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In her youth, Yarrowleaf, then known as Yarrowpaw, was a sassy, whiny, and rebellious she-cat.[1] She and a lot of other young ShadowClan apprentices thought that ShadowClan was a weak Clan, and defected to the Kin. While most of the ShadowClan cats realize their mistake, Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker do not. Even after Darktail's death, Yarrowleaf chooses to stay with the Kin and becomes pregnant with a cruel and obnoxious rogue named Nettle’s kits. However, she later grows to regret betraying her Clan after seeing the uncaring nature of the rogues. Yarrowleaf flees the Kin with Sleekwhisker and asks to be allowed back into ShadowClan, expressing remorse for her poorly made choices and even calling herself stupid for not staying loyal to her Clan.[2]



During her time with the Kin, Yarrowleaf becomes pregnant with Nettle’s kits. However, soon after, she flees him and the Kin with Sleekwhisker, and the two she-cats take shelter among the ShadowClan cats annexed into SkyClan, and Yarrowleaf gives birth. But soon, Nettle arrives and demands her to give his kits back. Sleekwhisker betrays Yarrowleaf and helps Nettle steal the kits. Yarrowleaf’s former Clanmates from ShadowClan help her get the kits back, and Rowanclaw sacrifices himself to kill Nettle and save the kits.[2]

Hopwhisker and Flaxfoot

Yarrowleaf loves her kits and defends them from Nettle and Sleekwhisker.[2]


Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker were friends as apprentices, mocking and disrespecting the Clans together. They became two of Darktail's closest followers, choosing to stay with his Kin even after his death. However, while Yarrowleaf eventually grows to regret betraying the Clans and asks for a second chance, Sleekwhisker merely seeks to use the second chance they are given as an opportunity to exact revenge on Rowanclaw. Yarrowleaf is very shocked and hurt when Sleekwhisker betrays her by drugging her and stealing her kits.[2]

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