"That is so. Come, we have something to show you."
— Wolfheart to Graywing in Code of the Clans, pages 115-116

Wolfheart is a gray she-cat.[1]

She is born as Wolfkit in WindClan along with her siblings, Smallkit and Runningkit. She and her siblings are playing by the river, until they accidentally fall in. A RiverClan patrol of Graywing, Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker stumble upon them, but Graywing stops them from saving the kits, saying that they can't risk their lives for kits from another Clan.

Now as Wolfheart in StarClan, she visits Graywing in a dream, showing her what the kits would've been, and reminding Graywing that kits are the most precious part of Clan life. The next morning, Graywing brings the kits' bodies to shore and declares a new addition to the warrior code, that every Clan is responsible for keeping all kits safe, regardless of the kits bloodline.


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Wolfkit is an ancient WindClan kit.
Wolfkit, along with her siblings, Smallkit and Runningkit, are seen hanging from the edge of the Gorge, and they are about to fall into the river. A patrol of RiverClan cats, Graywing, Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker, see the kits from their territory. Brindleclaw tries to save the dangling kits, but she is stopped by Foxwhisker and Graywing. Graywing claims that the fall probably killed the kits anyway, but then a small paw shoots out of the water, proving that the kits were still alive. Brindleclaw attempts to go save them again, but Graywing stops her, telling her that she can't risk her life to save kits from another Clan.
In the RiverClan camp, Minnowkit and Wildkit ask horrible questions about the kits that fell, such as if their eyes fell out, until their mother ushers them away.
That night, Graywing's dreams are visited by the kits that had died, but they are much older now. Smallstar and Wolfheart are introduced to Graywing by Runningstorm. When Graywing realizes that they were the kits that drowned, Wolfheart leads the way to the nursery so Graywing can see the Clan's kits. They remind Graywing that kits are very important to all the Clans and none of the Clans would have a future without them. She apologizes to the three, and then they fade away.
The next day, Graywing takes Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker out to where the kits drowned in the river. They find the kits' bodies washed up on the bank against a tree. The three RiverClan cats swim over to the kits and carry their bodies back to the opposite shore. Graywing then honors the dead kits and declares a new law, in which every Clan is responsible for the safety of kits. Then the three RiverClan cats bring the kits back to WindClan, Foxwhisker carrying Runningkit, Brindleclaw carrying Wolfkit, and Graywing carrying Smallkit.


Interesting facts

  • Vicky has revealed that Smallstar, Wolfheart, and Runningstorm were considered a special case when they were given new names in StarClan, and that most kits do not go through this change when they die.[5]

Character pixels

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Smallstar:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Runningstorm:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Smallstar ♂Wolfheart ♀Runningstorm ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Graywing: "You are the kits who drowned."
Wolfheart: "That is so. Come, we have something to show you."
Runningstorm: "Look."
Graywing: "They're safe."
—Wolfheart and Runningstorm showing Graywing the RiverClan kits Code of the Clans, pages 115-116

"Precious kits, walk safely among the stars."
—Graywing blessing the kits Code of the Clans, page 118

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