"This to-be, the one who has no more sense than to attack four cats all by himself, is Dark Shadow on Water, and this is Rain That Passes Quickly."
— Wing introducing Dark and Rain in Sign of the Moon, page 142

Wing Shadow Over Water, more commonly known as Wing, is a gray-and-white she-cat.[1]


In the The New Prophecy arc


Wing is a Tribe kit-mother, the equivalent of a Clan queen. She is introduced to the Clan cats by Squirrelpaw, who says that she was one of the cats who looked after Tawnypelt the last time the Clan cats were in the mountains. Wing tells the travelling cats that she was already aware that they were coming, since Stoneteller was told about their return by the Tribe of Endless Hunting.

In the Power of Three arc


Wing is badly injured during a fight over an eagle. While the rest of the Tribe cats are out fighting the rogues, she and the other cats unable to fight stay inside the cave. Jaypaw notices that she is sleeping not far from where he is sitting.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

Wing meets Squirrelflight, Foxleap, Dovewing, and Jayfeather while on a patrol with some of her fellow Tribemates, including a cave-guard named Sheer. She stops Dark, a young to-be, from attacking them, and goes on to explain that the Clan cats are guests in the Tribe's territory.
Wing seems glad to see the Clan cats again, and welcomes them warmly. She introduces the two younger cats with her, Dark, and another to-be by the name of Rain. Wing leads the Clan cats back to the Tribe's cave, and after they arrive, she asks Stoneteller if they are allowed to share the day's meal.
When Jayfeather delivers the news of Stoneteller's passing, Wing grieves like the rest of the Tribe, and she asks Jayfeather if his successor was named. He tells the prey-hunter that Stoneteller did name his successor, and goes on to name Crag as the new Stoneteller.

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Squirrelpaw: "This is Wing. She looked after Tawnypelt last time we were here, when she was sick from a rat bite."
Wing: "Stoneteller said you were coming. The Tribe of Endless Hunting told him that old friends would return and bring new friends with them."
—Squirrelpaw introducing Wing, who already knew of the Clan cats' arrival Dawn, page 301
Dark: "Get off our territory!"
Squirrelflight: "Wait—"
Wing: "Dark! Stop!"
Dark: "But they're trespassing!"
Wing: "No, they're not. They are not intruders, they are guests. Squirrelflight, it's good to see you again—and Jaypaw."
Jayfeather: "Jayfeather."
—Wing and Dark when the Clan cats arrive Sign of the Moon, page 141
Wing: "Is everything okay?"
Jayfeather: "No. Stoneteller has died."
Wing: "Did Stoneteller name his successor before he died?"
Jayfeather: "Yes. Yes he did."
—Wing asking Jayfeather about Stoneteller Sign of the Moon, page 294

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