"We may not tunnel anymore, but you must never let the skills that once protected and fed your Clan be forgotten. WindClan must never be afraid to seek out new places to shelter and to hunt. I give you this life for honoring old traditions on behalf of the future."
— Woollytail giving Talltail one of his nine lives and some advice in Tallstar's Revenge, page 498

Woollytail is a gray-and-white tom[2] with yellow eyes.[3]

Woollytail was a tunneler in WindClan. He is shown to be very proud of being a tunneler, and even complains to his leader when there is a lack of apprentices training to be tunnelers. After Sandgorse's death, Woollytail becomes mates with Palebird, and they have four kits: Bristlekit, Flykit, Rabbitkit, and Wrenkit.


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Super Editions

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"Don't do this for your father's sake. Sandgorse would never want that. He was tough on you, I know. But tunnelers have to be tough. It doesn't mean he didn't understand. He was proud to see you fight for what you truly wanted, even if that wasn't what he'd hoped for. He'd have been proud to see you as a moor-runner, you know."
—Woollytail giving advice to Tallpaw on his choice to become a tunneler Tallstar's Revenge, page 215
In Tallstar's Revenge, Woollytail is one of WindClan's tunnelers, cats adept at creating and navigating the tunnels underneath their territory. He is proud of his skills, and challenges Heatherstar when she makes Ryepaw, Doepaw, Stagpaw, and Shrewpaw train to be moor-runners, and even more so when she makes Tallpaw train to be a moor-runner, despite his tunneler heritage. When Tallpaw runs to try and save his father from a cave-in, Woollytail saves the apprentice. He is thrilled when Tallpaw decides to train as a tunneler, but grows angry with Heatherstar when she bans tunneling for good shortly after.
Woollytail grows close to Tallpaw's mother, Palebird, and she is soon expecting his kits. Woollytail speaks with Tallpaw, insisting Palebird deserves to be happy and Tallpaw will always be her son. She gives birth to Rabbitkit, Flykit, Bristlekit, and Wrenkit. Talltail is initially displeased with his mother's new family, but grows to approve of both Woollytail and his kits. He appears at Talltail's nine lives ceremony and gives him the gift of honoring old traditions.

Detailed description

Woollytail is a gray-and-white tom[2] with bright[4] yellow eyes[3] and wide shoulders.[5]

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Woollytail: "Did you catch that on the high-moor?"
Cloudrunner: "Yes. You're right as usual, Woollytail."
Tallkit: "How did you know?"
Woollytail: "I can smell the sand in its fur."
Hickorynose: "You only find sand tunnels on the high-moor. Not like the gorge tunnel. That's all soil and grit. But it'll open the way to find fresh prey by the river."
Cloudrunner: "If you ever find a way to stop the cave-ins."
Aspenfall: "The grit makes it unstable. It's not safe to tunnel there."
Woollytail: "It is if you know what you're doing."
—Woollytail and the others arguing over the safety of the tunnels Tallstar's Revenge, pages 10-11

"Woollytail's been complaining for ages that WindClan needs more tunnelers."
—Shrewkit on Woollytail's opinion on the lack of tunnelers Tallstar's Revenge, page 26

Woollytail: "Why didn't you warn us we weren't getting an apprentice?"
Reedfeather: "Would you have accepted it any more easily if we had?"
Plumclaw: "We would have known you still respected us!"
Heatherstar: "Of course WindClan respects its tunnelers. When leaf-bare brings us endless moons of snow, our tunnelers always bring us prey. We value your skills and we want to help you keep them alive through future moons."
Woollytail: "How, when you give us no apprentices to train?"
—Woollytail confronting Heatherstar and Reedfeather on the lack of tunneling apprentices Tallstar's Revenge, page 30

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"True to his nature? What kit doesn't run and jump?"
—Woollytail not happy with Heatherstar's reasonings on making Tallpaw a moor-runner Tallstar's Revenge, page 53

Reena: "Why do you tunnel at all?"
Woollytail: "WindClan cats have always tunneled."
Reena: "And there are cats underground right now?"
Woollytail: "Of course."
—Woollytail speaking to Reena about the tunnels Tallstar's Revenge, page 151

Tallpaw: "But what about Sandgorse? You were his friend. How can you—"
Woollytail: "Sandgorse would be pleased. He wouldn't want to see Palebird grieving for the rest of her life. You should be pleased for your mother. She hasn't been this happy for a long time. You'll still be her first kit. Did you really think you'd be her last?"
—Woollytail and Tallpaw on Palebird's news Tallstar's Revenge, page 253

"Sandgorse and I couldn't make you happy. But Woollytail can."
—Tallpaw's thoughts on Woollytail Tallstar's Revenge, page 253

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