Wrenpaw is a golden tabby she-cat.[1]


In The Broken Code

Lost Stars

Wrenkit is drowsing in the entrance of the nursery with her mother, Bellaleaf. As Tree passes, Wrenkit jumps up, shivering, and presses herself closer to her mother's side. Bellaleaf wraps her tail over her daughter's shoulders, giving Tree a hostile glare. Rootpaw notes how Wrenkit is the only surviving kit of Bellaleaf's litter. The grief was made worse when Tree had insisted the lost kits were still close, watching over Wrenkit, which had terrified her.
Tree joins Rootpaw at the fresh-kill pile, and when he asks his son what's wrong, Rootpaw says it's the way Wrenkit acts around him, and he shouldn't have told her about seeing her dead littermates, she is so little and it freaked her out. Tree responds that he thought it would help, he thought she would like the thought of them being close by, watching over her, until they joined StarClan.

The Silent Thaw

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Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Kate Cary likes the idea of Harrybrook being Wrenkit's father.[5]




Bellaleaf:[1] Living (As of Lost Stars)


Two unnamed kits:[6] Status unknown


Lulu:[3] Living (As of Ravenpaw's Farewell)


Rileypool:[3] Deceased, residence unknown
Patch:[3] Living (As of Ravenpaw's Farewell)


Violet:[3] Living (As of Ravenpaw's Farewell)

Great uncles:

Barley:[4] Living (As of Darkest Night)
Hoot:[7] Living (As of The Heart of a Warrior)
Jumper:[7] Living (As of The Heart of a Warrior)


Unnamed she-cat:[4] Status unknown


See MoreUnnamed ♀
Ravenpaw ♂Barley ♂Violet ♀Hoot ♂Jumper ♂
Rileypool ♂Bellaleaf ♀Lulu ♀Patch ♂
Wrenkit ♀Two kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown

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