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"I took Nettle as a mate. These are his kits, but I was so scared about the idea of raising my kits among the rogues. I kept remembering what it was like when I was a kit, here in the nursery, safe and surrounded by cats who cared about me. I want that for my kits. I want ShadowClan."
— Yarrowleaf to Violetshine, Tree, and Sandynose in River of Fire, page 84

Yarrowleaf is a ginger she-cat with yellow eyes.[4]

Yarrowleaf is a ShadowClan warrior that has served under Rowanstar's, Leafstar's and Tigerstar's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born to Scorchfur and Snowbird along with Beenose and Bluebellkit. As an apprentice, Yarrowpaw was mentored by Spikefur and later earned her warrior name, Yarrowleaf. When Darktail took over ShadowClan, Yarrowleaf joined the Kin and remained with them after they were initially defeated.

Upon falling pregnant with Nettle's kits, Yarrowleaf sought to rejoin her family, though she and Sleekwhisker were rejected by Leafstar. Her former Clanmates sympathized with her, and eventually, the two were accepted into SkyClan, where her kits, Hopkit and Flaxkit, were born. However, Sleekwhisker returned to the rogues, kidnapping the kits. Yarrowleaf fought fiercely to reclaim them, and upon ShadowClan's revival, she was grateful to return to the Clan of her birth and was later appointed mentor to Spireclaw.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I was young and stupid! I blamed Rowanstar for things that weren't his fault. Now I know my life would have been better if I'd been loyal to my Clan."
―Yarrowleaf defending herself to Leafstar River of Fire, page 90
Yarrowpaw is a ShadowClan apprentice mentored by Spikefur, and a part of the second litter of Scorchfur and Snowbird. When Needlepaw instigates a rebellion against Rowanstar, Yarrowpaw sides with her friend at first, but ultimately stays in ShadowClan rather than join Darktail. She completes her warrior training, but when Darktail takes over ShadowClan, Yarrowleaf joins the Kin. After Darktail is killed and the Kin are chased out, she chooses to follow them with Spikefur and Sleekwhisker.
She and Sleekwhisker later return, where it is revealed that Spikefur is dead and she is pregnant with a Kin rogue, Nettle's, kits. They discover that ShadowClan has been annexed into SkyClan, and Leafstar turns the she-cats away. However, several former ShadowClan cats, including Yarrowleaf's parents, harbor them in the abandoned ShadowClan camp. Upon being discovered, Leafstar reluctantly accepts the two, and Yarrowleaf gives birth to Flaxkit and Hopkit.
Sleekwhisker, still loyal to the Kin, kidnaps the kits after Yarrowleaf is drugged with poppy seeds, planning to use them to lure out Rowanclaw. Yarrowleaf refuses to give up her kits when Nettle claims them, instigating a battle where he and Rowanclaw are killed. She rejoins ShadowClan when Tigerstar is resurrected.

The Broken Code

"Shadowpaw is good. He and my kits grew up together. Maybe it’s unusual for StarClan to communicate with only one cat, but why shouldn’t it be Shadowpaw?"
―Yarrowleaf advocating for Shadowpaw Lost Stars, page 224
Her kits have become apprentices, and Yarrowleaf has returned to her warrior duties. When Shadowpaw is revealed as the only remaining connection to StarClan, Yarrowleaf defends him against other cats' suspicions. When Shadowsight is demoted back to apprentice rank, Yarrowleaf develops whitecough, and is treated by Mothwing and Puddleshine.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Blackstar announces that Snowbird has given birth to three healthy kits, Yarrowleaf and her sisters.

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Personality and Relationships

Once a rebellious, sassy cat, Yarrowleaf later learned to be truly loyal to her Clan and Clanmates. For more of Yarrowleaf's personality and relationships, click here!


Yarrowleaf's parents are Snowbird and Scorchfur. Her former mate is Nettle, and Hopwhisker and Flaxfoot are their children. For more of Yarrowleaf's family, click here!



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Needlepaw: "Hi, Alderpaw. I thought I might be seeing you again soon. You've met Sleekpaw, and this other furball is Yarrowpaw."
Yarrowpaw: "Furball yourself!"
—after encountering a ShadowClan patrol The Apprentice's Quest, page 80

Alderpaw: "Where's Needlepaw today?"
Yarrowpaw: "Why do you want to know?"
Alderpaw: "She wasn't with Tawnypelt. Or in camp. I was just wondering where she was."
Yarrowpaw: "It's none of your business. Do I ask where your denmates are?"
Alderpaw: "I was just trying to make a conversation."
Yarrowpaw: "Silence is fine with me."
—Alderpaw and Yarrowpaw Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 4

"Aren't you tired of agreeing with everything ThunderClan suggests? Don't you wish we could hunt where we please instead of where the other Clans tell us we can hunt?"
―Yarrowpaw to her Clanmates Thunder and Shadow, page 174

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"At least Yarrowleaf and Strikestone were friendly enough, content to share prey with her at the end of the day."
―Narrator about Violetpaw's return to ShadowClan Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 14

Violetshine: "You were fine letting your Clanmates die when Darktail was in charge. Is it because you're expecting kits that now, all of a sudden, you see the value in a Clan?"
Yarrowleaf: "It's not like that. Sleekwhisker and I have been living with the remains of Darktail's group, but it bothered us more and more, the way that none of the cats seem to care about one another."
—Violetshine and Yarrowleaf after she says she wants to rejoin ShadowClan River of Fire, page 84

"I'm so sorry for turning my back on ShadowClan. I know now this is where I need to be."
―Yarrowleaf about rejoining the Clans River of Fire, page 86

Yarrowleaf: "Things were so bad with the rogues. Spikefur, who was my mentor, is dead, and I realized that I wanted to come home to ShadowClan to have my kits."
Leafstar: "But this isn't ShadowClan anymore. It's SkyClan."
Tawnypelt: "Don't let them in! They're traitors who attacked and killed their own Clanmates! They're unforgivable! They–"
Yarrowleaf: "Please take us in. We've nowhere else to go, and we have kin here."
Tawnypelt: "You should have thought of that before you betrayed your Clanmates."
—Yarrowleaf asking to rejoin the Clans River of Fire, page 88

"But this is my home! These are my kin! I could never be a ThunderClan or WindClan cat."
―Yarrowleaf begging to join SkyClan River of Fire, page 91

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