClan agrees to come help, and they fight alongside WindClan. ShadowClan retreats first and RiverClan is left. However, they have no choice but to retreat, too, and WindClan wins their territory back.

Forest of Secrets

Tallstar begins by announcing that his cats are recovering after the battle with RiverClan and ShadowClan. One of their elders has died, but their warriors live to fight another day. Nightstar and Crookedstar let out low growls, but Bluestar is happy for WindClan. Fireheart and Graystripe want to go to Barley's farm so they can ask Ravenpaw about the death of Redtail and Oakheart and what killed them. To do that though, they cross through WindClan's territory after the Gathering, and as they walk back, Deadfoot spots them. However, they lie, saying they caught a scent of a ShadowClan patrol and it lead them there. Deadfoot is alarmed, but Fireheart says the scent was stale. Deadfoot allows them to pass through, still grateful for how ThunderClan helped WindClan in the battle.
At the next Gathering, Nightstar reveals that he knows ThunderClan is sheltering Brokenstar. Tallstar whips his head around and asks if it is true. Bluestar admits that it is true, and Tallstar calls her a traitor. He asks if that was why ThunderClan brought them back, to bow down to them and accept anything ThunderClan chose to do. He reminds Bluestar that WindClan still has honor. Nightstar says that if they continue to shelter him, they will hear of trouble. Tallstar says that WindClan will participate, too.
When Brackenpaw is training, he scents WindClan and ShadowClan forming an alliance to raid the ThunderClan camp. The two Clans are creeping in through the undergrowth. The battle starts, and it looks like WindClan and ShadowClan have to upper hand. They admit that they are fighting to kill Brokentail. However, they are getting weak when a fresh ThunderClan patrol arrives. The two Clans are forced to retreat. Later, Cinderpaw is about to become an official medicine cat apprentice, and Cloudkit asks if WindClan are going to attack them on the way to Highstones. Yellowfang reminds him that all cats have permission.

Rising Storm

Whitestorm reminds Fireheart that WindClan and ShadowClan don't know Brokentail is dead, so they might attack again. Bluestar later wants to go to the Moonstone, and Fireheart reminds her that there is still a threat from WindClan. They start the journey, and head onto WindClan territory. They are stopped by a patrol of three WindClan cats. Fireheart starts to says they are just traveling through, but Mudclaw says they are on WindClan territory. Bluestar says she is on her way to StarClan and they have no right to stop them. Mudclaw doesn't flinch, and says that they gave up StarClan's protection when they sheltered Brokentail. Fireheart bursts out that Brokentail died, and the WindClan cats say they still protected a murderer. Fireheart and Bluestar are forced to go back to ThunderClan camp, escorted back to Fourtrees by WindClan. When they get back, ThunderClan is outraged with their behavior.
When Cloudpaw goes missing, Fireheart, Ravenpaw, and Sandstorm go off to save him. To do that they run through WindClan territory, and rescue him. On the way back, Ravenpaw takes them as far as the barn and says they have to cross WindClan again. They go on WindClan territory, but are caught by the dawn patrol. Deadfoot hisses that they seem to be making WindClan territory their second home. There starts to be a fight, but ThunderClan easily wins, and WindClan rushes back to get more warriors. However, Cloudpaw, Fireheart, and Sandstorm are already gone.
When Fireheart is made deputy, Tallstar, leader of WindClan, congratulates him.

A Dangerous Path

Tallstar meows his respects to the new leader of ShadowClan, Tigerstar. When Tigerstar says that Brokentail's followers are now part of ShadowClan, Tallstar is suspicious, since Brokenstar had done terrible damage to WindClan. When Cinderpelt has to become a full medicine cat, Fireheart reminds her that she needs to take a warrior with her, for last time WindClan didn't let them pass.
When Fireheart tells Bluestar about the scattered prey Whitestorm found, Bluestar is intent on the fact that WindClan has been hunting on their territory. Fireheart doesn't understand, knowing that there's probably a dog loose in the forest, but Bluestar will not be nudged from thinking about the treachery of WindClan. She says that WindClan was hunting rabbits and the rabbits must have crossed the RiverClan border by Fourtrees. The WindClan cats chased their prey across both borders and onto ThunderClan territory where they caught and killed it. Bluestar gets hostile, and it seems as if she is planning to attack WindClan. Fireheart is concerned about what will happen if she accuses WindClan at a Gathering.
Fireheart's suspicions seem to come true when Bluestar announces that WindClan warriors have been hunting on ThunderClan territory. The WindClan cats spring to their paws, denying this accusation immediately. They tell her to prove it, and Bluestar says that one of their patrols have found the remainders of a dead rabbit. Tallstar says that is not proof, and that she hasn't smelled any WindClan scent or seen any WindClan warriors. Bluestar says that only WindClan hunts rabbits, but Tallstar continues that WindClan has lost prey also, and there are far fewer rabbits on their territory. He accuses ThunderClan of letting warriors hunt on WindClan land and making false accusations to cover anything up. Tallstar swears by StarClan that no WindClan cat has hunted on ThunderClan territory, but says that if she insists on battle, they will be ready.
Later, Bluestar announces an attack on WindClan and says she will lead this attack personally. Determined to stop the attack, Fireheart goes onto WindClan territory to talk to Tallstar. Tallstar takes him to his den, and Fireheart starts by talking about the scattered prey. Tallstar snaps that they did not steal prey, and Deadfoot says they've found remains, too. He asks if ThunderClan has been stealing prey, but Fireheart insists that they aren't. Fireheart tells them that he thinks it's a dog, but he can't convince Bluestar. Tallstar says that is isn't his problem, but Fireheart continues that if the two leaders meet in private, there might be peace. Tallstar agrees, and says he will send Ravenpaw to send a message to Bluestar to meet Tallstar the next morning at Fourtrees.
The leaders meet at Fourtrees, and Tallstar tells his warriors not to attack unless he commands so. They talk, and finally come to a conclusion that there will not be a battle on the condition that ThunderClan doesn't scent WindClan on either side of the border.

The Darkest Hour

When Fireheart is on his way to receive his nine lives, a WindClan patrol meets them, and Cinderpelt tells them about Bluestar dying. The patrol offers their respects and lets them go. At the next Gathering, Tallstar compliments Firestar on getting his nine lives. Finally, ShadowClan arrives with RiverClan, and Tigerstar announces that great change will come to the forest. He says that the four clans will become one known as TigerClan, and Leopardstar has already given in. Tallstar steps forward, saying that TigerClan was the name of an ancient Clan, and he has no right to take it. He also says that there have always been four Clans in the forest and Tigerstar is not allowed to change that. He hisses that he'd rather die then ally WindClan with them.
One day, Mudclaw comes quickly to the ThunderClan camp, claiming that TigerClan is attacking them. Firestar rushes over, but he is too late. The WindClan camp is full of blood, and the fear-scent fills the air. Warriors are injured everywhere. When he stops to talk to them, he discovers that Tigerstar killed Gorsepaw as a sign to show that that would happen to all the warriors if they didn't join. Tallstar still says that he won't let his Clan join TigerClan, and relays the message that Tigerstar wants them to meet at Fourtrees for a final decision. Tallstar tells Firestar to bring his warriors to Fourtrees tomorrow, for they won't go without a fight.
The next day, WindClan and ThunderClan meet, Tigerstar asks them if they still deny. Both leaders look at each other and reject Tigerstar's offer. Then Tigerstar reveals the BloodClan warriors he has and asks one last time if they reject the offer. Tallstar and Firestar still say no, and Tigerstar tells BloodClan to attack. However, BloodClan has plans of its own, and Scourge kills Tigerstar nine times. Scourge tells the rest of the Clans that he plans to take over the forest, and on the day of the final battle, WindClan participates in the fighting. At the end, when BloodClan has scattered, Tallstar nods respectfully to Firestar, commenting that he owes him his freedom.

In The New Prophecy arc


Crowpaw, an apprentice of WindClan, is selected by StarClan as the delegate of WindClan for the journey to discover the fate of all the Clans. At a Gathering, Tallstar announces that the moorland has been scorched away and there is no water at all. Someone says that the river borders their territory, but Tallstar explains that the water runs through a steep gorge, and warriors can't climb down without getting hurt, or possibly killed. Someone else suggests chewing the grass for moisture, but Tallstar says the grass is parched and they have no water at all. He ends by asking RiverClan if their warriors can go on RiverClan territory for water. Leopardstar finally agrees that until the next Gathering, they can go up to the Twoleg bridge for water, but they may not take any prey at all. Graystripe later mutters that Leopardstar will make WindClan pay for that water somehow.
Brambleclaw persuades Firestar to patrol the WindClan border as WindClan might start stealing prey from them. Firestar listens, and sends a patrol. While they are there, the ThunderClan patrol finds a WindClan patrol trying to catch a RiverClan vole. They tell WindClan that they are taking advantage of Leopardstar's generosity, but Crowpaw almost starts a border skirmish. However, ThunderClan reminds them it is between them and RiverClan as long as they stay out of ThunderClan territory. Soon, Crowpaw and the other cats start the journey to Midnight.
Soon afterwards, it has rained, and the WindClan streams have filled up again. However, Tallstar continues bringing his warriors onto RiverClan land. A RiverClan patrol catches them, and they argue about drinking rights. Tallstar takes his warriors home. At the next Gathering, Leopardstar regrets giving her permission to WindClan, but doesn't say anything. However, Hawkfrost announces that WindClan had started to steal prey from their territory. WindClan says that they have not stolen prey, although it is a lie. Leopardstar calls them thieves, but Firestar steps forward and calms them. When the news of the missing warriors come up, WindClan announces that they have lost Crowpaw.


Leafpaw says that they should talk to WindClan about the prey-shortage. Cinderpelt says that she can't tell Firestar to do that, especially after his meeting with Blackstar didn't go so well. So instead, Leafpaw and Sorreltail go on their own to WindClan territory. However, they meet a WindClan patrol, and the deputy asks why they are trespassing on their territory. Leafpaw tries to tell them respectfully that she wants to ask them if they are having trouble, but they are convinced that they are spying and yell attack. The ThunderClan cats are chased onto RiverClan territory, where Mothwing finds them and hisses at them to get off their territory. The cats aim a final blow, but rush back to WindClan.
Firestar later leads a patrol to WindClan territory. A few WindClan warriors see them coming, and by the time Firestar gets close enough, Tallstar has his warriors ready for a fight. Firestar says he does not want to fight, and then announces that WindClan have been stealing prey from ThunderClan. Furious, warriors start to fight, but Firestar stops the skirmish. He says that they can join together to come up with a solution, but Tallstar says there is no solution for this, and he leads his warriors away, leaving them.
On the way to the Moonstone, Barkface snarls at Mothwing to stay away from a dead rabbit. He explains that WindClan is starving and Twolegs have been poisoning the rabbits, making them unsafe to eat. Many cats have already died from the poisoning. He had already tried to save them, but failed. Leafpaw suggests they bury it, but Barkface shakes his head sadly, saying that no WindClan warrior would touch it now anyway.
On the journey, Crowpaw falls in love with Feathertail of RiverClan. Feathertail later dies saving Crowpaw from Sharptooth, and Crowpaw is grief-stricken.


While the questing cats are coming back to the Forest Territories, they meet up with a WindClan patrol, and Crowpaw doesn't get much of a homecoming back. The patrol tells the rest of the cats to get off their land, and say they'll take Crowpaw to Tallstar. When the patrol heads off in a different direction, Crowpaw says that the camp isn't there. Webfoot says that the Clan has relocated in the old rabbit warrens for now. The WindClan warriors also tell them that Fourtrees is nothing now, as it has been destroyed by Twolegs. When Mistyfoot is seen in the Twoleg traps, Leafpaw questions how she got caught. Mistyfoot growls that she wouldn't be there is she hadn't been chasing WindClan warriors of RiverClan land. Leafpaw asks if any other Clan cats are there, and Gorsetail of WindClan answers.
Tallstar agrees to meet at the Great Rock at midnight and brings Mudclaw, Barkface, and Crowpaw with him. When the four arrive, they discover that the other Clan leaders are also there. The four leaders climb up onto the overturned Great Rock. Tallstar, with the support of Firestar, waits for the sign. As they wait, Crowpaw reveals that Tallstar is more than willing to leave, but his greatest fear is that WindClan will not be strong enough to survive the journey to a new home. As midnight comes and leaves, Blackstar is the first to leave, saying that no sign would come. Tallstar argues that StarClan is going to show them the way, before he practically slips, and stumbles down the Great Rock and onto the muddy ground. When Firestar and Blackstar are close to start fighting, Tallstar rasps that if they did, the sign would never come. All the representatives leave except for those from ThunderClan and WindClan. Tallstar desperately tells him that they must leave together, since his Clan is starving. Firestar miserably argues that they cannot leave without the other three Clans, as he also thought of StarClan. Tallstar leaves then, saying that they are too weak to make the journey alone and must wait for ThunderClan.
Tallstar is seen next leading his whole Clan to Sunningrocks where ThunderClan is sheltering. Longtail is the first to notice them, and no cat challenges them as they approach. He speaks to Firestar, pleading for his help before collapsing onto the ground. He reports that Twolegs have completely destroyed their home and that they have no where to go now. Before Firestar can decide what to do, Tawnypelt appears from ShadowClan, begging for help. She tells them that her camp was being destroyed and cats were still inside of it. Tallstar immediately decides to come help, and Firestar reluctantly agrees. He assigns the WindClan warriors the job of making sure the path leading away from the camp wasn't blocked.
WindClan goes back to the camp, and RiverClan helps them. RiverClan finally agrees to go to the Lake, and ShadowClan is forced to agree too. Since all Clans now agree, the Great Journey is started, and they start to travel.


Mudclaw speaks for WindClan when saying that they need to rest since Tallstar is very weak from the journey. Blackclaw of WindClan adds that the journey has left them all tired and weak. Later, Mudclaw starts giving out orders for the rest of WindClan, and Onewhisker says that he has no right to. Mudclaw insists that some cat has to take leadership since Tallstar hasn't been able to do anything.
Crowfeather, goes with Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Tawnypelt, and Mistyfoot, to scout out new territories for the Clans. WindClan territory is the last to be found, and this makes Crowfeather anxious and grumpy. Finally, though, they get to the open hills, and Crowfeather is delighted to find WindClan's perfect spot. When they get back, Tallstar, the frail WindClan leader, wants to talk to Firestar, Brambleclaw and Onewhisker. Barkface summons them, and Tallstar says that Mudclaw, the former deputy, is not the right cat to lead WindClan. With his dying words, he appoints Onewhisker as deputy even though the right words aren't spoken. The cats go outside and announce that Onewhisker is now leader of WindClan. Mudclaw is furious at Onewhisker's sudden leadership, and many cats argue. Crowfeather steps forward and says he knows Brambleclaw does not lie, as he made the journey with him. He greets Onewhisker as the leader, and more WindClan cats approve of Tallstar's choice. Mudclaw says that StarClan will not approve of him, and he tries to settle this problem by fighting to the death. Barkface steps forward and says that that is completely uncalled for, and he stops. Onewhisker chooses Ashfoot as deputy. The WindClan cats start preparing a vigil for Tallstar.
The borders are set with WindClan and ThunderClan. However, Morningflower and Darkfoot get sick from tainted water, and Leafpaw comes to treat them. In thanks, Onewhisker gives away a portion of WindClan land to ThunderClan. A few cats are mad at him for doing so but they keep quiet after he silences them. Onewhisker still doesn't have his nine lives yet, as there is no place to contact StarClan yet. In the old territories, they had the Moonstone, but now there is nothing. Many cats think there will be trouble if he doesn't receive his nine lives soon.
Soon, Mudclaw leads a revolt against Onewhisker while he still has one life, and is joined by several cats from WindClan, including a few from the other Clans, such as Hawkfrost. Before Mudclaw's death, Mudclaw tells Brambleclaw about Hawkfrost's involvement in the revolt. He says that Hawkfrost came to Mudclaw and offered help in return for making Hawkfrost WindClan's deputy and helping him to take over RiverClan later. Hawkfrost denies it and accuses Mudclaw of lying, and Brambleclaw believes him. and he eventually leads an attack against his new leader.During the battle, however, he is killed by a tree struck by a bolt of lightning, while escaping the fight recently joined by ThunderClan. The Clan cats take the lightning to be a sign from StarClan that Mudclaw was never meant to be WindClan's leader, and the tree also provides a bridge to the Gathering Island. This proves Onestar is the rightful leader of WindClan.


Onestar, formerly Onewhisker, is now the leader of WindClan. Firestar is worried about Onestar and how his Clan are getting along. He wants to make sure he's received his nine lives and WindClan is doing okay. He sends a patrol along the WindClan boundary. A WindClan patrol meets them, and ThunderClan asks if Onestar is ok, and if WindClan is doing well. Webfoot says that WindClan is doing just fine, and ThunderClan should leave them alone to get on with their lives. ThunderClan is taken aback, and leaves to go back to the camp with the WindClan warriors still watching them.
A ThunderClan patrol scents a fox on the WindClan border, and Firestar wants to go to WindClan to warn Onestar. He and a patrol goes onto WindClan territory, and he insists to meet with Onestar. The patrol tells the WindClan leader about the fox they scented. Onestar coolly replies that WindClan can deal with it. Many seasons have passed since the rebellion, and they are just as strong as any Clan, and they can prove it.
During the next Gathering, Onestar announces that all is well with WindClan. He has traveled to the Moonpool, and received his nine lives. He also says that Weaselfur and Owlwhisker are now full warriors of WindClan. He even mocks the other two leaders, Blackstar and Leopardstar, for depending on ThunderClan when trouble comes to their Clans. The cats decide that other cats can go onto different territories, but must stay two fox-lengths from the lake. When Mosspelt, a RiverClan warrior, arrives, she begs Leafpool to come to RiverClan for help, saying that Mothwing had asked her to ask her to come. Leafpool goes back with Mosspelt, and run into a WindClan patrol that Crowfeather was in. The patrol asks why she is there, and Crowfeather stares at Leafpool. Webfoot notices this and growls at Crowfeather, saying that he had enough cats in WindClan to be padding after. Tornear reminds Webfoot that this was Leafpool, Squirrelflight's sister. Crowfeather tells Leafpool to say hello to Squirrelflight for him as a cover-up.
Leafpool falls in love with Crowfeather, and ThunderClan is very worried about her when they run away. They send a patrol to see if WindClan has stolen her, and WindClan warriors meet them and flank them to their camp. Onestar asks why ThunderClan has stolen Crowfeather, and ThunderClan is shocked that he is gone, too. They demand to know if Leafpool is with WindClan, but she isn't, and they have to return to camp. When the badgers attack ThunderClan, Midnight tells WindClan to send a patrol to fight off the badgers. The help is much appreciated, and Leafpool and Crowfeather return to their respective Clans. This alliance between ThunderClan and WindClan helps to ease the tension between Onestar and Firestar.


Firestar thanks Onestar for sending warriors to aid ThunderClan. Dustpelt says that a patrol saw a fox trap on the WindClan border, but they sprang the trap so it wouldn't do harm to the Clan cats. At a Gathering, Onestar says that WindClan has little to report. Everything is peaceful and they have plenty of prey. When RiverClan needs land because the Twolegs are taking theirs away, WindClan protests heavily, and one cat says that they can't expect RiverClan to go hunting on the bare hillside for the same reason that WindClan wouldn't enjoy hunting in thick undergrowth. Hawkfrost starts to speak for RiverClan, and he demands that WindClan give them territory. WindClan is ready to fight, but Barkface, the WindClan medicine cat, sees a cloud covering the moon, and says that StarClan is angry. The cats turn less hostile, and say that this is a sign that the borders must remain where they are.
When Brambleclaw is meeting with Tigerstar, Tigerstar says that Brambleclaw will rule ThunderClan and WindClan, as the fools from WindClan are so used to taking orders from ThunderClan, they'll never see what's coming.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

At a Gathering, when Firestar announces that he gave a portion of land to ShadowClan, Onestar and Leopardstar look very interested. Spiderleg later asks what they would do if WindClan wanted part of the forest surrounding ThunderClan. Later, WindClan, along with ShadowClan, start marking everything along the border. Brambleclaw says they are just provoking ThunderClan, and it's nothing to worry about yet. When Jaypaw wanders into WindClan territory, he accidentally falls into the lake. Crowfeather pulls Jaypaw out, accompanied by Heatherpaw, Whitetail, and Breezepaw. Crowfeather is cold towards Jaypaw, and demands answers to why he was there. Once they bring Jaypaw back home, Crowfeather tells Squirrelflight that they should watch their apprentices more carefully.
At the next Gathering, Onestar announces that leaf-bare has been kind to WindClan and prey is running well. WindClan also has a new apprentice who now goes by the name of Breezepaw. Everyone cheers, and Onestar ends by saying WindClan has nothing else important to report. Later, Graystripe and Millie come back to the Clans, and rustle in through the ferns in which WindClan is sitting. The WindClan warriors lunge at them, but when Firestar realizes who they are, they stop.
During the next Half-moon, Barkface, the WindClan medicine cat, takes on an apprentice, Kestrelpaw. When Jaypaw walks into Barkface's dream, he learns that WindClan will be attacked by dogs soon. He tries to persuade Firestar to steal some of their land, but he refuses. The dogs arrive, and WindClan is losing badly. ThunderClan sends a patrol to help, and when the dogs are driven out from WindClan territory, Crowfeather says that WindClan thanks them.
ThunderClan gets an outbreak of greencough, and Leafpool goes to ask WindClan for some catmint. WindClan participates in the special daylight Gathering, specializing in running the fastest.

Dark River

Jaypaw remembers how Breezepaw, a WindClan apprentice, fell into an abandoned badger set and almost suffocated until Jaypaw found him. Heatherpaw, a WindClan apprentice, falls in love with Lionpaw, and the two meet each other at Gatherings. When Hollypaw and Lionpaw are discussing advantages and disadvantages of other Clans, Lionpaw mentions that WindClan is well camouflaged and small, making them hard to detect.
Hollypaw adds that if they're upwind, their rabbity scent gives them away. Heatherpaw later discovers the Tunnels beneath WindClan and ThunderClan territory. There is a particular tunnel that leads to ThunderClan territory. There, she meets with Lionpaw of ThunderClan, playing a game in which they are "DarkClan."
ThunderClan later takes a patrol to the WindClan border, where they find a WindClan hunting party hunting squirrels. As Breezepaw and Harepaw come closer to the border, Sandstorm assures him that they won't cross the border on purpose. However, the two don't even stop, and Dustpelt yowls across the river to tell them to stop, and the apprentices skid to a halt. Tornear asks why he's frightening their apprentices, and Dustpelt tells him that they were about to cross the border; they weren't even slowing down. He also asks why they are hunting squirrels, and Tornear says that every WindClan apprentice has had special training so they could catch squirrels and never go hungry. Dustpelt is agitated that squirrels have always been ThunderClan prey. There is a border skirmish, and ThunderClan wins, while WindClan calls a retreat.
At the next Gathering, Onestar announces WindClan is healthy and prey is running well. When a group of RiverClan cats cross the border, a WindClan patrol arrives and demands to know what they were doing on WindClan territory. Reedwhisker explains patiently that they have just been chased by the horseplace dog. But Ashfoot aggressively shouts at them to leave WindClan territory, telling them that they may have lost their land, but that they wouldn't have WindClan's. After an argument breaks out, Ashfoot once more orders the RiverClan patrol to leave. As they're padding away, she yells after them that there will be extra patrols along the border thereafter.
Two WindClan apprentices cross the border, and a small border skirmish turns violent. When the battle begins to drag on, Ashfoot calls the retreat, and her warriors follow her back onto WindClan territory. Dustpelt calls after her to stay on the moor. Ashfoot retorts by reminding him that Firestar had given WindClan the woods, and all controversy should be taken up with him. Lionpaw ends his relationship with Heatherpaw, saying his Clan will be in danger if the keep meeting.
Later in the book, Jaypaw goes on a mission to WindClan with Leafpool to see if RiverClan had invaded them. When they get there, they discover WindClan has accused RiverClan of taking three kits: Sedgekit, Thistlekit, and Swallowkit. WindClan plans war on RiverClan, and the medicine cats are forced to go back. Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw go into the tunnels and find the three wandering kits. In the tunnels they meet up with Heatherpaw and Breezepaw who are also looking for the kits; they then join together in a mission to find the kits, who are hiding behind a boulder in one tunnel. They receive help from Fallen Leaves in escaping before the tunnels flood. Then Rock shows Jaypaw the stick he made, with eight new scratches: five long, three short. He realizes they stand for them. Everyone survives, and the kits are returned to WindClan while WindClan and ThunderClan are arguing by the border. WindClan apologizes to RiverClan.


When the Tribe needs help, ThunderClan sends a patrol to ask Crowfeather if he'll come. They wait at the WindClan border where a patrol finds them. Crowfeather comes and carries a rabbit in his mouth when Squirrelflight and Hollypaw find him in WindClan's camp after an escort. His fur bristles and asks if there was something wrong in ThunderClan, and Squirrelflight tells him that something was wrong, but not with the Clans. She explains to him that the Tribe cats need help and that the cats from the Great Journey should go, and he looks at Hollypaw and asks why they would want apprentices to come as well. Squirrelflight tells him that there was nothing wrong with apprentices, and that they should help the Tribe since they helped them, but Crowfeather says that there was no need because Feathertail died for the Tribe. When Squirrelflight tells Onestar about the Tribe, he says that Crowfeather would be gone for a while. Crowfeather reminds his leader that he has an apprentice, but Onestar says he should still go, considering the hospitality the Tribe had shown the Clans on the Great Journey. He tells him that Whitetail would take over Heatherpaw's training while he's gone, and that Breezepaw should go with him. Finally, Crowfeather agrees for him and his son to go, because he would like to be at the place where Feathertail died, though it appears that he did not want his son to go with him.
When they see sheep, Breezepaw comments that they see them all the time in WindClan's territory.


WindClan have crossed the ThunderClan border, and the camp is full of frantic warriors. WindClan have been doing this more and more recently, and Firestar wants to talk to WindClan about it. When a ThunderClan patrol tries to talk to Onestar, a WindClan patrol approaches them. When Brambleclaw relays their request, Ashfoot aggressively orders them home. Brambleclaw stands his ground, but Ashfoot refuses to be swayed, and repeats her order, spitting that Onestar didn't owe them any favors. After an argument breaks out, Harespring leaps at Brambleclaw, but the ThunderClan deputy merely pins him down, telling Ashfoot that they come in peace. Ashfoot is dismayed, and begs Brambleclaw to let Harespring go. As Harespring leaps back up, Ashfoot cuts in between him and Brambleclaw, telling the ThunderClan cats that they really need to go, for Onestar had nothing to say to them. Brambleclaw reluctantly nods, then leaves WindClan territory with the rest of the ThunderClan patrol.
WindClan soon starts stealing prey again. At the Half-moon, Barkface and Leafpool are extremely quiet and tense; this is mainly due to how ThunderClan and WindClan are in a fierce dispute over prey. Barkface hasn't brought Kestrelpaw either, claiming that he trod on a sharp thorn. However, Jaypaw can sense that he didn't bring him deliberately, so he wouldn't have to answer difficult questions.
Later, Lionpaw can't sleep, thinking it is Foxpaw and Icepaw whispering, but then he scents WindClan outside the apprentice den. He emerges from the den, and sees all of WindClan there. He yowls and the cats rush into battle. Firestar eventually yells to stop, and the cats in both Clans obey. Firestar walks up to Onestar, who tells Firestar WindClan is fighting because ThunderClan "will help cats once they beg for it, and they ignore the warrior code." However, WindClan leaves the camp, and Firestar tells a patrol to follow WindClan to make sure they leave the territory.
There, WindClan split into three groups. The patrol returns and tells Firestar, who sends out two more patrols, and orders another to stay at camp in case WindClan invade. All three of the patrols get ambushed, and a battle breaks out. WindClan goes to ask RiverClan for help, and they gladly oblige. However, ShadowClan helps ThunderClan and the battle is even. However, then the sun goes out, and the cats all panic, making them all retreat back to their Clans.

Long Shadows

ThunderClan is suffering from greencough, and Jaypaw walks in Kestrelpaw's dream. In his dream, the WindClan medicine cat apprentice talks about a big supply of catmint. When Jaypaw wakes up, he tells Lionblaze there is a supply of catmint in WindClan territory. After lots of persuasion, Lionblaze finally goes to WindClan. Heathertail confronts Lionblaze when he is traveling through the tunnels to get catmint, revealing her warrior name, Heathertail, when Lionblaze addresses her by her apprentice name. She is not very nice to Lionblaze but lets him pass back into ThunderClan territory without fighting, stating that she has no quarrel with ThunderClan and does not want to see any cat die.
Ashfur is found dead in the stream on WindClan's territory. However, there is no scent on Ashfur's body. The ThunderClan warriors are outraged, convinced that WindClan deliberately murdered Ashfur.


WindClan is accused of killing Ashfur, and a few ThunderClan cats plan to get revenge for their lost Clanmate. A few ThunderClan warriors already start planning raiding parties and attacks. Firestar announces that Ashfur was murdered on the WindClan border, and it's possible that one of WindClan's warriors saw something. He plans to take a patrol to WindClan territory. Firestar leads the patrol into WindClan territory, and asks if he may speak to Onestar privately. Onestar coolly replies anything he has to say can be said in front of his warriors. Firestar then tells him that some cat murdered Ashfur. Onestar takes this as a threat, and says that they had nothing to do with it. WindClan wouldn't gain from killing one of their warriors. Firestar keeps his calm, and says if any of his warriors saw something strange. Onestar immediately takes this to mean if any of his warriors were seen killing Ashfur. Firestar presses on, asking if they saw nothing. Onestar agrees and tells him to get out of his territory. Firestar tells him to send a message to ThunderClan if he notices anything strange, and WindClan escorts ThunderClan out of the territory.
As the WindClan cats leave, Ashfoot tells Firestar that she had to speak with him alone, for there was something important to tell him. She tells him that, a couple sunrises ago, she had been leading the dawn patrol along the stream, when she had spotted Sol. Firestar tells Ashfoot that he thought Sol had left the lake, but Ashfoot says that he was definitely here a few days ago. Firestar then demands to know why Onestar wouldn't tell him, and Ashfoot shrugs uncomfortably. She tells Firestar that Ashfur's death was his problem, not Onestar's, and that he couldn't expect Onestar to be happy for them barging into their camp, accusing his cats of murder. Brambleclaw begins to protest, but Firestar assures Ashfoot that they weren't accusing WindClan. He then asks her when exactly she had seen Sol, and she tells him she had seen him a quarter moon ago, in the woods near the lake. Firestar then thanks Ashfoot for her help. She wishes them well, and ThunderClan leaves.
When ThunderClan sets out to look for Sol, their patrol meets Ashfoot on WindClan territory. After a brief greeting, Ashfoot tells them that she thought they would go looking for Sol, and Brambleclaw tells her that there were questions that needed answers, whether Sol killed Ashfur or not. Ashfoot then tells him that she had something to show them, and leads them to the Twoleg fence beside the Horseplace. She flicks her ears at a piece of fur in the fence, and Brambleclaw realizes that it belonged to Sol. She then wishes them good luck, and goes back to her own territory. But before she leaves, Brambleclaw asks her why she did it, and she tells him that she wants her Clan to be safe, and that Sol should be dealt with before he causes more trouble.
When Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze came to the WindClan border to see Crowfeather, a WindClan patrol arrives and tells the ThunderClan cats that they had better stay off their border or they will tear their fur off. He tells him they will fetch Crowfeather, but that he can wait on his own side of the border. They meet Crowfeather who is now shocked that Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze are his kits. However, he denies them, and leaves. At the next Gathering, Hollyleaf announces Crowfeather is her father, but Crowfeather announces he is only loyal to WindClan now. He even has a new mate: Nightcloud.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

The book starts at a Gathering, when Onestar announces the death of Barkface, leaving Kestrelflight as the remaining medicine cat.
During the drought, WindClan is very low on prey just like the other Clans. At the Gathering, they are also outraged when Leopardstar tries to claim the lake for RiverClan. When Firestar suggests that they send cats upstream to search for the water, Onestar agrees. When it is time for the patrol to leave, Ashfoot accompanies Whitetail and Sedgewhisker to go on the patrol. The WindClan cats seem friendly during the whole patrol. When they are attacked by dogs, WindClan, along with RiverClan, awkwardly remain on the ground, claiming they don't climb trees. ThunderClan and ShadowClan help them get up away from the dogs.
When Jayfeather accidentally strays across the border due to a misunderstanding about the lake shrinking, Breezepelt accuses the ThunderClan patrol of crossing the border. Ashfoot is seen coming up to ask him what happened. Breezepelt tells her it was just a misunderstanding about getting the water, and Ashfoot advises Jayfeather to keep his warriors on their side of the lake, to avoid future misunderstandings. Swallowing his anger, Jayfeather complies, then leads the patrol away.
Soon after, Breezepelt follows Poppyfrost to the Moonpool where Jayfeather finds him. He threatens to kill Poppyfrost and then make it seem like Jayfeather had done it, so his half-brother would know what it was like to be scorned by his Clan. The strength of his fury briefly falters when Jayfeather challenges that he very well knows how Breezepelt feels, but it does not last long. He attacks then, and Jayfeather does his best to protect his Clanmate, until a cat from the Dark Forest arrives to assist Breezepelt. Honeyfern comes from StarClan and helps Jayfeather in the defeat of the two cats who are driven away.
After the special patrol is back, Whitetail and Sedgewhisker return to WindClan and when the water returns, Onestar is very grateful.

Fading Echoes

ThunderClan notices that WindClan is having trouble with dogs, and Sedgewhisker is injured. Dovepaw, concerned about her friends from the patrol, brings Ivypaw along and sneaks into the WindClan camp at night. They go into Sedgewhisker's den, and the although Dovepaw is sympathetic, Sedgewhisker is very hostile, and does not want her here. Weaselfur wakes up and calls the alarm for intruders. Onestar wakes up, and lectures the two apprentices. He chooses Heathertail and Breezepelt to escort them back. Heathertail tells Ivypaw and Dovepaw that they're bringing them back to ThunderClan camp, and Ivypaw argues, saying that Firestar will kill them. When Ivypaw and Dovepaw ask her how she knows where the ThunderClan camp is, she tells them that she's been there before. They come across Rosepetal first, and he says that it isn't an attack. He then tells her that they need to speak to Firestar before they leave, and that he wants to make sure the story was told right. More cats begin to wake up, but neither Breezepelt nor Heathertail seem bothered by them. Breezepelt stands stiffly as he explained briefly what happened. He is surprised when Dovepaw says she was worried after hearing a dog, but then he tells Firestar to teach his apprentices the warrior code. He and Heathertail leave soon after.
At the next Gathering, Onestar reports about the refilling of the lake, and says that WindClan will be forever grateful for the courage and strength of its warriors, making it seem like WindClan did it alone. He then continues by saying he will punish trespassers severely, hinting towards Dovepaw and Ivypaw.

Night Whispers

When Dovewing focuses her hearing on the WindClan camp while waiting for Tigerheart, Swallowtail asks where Whitetail is, another cat replies that she is sharing Onestar's den for the night. On a journey to the Moonpool, Jayfeather walks in on Barkface's and Kestrelflight's dream. Then Daisytail comes and Barkface meows gruffly to explain it to Kestrelflight and that he knew Kestrelflight wouldn't believe him. Kestrelflight objects, and Daisytail starts her explanation. She says that she was the ancient cat who believed that kits should be trained after reaching six moons of age. She says that there is a time when they must stand and fight. Kestrelflight says that he has the medicine cat's path to take, not a warriors path. Barkface growls that everything is changing and that WindClan's greatest battle is coming. He also says to trust his ancestors instead of the other Clans. Daisytail warns him against friendships, and Barkface says that betrayal can come from anywhere. Standing alone is the only path to go for WindClan. This is the only time he is seen in this book.
While Crowfeather is hunting with Nightcloud and his son, Breezepelt gets into a fight with Lionblaze over who gets a thrush that is chased over the border. Crowfeather simply watches the two cats fight over it, not interfering at all. Leafpool, Cinderheart, and Dovepaw soon appear and Leafpool tries to break up the fight. She screeches at Crowfeather, asking him why he would stand there and watch his sons fight. Nightcloud appears then, and furiously hisses at Leafpool that Crowfeather has only one kit, Breezepelt. Breezepelt then attacks Leafpool when she tries to break up the fight again, but Crowfeather saves her. Nightcloud drags Crowfeather away from Leafpool in anger and jealousy. Crowfeather then rounds on her, hissing, ready to attack his mate. Breezepelt shoves Crowfeather aside and warns him to stay away from his mother. They leave the thrush to ThunderClan stating that if there that desperate for a measly thrush, there is no point of fighting them, and they go back to their camp.
Onestar is seen at the Gathering reporting news, and when Mistystar says that RiverClan is healthy, he says that the same goes for WindClan.

Sign of the Moon

When Icecloud falls into one of the tunnels, the ThunderClan cats remember that those were the tunnels WindClan used to attack them once. Antpelt, a WindClan warrior, gets recruited in the Dark Forest. He participates in a practice battle with the newly named Ivypool. When she slips and falls, he gives her a sympathetic look and waits for her to get to her paws. Unfortunately for him, Thistleclaw sees this and takes it as a sign of cowardliness and attacks him. Ivypool stops him and crouches beside him, begging him to wake up and leave the Dark Forest. Antpelt moans but vanishes into darkness.
At the Gathering, Onestar says prey is running well and that Whiskernose is now a warrior. The elders sharing tongues reveal that Antpelt must have been attacked by a dog since he was injured so badly.

The Forgotten Warrior

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The Last Hope

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In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

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Thunder and Shadow

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Shattered Sky

WindClan closes its borders. Their leader Onestar is eventually drowned by Darktail, losing his final life
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Darkest Night

Harestar is now shown as being WindClan's new leader
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River of Fire

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The Raging Storm

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In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

The book takes place in WindClan, as Moth Flight lives in WindClan.
WindClan is mentioned by Clear Sky when he accuses WindClan of accusing SkyClan about prey stealing.

Tallstar's Revenge

Tallstar is born as Tallkit from WindClan.
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Yellowfang's Secret

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Crookedstar's Promise

When Crookedkit wants to travel to the Moonstone, he knows he has to travel through WindClan territory. He starts his quest when he scents Fallowtail nearby. She starts getting nervous, scenting a cat from her own Clan, and then Crookedkit can scent a WindClan warrior, Reedfeather, nearby. Fortunately for them, Crookedkit thinks Fallowtail is on a mission from Hailstar, and he doesn't question them. Later, he finds the WindClan border, and he charges through, walking all the way past the territory undetected. After his journey to the farm and back, Beetlepaw scoffs that he probably didn't even make it to WindClan.
Later, when Crookedpaw is out picking coltsfoot for Brambleberry, a WindClan patrol spots him. Two of the warriors retreat, and Reedfeather alone asks to be brought to camp to speak with Hailstar. As Reedfeather talks to Hailstar, he says he wants to take his kits home. Fallowtail desperately cries that he can't, and the Clan is shocked and silent, now knowing that Willowkit and Graykit are half-Clan. Reedfeather says they are as much as his kits as they are of hers, and Fallowtail becomes silent. Finally, she says she can't let the Clan suffer for her mistake, and Reedfeather brings his kits home.
At the next Gathering, tensions rise when Ottersplash mutters that kits were stolen. A WindClan warrior turns and says they weren't stolen, they were just taken home. Beetlenose mentions that he's glad Fallowtail's not here, and Reedfeather says to let her come next time, as he'd like her to know how much the kits prefer eating rabbit to fish. Beetlenose argues, but Hailstar calms things down.
Hailstar later launches a patrol to get the kits back in the dead of the night. WindClan resists heavily, and even though they outnumber the RiverClan warriors, Hailstar and his patrol gets away with the kits, almost killing Reedfeather while they are at it. Reedfeather gets up and says the kits aren't worth that much to fight over, and he goes back to the WindClan camp. WindClan never bothers RiverClan about the kits again.
When Crookedjaw and Brambleberry need to go to the Moonstone, Talltail, Reedfeather, and Dawnstripe escort them. After questioning the two cats, they let them pass.

Bluestar's Prophecy

A ThunderClan patrol reports to Pinestar that WindClan scent has been found all over some squirrel blood inside ThunderClan territory. He refuses to battle because there is not enough evidence to prove it was WindClan. At the next Gathering, Pinestar warns all the Clans about this, and WindClan hisses angrily at him.
Goosefeather predicts WindClan will cause ThunderClan's destruction from the way a vole's fur is flattened by the wind. He says that like a storm, WindClan will rage through the forest and destroy ThunderClan. Sparrowpelt convinces Pinestar to battle WindClan. Pinestar sees it as two choices: attack WindClan and risk destruction to ThunderClan, or not attack and be unprepared when WindClan attacks. He decides to fight them at dawn. ThunderClan makes all kinds of preparations to battle WindClan, even considering what to do if there is a counterattack. They know that they are bigger and heavier than WindClan, as they are speedy and nimble. Goosefeather later gets another prophecy in a piece of catmint buried inside fur of another piece of prey: the only way to defeat WindClan is to destroy their medicine supply while they're at it. They attack the next morning, and WindClan is taken by surprise. However, WindClan has the knowledge of their camp and the territory, and they start to beat ThunderClan even though they are already at the medicine supplies. Hawkheart, the WindClan medicine cat, kills Moonflower, and ThunderClan retreats.
At the Gathering, all the other Clans are shocked at how ruthless ThunderClan was in damaging the medicine den after the battle. WindClan sneers at ThunderClan, reminding them that this is a Gathering, and they can't fight. Then they say ThunderClan never cared much for the warrior code anyway. Heatherstar announces at the Gathering that WindClan has restocked their medicine supplies, and that the kits and elders have finally recovered from ThunderClan's attack. Sunfall growls at her, saying that ThunderClan only fought warriors. Heatherstar corrects herself then, explaining that the elders and kits have finally recovered from the shock of watching their kin being brutally attacked in their nests. She also says the Clan is well fed, but it is evident she is lying, as the warriors look skin and bone. Later, when Oakheart is made a warrior, WindClan cheers for him. When Bluefur is announced, only ThunderClan cheers.
At the next Gathering, WindClan says they increased patrols to warn barn cats and kittypets to stay off their land. Pinestar turns the subject back to Clan rivalries, and WindClan, along with the other Clans, get mad. WindClan also says that kittypets rarely reach their borders, as they are too plump to catch rabbits.
When Pinestar needs to go to the Moonstone, a WindClan patrol suspiciously checks them to make sure they haven't stolen any prey while crossing their land. During the next Gathering, Heatherstar states that WindClan has thrived during greenleaf, and they have never seen so many rabbits on the moors. She says they are making use of their bountiful gift.
Oakheart later reveals that Windflight of ThunderClan used to be a WindClan cat, but WindClan wouldn't take him when they learned of his half-Clan heritage.

Firestar's Quest

When Firestar has a dream of the ancient SkyClan going to a new home while passing the moors, he tells Cinderpelt about it, and Cinderpelt asks if he's sure it's not WindClan he's seeing. Firestar says no, as there's no trouble in WindClan anyway.
At the next Gathering, Tallstar says that all is well in WindClan. Ashfoot has a new litter of three kits, and Onewhisker and Mudclaw chased off a fox who wanted to live on the moors. He gives a warning to Leopardstar, as they chased it into RiverClan territory, and Leopardstar dryly says that's just what they need. Firestar then decides to go rebuild SkyClan, and he has to get permission from WindClan to be led through and out of their territory. They allow him and Sandstorm to do so, but make sure he knows that he is not allowed without permission.
When Sandstorm catches quite a few rabbits, Firestar teases her, saying that she must be a WindClan cat now. When Leafstar is getting her nine lives, Swiftstar, the leader of WindClan during SkyClan's exile, gives her one of her lives.

Bramblestar's Storm

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Crowfeather's Trial

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Tigerheart's Shadow

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In the Novellas

Hollyleaf's Story

In a flashback to when Hollyleaf had killed Ashfur, Hollyleaf followed him to the WindClan border and sprang onto him, attacking the unsuspecting tom.

Mistystar's Omen

It is mentioned several times that Mistyfoot and Mothwing must cross WindClan territory to get to Moonpool. While on their way there, they are interrupted by a bristling patrol. They offer their sympathies when they are told of Leopardstar's passing, and promise to tell Onestar when they return to their camp.
Pebblefoot steps too far into WindClan's territory while hunting, and a patrol with Antpelt at its head springs forward, hissing at him, accusing him of being a trespasser and a prey-thief. Antpelt's hackles raise and he sneers at Pebblefoot's apology, noting the RiverClan cats' skinny frames. Ashfoot steps forward, saying that she heard of Leopardstar's death and she is sorry, but demands to know why Mistystar is letting her cats stray into their territory.

Cloudstar's Journey

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Tigerclaw's Fury

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Leafpool's Wish

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Dovewing's Silence

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Mapleshade's Vengeance

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In the In the Field Guides Arc

Secrets of the Clans

Tallstar speaks of what he thinks about WindClan and says that no matter what trials they must endure, WindClan will last forever.
WindClan cats are said to be fiercly loyal, tough, fast-running, and easily offended cats. They are nervous and quick to flee, mainly because of lack of cover on the moor. They take pride in being the closest Clan to StarClan, and of all the Clans, have the deepest knowledge of Twolegs.
WindClan cats hunt mainly rabbits, and are fast, lean, and swift. Their short smooth pelts of browns and grays blend in with the rocks and grass. WindClan is particularly good at hunting on open land. The book explains WindClan's territory.
In Raid on the Camp!, the story is about how WindClan was driven out by ShadowClan. Stoneclaw and Thrushwing are sitting vigil when the camp is attacked. Stoneclaw is killed. A pregnant queen, Morningflower, guards Ashfoot's kits while Ashfoot goes off to fight. WindClan are losing and Deadfoot wants to abandon camp; Tallstar agrees reluctantly. WindClan then flees.
Crowfeather shows the reader around WindClan's lake territory, pointing out the Tallrock, the gorse bush nursery, the crack in a boulder which forms the medicine cat den, the old badger set elder's den. The book then lists all the significant WindClan leaders and medicine cats.
In How the Moonstone Was Discovered, there was a WindClan cat named Mothflight, who was easily distracted, and often picked up herbs thinking they'd be useful. Mothflight is on a patrol, and watches a feather on the Thunderpath. She starts following it, and almost gets hit by a monster, but Gorsefur saves her. Mothflight says the feather was "calling her", and Wind replies that if Mothflight cannot be loyal to WindClan, then she must leave. Mothflight wanders north, toward the mountains outside WindClan territory. She finds a tunnel in the rocks, and wanders through it, soon she comes to a larger cave with a crystal in it, lit up by light shining from a hole in the roof. Suddenly StarClan cats speak to her, saying that she has found the Moonstone and is destined to be the first medicine cat. They say Wind will forgive her, for her qualities that got her banished were the qualities that helped her find the Moonstone. She must find Dapplepelt of RiverClan, Pebble Heart of ShadowClan, and Cloudspots of ThunderClan, to be the other three medicine cats, and have them meet here at the Moonstone every Half-Moon to share tongues with StarClan. This is one of the reasons WindClan feels closest to StarClan.
In Crowfeather Speaks: A Forbidden Love, Crowfeather tells how he had loved Feathertail so deeply, but she died saving the Tribe from Sharptooth. Soon after, he began to have feelings for Leafpaw, but could not believe that he could love another cat so soon after Feathertail. He told himself that he has to be loyal; having a mate outside the Clan is against the warrior code, and medicine cats are even more forbidden to have mates, but he didn't love any cat in WindClan the way he loved Leafpaw. He could barely believe it when Leafpool brought him a message from Feathertail, that he should stop grieving for her, and look for living cats, he wondered if this meant she approved of his love for Leafpool. He explains how the night of Mudclaw's rebellion, he saved her from falling over the cliff of ThunderClan's camp, and admitted his love for her. He saw in her eyes that she felt the same way. Neither of them knew what they would do with this forbidden love, but they knew they were in it together.

Cats of the Clans

Tallstar, Onestar, Mudclaw, Crowfeather, Nightcloud & Breezepaw, and Heatherpaw are all featured in this book. It also mentions the rumors and WindClan being weak, and the fact that they are only wary due to the uncovered moorland. It also tells of WindClan's personality: loyal, suspicious, fierce, and how they have a reputation of being a peaceful Clan. This book also tells of the time the Twolegs made Thunderpaths on their territory and poisoned their rabbits.

Code of the Clans

At the beginning, the story of Thunder and the other new leaders is being told. In The Beginning of the Warrior Code of Code 1, Ryewhisker of WindClan and his mate Cloudberry, daughter of RiverClan's leader Emberstar, are meeting each other. It is revealed that Cloudberry is expecting Ryewhisker's kits. RiverClan has accused WindClan of stealing fish from their territory. Ryewhisker states that this is untrue because WindClan has no interest in eating fish. Despite Cloudberry's concerns, Ryewhisker is confident that things will work out, even saying that their kits, being half RiverClan and half WindClan, will help bring the Clans together. WindClan launches an attack on RiverClan after the later accuses them of stealing fish again. Ryewhisker defends Cloudberry from one of the WindClan warriors, Hawkfur, stating that he will not let his kits be killed by his own Clanmates. Ryewhisker is then attacked by a RiverClan cat and dies. During the full moon following the battle Duststar, leader of WindClan calls a meeting at Fourtrees and states that Ryewhisker would not have died had he not been attached to Cloudberry. He makes a rule that from now on all cats must remain loyal only to their Clans, forming the first law of The Warrior Code.
In The Queens Unite of Code 5, a WindClan queen, Daisytail, is watching her son Specklepaw training as apprentice. There is conflict between WindClan and ShadowClan and every cat is preparing for battle. Daisytail cannot bear to watch her son, who is barely out of kittenhood, fight and possibly die in battle, so she makes a plan to prevent this from happening. Some time later both the WindClan and ShadowClan cats are about to fight each other when Daisytail, her friend Hawkfoot, and a ShadowClan queen named Oakleaf step in to stop the battle. The queens argue that it is wrong to have kits go into battle before they are ready. Hazelstar of WindClan and Blizzardstar of ShadowClan agree to implement Daisytail's proposal, that all kits should be six moons to be made apprentices. This proposal is later included as the fifth law of the Warrior Code. In The Smallest Warrior of the same code, there is a battle to drive WindClan out of the forest from ShadowClan.
In Second in Command of Code 7, Featherstar of WindClan appoints Acorntail deputy after her old deputy, Pebblefur, died. Many cats are not happy with this choice, especially Morningcloud's apprentice, Quickpaw, who expected Morningcloud to be made deputy herself. From the start the Clan's lack of faith in Acorntail's ability is confirmed; he mistakenly chooses three cats who have already hunted for hunting patrol and nearly causes an unprovoked attack on a ThunderClan border patrol because of a dead rabbit on the ThunderClan side of the border. Ashamed by his lack of ability and bad decision-making, Acorntail pleads with Featherstar to appoint a new deputy, but Featherstar remains firm in her decision. However she decides that she should have given Acorntail an apprentice so he could become accustomed to giving orders and being responsible for others. Acorntail then asks to be given Pricklekit as his future apprentice, in exchange he will remain as Featherstar's deputy, to which she agrees. Featherstar also decides to later incorporate this as the seventh law of the Warrior Code.
In Too Late for Regrets: Tallstar Explains of Code 8, Tallstar talks to Bluestar in StarClan about his decision to replace Mudclaw with Onewhisker as deputy of WindClan and why he did it.
In A Loss for All Clans of Code 12, Graywing, RiverClan's medicine cat is patrolling the river by the gorge in the company of two warriors, Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker when they spot three WindClan kits clinging to the rocks on the far side. As the three kits fall into the river Brindleclaw prepares to jump in and save them, but Graywing stops her, saying it's not worth risking a RiverClan warrior's life to save kits from a different Clan. Despite her own words Graywing is overcome by guilt by what happened. That night she is sleeping in her den when she is visited by three StarClan warriors that introduce themselves as Runningstorm, Wolfheart and Smallstar of WindClan, the cats that would have been. Graywing asks if something happened to the current leader, Fallowstar, but the cats say that he is fine. Graywing then recognizes them as the three kits who drowned in the river. The three StarClan warriors show her the nursery where the kits lie sleeping, and Graywing is relieved the StarClan warriors didn't harm them, and Smallstar states that kits are the most important part of a Clan and that a Clan without them might as well be dead. Graywing awakens and tells her leader Ivystar that she's taking Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker on a patrol. After searching the riverbank they find the three bodies of the WindClan kits and recover them.
In The Medicine Cats Decide of Code 14, there is once again conflict between ShadowClan and WindClan. Mossheart, the ShadowClan medicine cat, has a vision of seeing her limbs and paws dripping blood. She arrives on the battlefield and manages to put a stop to it with the help of WindClan's medicine cat Swiftfoot. As their respective Clans of disgruntled warriors return to their homes, Swiftfoot and Mossheart share one-another's thoughts and both agree that the bloodshed has to stop. Swiftfoot suggests that they go to the Moonstone with the other medicine cats and ask StarClan for an answer to the problem. The following night Mossheart and Swiftfoot journey to Highstones in the company of the other medicine cats, Kinktail of RiverClan, Quailfeather of SkyClan and Prickleface of ThunderClan. Mossheart awakens from her dream, and speaks with the other medicine cats, all of them have had similar visions, all delivering the same message: warriors don't have to kill to win. Swiftfoot agrees that there are extenuating circumstances but in Clan battles, warriors should not have to kill to win. The five cats agree to take this idea to their leaders so that it can be incorperated as the fourteenth law of the Warrior Code. Swiftfoot also suggests that the medicine cats meet at the Moonstone every half-moon to share news and to speak with StarClan, to which the others agree.

Battles of the Clans

Ashfoot, deputy of WindClan, brings the readers (in the book referred to as kittypets) to Onestar. The readers want to know what it's like to be a Clan cat. Onestar tells them the basics--Gatherings, The Warrior Code, and battles. The "kittypets" seem the most interested in battles. Onestar comforts them, telling them that no cat spends their entire lifetime in a blood soaked battle. He tells them the myths about using bones of trespassers to line warriors' nests were not true, and jokes that they would be too hard to sleep on. He tells the kittypets that going into battle is the hardest decision a Clan leader must make. He takes them to the other Clans to help teach them about battles.
Ashfoot welcomes the reader back to the WindClan camp, and the books tells about the battle techniques Graywing the Wise taught them all. Webfoot speaks about getting lost in the tunnels, and how he got home. Heathertail also talks about the lost art of Tunneling, and how it was used for years. In the end, Onestar finds the readers and comments that it's easy to get lost on the island. He says that battles are not always the answer. It is part of their heritage, legacy passed on from earlier generations, and the path to the future. That is what the meaning of being a warrior is: to be proud of the legacy and of the battles that were fought, being fought, and the battles that will be fought. As long as the fire burns in their blood, warrior Clans will fight.

In the Ravenpaw's Path Arc

A Clan in Need

When Ravenpaw and Barley are heading to ThunderClan's territory, they have to cross WindClan territory. A WindClan patrol finds them and calls them rogues, asking if they stole their missing kit. Ravenpaw and Barley say no, and Mudclaw recognizes them. He tells his Clan that they are not rogues, and says that Crowkit has gone missing. They let the two cats go, and soon Ravenpaw finds Crowkit trying to climb the Great Rock. The three cats now find WindClan and ThunderClan in a border skirmish, ThunderClan saying that WindClan crossed the border. WindClan accuses them of stealing Crowkit. They give Crowkit back, and WindClan is relieved and leaves. Dustpelt accuses Ravenpaw of being a WindClan spy, but later trusts him more.

The Heart of a Warrior

When ThunderClan is sending a patrol to help at the farm, a WindClan patrol sees them and Deadfoot says that WindClan has heard about what's been happening on the farm, and they deserve to get their home back. Ravenpaw is pleased that he has friends in more than one Clan now, and the WindClan patrol leaves.

In the Graystripe's Adventure Arc

Warrior's Return

Graystripe and Millie go to each Clan's land to see if they have all left. First they go to WindClan and see it completely destroyed. When they have to travel to the Clans, they shelter in the place WindClan sheltered in when they were driven out. WindClan welcomes the two cats home when they get there.

In the Short Stories and Plays

After Sunset: We Need to Talk

Leafpool is waiting for Crowfeather in the shelter of a holly bush. She pops out upon seeing Crowfeather, and asks him to wait. Crowfeather asks why Leafpool wants to see him. She replies that it has been moons since she last spoke to him, and that there is something Leafpool thinks Crowfeather should know. Crowfeather reminds Leafpool that they are in different Clans. She asks why he's being like this, and she reminds Crowfeather that it was hard for her too. Leafpool tells him she didn't have a choice, since Cinderpelt died in the badger attack, leaving her as the only ThunderClan medicine cat. He says that she did have a choice, and says that they shouldn't be talking like this, and his Clanmates have only just begun to trust him again, mostly thanks to Nightcloud. Crowfeather tells her that Nightcloud had his kits last moon, and Onestar was going to announce it at the next Gathering. Crowfeather asks her what she thought he would do, and that Nightcloud is a good mother and a great cat. Leafpool tells him that he was right, and they had nothing to say to each other now, and say good-bye. Brambleclaw, Cloudtail, and Berrypaw appear before they can leave. They ask Leafpool if she's alright, and she replies that she's fine. A WindClan patrol arrives, and starts threatening the ThunderClan patrol. Tornear and Harepaw exchange insults with Berrypaw and Cloudtail, but eventually Onestar and Brambleclaw move on with their patrols.

Brightspirit's Mercy

Onestar asks if all the Clans are here, and the Gathering starts. Blackstar admits weakness, and Onestar says every leaf-bare is hard. Blackstar counters that this is the hardest yet. Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jaypaw get a message from StarClan and catch prey for WindClan. A WindClan patrol arrives, comprised of Ashfoot, Whitetail, and Breezepaw. Breezepaw asks if they are stealing food, and Hollyleaf says they brought them fresh-kill. Ashfoot, although taken aback, thanks them for the prey and orders her patrol to carry it back. The WindClan cats jump across the stream and collect the prey. There are shy murmured thanks, and Ashfoot pauses to speak to the ThunderClan cats once more. Ashfoot says that this changes nothing between their Clans. They thank them, but will not be in your debt for this gift. The cats leave, and story is ended.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

All the Clans are starving, and Ashfoot, Nightcloud, and Tornear vote for individual leaders. Onestar votes for Firestar to be their temporary leader. In the end, Firestar becomes the temporary leader.

In the Warriors App

Tallstar and Onestar are featured in the Warriors App. It is revealed that WindClan once announced at a Gathering that all fish in the river belonged to them because the water flowed through their territory first, because of the gorge. RiverClan strongly objected, so a contest was held to determine if WindClan or RiverClan could catch the most fish. The WindClan warriors trained hard, overcoming their natural distaste for water, and lost the contest by a very small margin. Generously, RiverClan allowed them to keep their share of the catch, and on the understanding that they would never take fish from the river or gorge again.

History of ranks

Name Gained rank in... Left rank in... Deputies...
Windstar Path of Stars Before "Webfoot Speaks: The Story of the Lost Tunneler" Gorsefur
Gorsestar Before "Webfoot Speaks: The Story of the Lost Tunneler" Before "The Beginning of the Warrior Code" Unknown
Duststar "The Beginning of the Warrior Code" "Finders Keepers" Stonetail
Stonestar Before "Finders Keepers" Before "The Queens Unite" Mudpuddle
Hazelstar Before "The Queens Unite" Before "The Vanishing Moon" Unknown
Featherstar Before "Second in Command" Before "The Vanishing Moon" Pebblefur, Acorntail
Dovestar Before "The Vanishing Moon" Before "A Loss for All Clans" Unknown
Fallowstar Before "A Loss for All Clans" Before "Darkstar's Law" Unknown
Birchstar Before "Darkstar's Law" Before "The Leader Who Sought Peace" Unknown
Rabbitstar Before "The Leader Who Sought Peace" Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Unknown
Swiftstar Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Milkfur
Heatherstar Before Goosefeather's Curse Tallstar's Revenge Gorsefoot, Reedfeather
Tallstar Tallstar's Revenge Starlight Deadfoot, Mudclaw, Onewhisker
Onestar Starlight Shattered Sky Ashfoot, Harespring
Harestar Shattered Sky - Crowfeather
Name Gained rank in... Left rank in...
Gorsefur Moth Flight's Vision Before "Webfoot Speaks: The Story of the Lost Tunneler"
Stonetail Before "The Beginning of the Warrior Code" Before "Finders Keepers"
Mudpuddle Before "Finders Keepers" Before "Second in Command"
Pebblefur Before "Second in Command" Before "Second in Command"
Acorntail "Second in Command" Before Mapleshade's Vengeance
Milkfur Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Before Mapleshade's Vengeance
Heatherstar Before Goosefeather's Curse Before Tallstar's Revenge
Gorsefoot Before Goosefeather's Curse Before Tallstar's Revenge
Reedfeather Before Mapleshade's Vengeance Tallstar's Revenge
Talltail Tallstar's Revenge Tallstar's Revenge
Deadfoot Bluestar's Prophecy The Darkest Hour
Mudclaw Firestar's Quest Starlight
Onewhisker Starlight Starlight
Ashfoot Starlight Before Crowfeather's Trial
Harespring Before Bramblestar's Storm Shattered Sky
Crowfeather Tigerheart's Shadow -
Medicine cats


Interesting facts

  • WindClan was named by Gray Wing, and was the first to be named.[12]

Author statements

  • Most WindClan cats probably have short fur.[13]


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