"This is your battle, not mine."
— Woody to Lionblaze about fighting the beavers in The Fourth Apprentice, page 221

Woody is a shaggy brown tom with yellow eyes and long legs.[1]

In The Fourth Apprentice, Woody is a loner that lives near the beaver dam that blocked the stream, which has caused the lake the Clans live by to dry up.

When the patrol of Clan cats arrive, Woody tells them about the beavers and tells them that the Twolegs had no interest in the cats. He warns the patrol that fighting the beavers is too dangerous. Following Rippletail's death, Woody feels guilty about the tom's death, feeling it was avoidable.

Woody helps the Clan cats on their second attempt to dismantle the dam. This time the group are successful and unlike some loners, he nods when Tigerheart mentions that StarClan sent them to free the water.



"I can't believe you cats would put yourselves in such danger."
—Woody to the cats destroying the beaver dam The Fourth Apprentice, page 232

"I'm not a Clan cat. I'm just passing through."
—Woody to the kittypets who helped destroy the beaver dam The Fourth Apprentice, page 259

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