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Windstar is an independent, smart, and feisty she-cat. She is not afraid to stand up for herself, but also knows when to let the other Clans settle their own problems and not get WindClan involved.[1]



When Windstar’s mother and sister die in an especially harsh leaf-bare, Windstar is taken care of by Branch, and she depends on him. However, one day, Windstar is injured on the moor. The next morning, Branch is gone.[2] Windstar resents Branch for abandoning her, and when she sees him in StarClan, she calls him a coward, but also says that she is glad he left so that she could meet Gorse.[3]

Gorse Fur

After Moth Flight is abandoned by Branch, she finds Gorse, and although she is initially dismissive of him, Gorse’s charm finds its way into her heart. The two live together on the moor, and make their own camp together when the mountain cats arrive. The two mates often confide in each other, and they have many kits together.[1] When Windstar becomes leader, she appoints Gore Fur as her deputy, and he becomes leader after her.[4]

Emberkit and Morning Whisker

When Windstar gives birth to these kits, Emberkit dies soon after. Windstar mourns greatly for her kit, and after Morning Whisker dies as well from the sickness, Windstar becomes very protective of her remaining kits. She is reunited with Emberkit and Morning Whisker in StarClan, and is overjoyed to see them again.[1]

Dust Muzzle

Windstar of proud of her son for his hunting and battle skills.[3]

Moth Flight

Windstar is often annoyed at Moth Flight for being distracted all the time, and is concerned for her safety. However, when Moth Flight almost gets herself and Gorse Fur killed by a monster, Windstar explodes at her daughter and says that WindClan would be better of without her. Moth Flight flees WindClan, and Windstar regrets what she said and is worried about her. When Moth Flight returns, Windstar trusts her to become WindClan’s medicine cat. When Windstar is gravely injured in a battle with SkyClan, she trust Moth Flight to bring her to the Moonstone. Once there, Windstar receives her nine lives and the name of Windstar, and mother and daughter serve WindClan as leader and medicine cat for many seasons.[3]

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