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"In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary house cat named Rusty...who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all."
This article contains major spoilers for the recently released or upcoming book, The Prophecies Begin, volume 1. Please proceed at your own discretion.
"Thank you for bringing me to ThunderClan. Tell Bluestar I have always been grateful for the home she gave me. This is a good place to die. I only regret that I will miss watching you become what StarClan has destined you to be."
— Yellowfang to Fireheart before her death in Rising Storm, page 282

Yellowfang is a dark gray she-cat with orange eyes, a broad, flattened face, and long, matted fur.[14]

Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. Previously, she had served as both a warrior and medicine cat under Cedarstar's leadership in ShadowClan, and then just as a medicine cat under both Raggedstar and Brokenstar. She was born Yellowkit to Brackenfoot and Brightflower, alongside her littermates, Rowankit and Nutkit. She was later apprenticed to Deerleap, as Yellowpaw and soon earned her warrior name, Yellowfang. Growing up she had an ability that allowed her to feel other cats' pain and this combined with a natural inclination to herbs attracted the attention of ShadowClan's then medicine cat, Sagewhisker. While completing her training, she became mates with Raggedpelt and bore him one surviving kit, Brokenkit. She gave up her son and continued in her position as ShadowClan's medicine cat. Yellowfang later became the mentor to Runningnose and watched her son become leader following his father's death. Brokenstar later exiles her from the Clan after blaming her for the death of two ShadowClan kits.

Following her exile, she meets Firepaw and is taken as ThunderClan's prisoner. However, after the death of their medicine cat, Spottedleaf, she decides to remain with them and takes up the position. She later took on Cinderpaw as her apprentice, following the young cat's accident rendering her unable to complete her warrior training. Yellowfang later blinds Brokenstar, following his attempt at attacking ThunderClan's camp and has her Clan take him as their prisoner. However, when he helped plot an attack on ThunderClan, Yellowfang killed him by feeding him deathberries. Later on, a fire ravaged through ThunderClan's camp, Yellowfang died from breathing in too much smoke and ascended to StarClan. From StarClan, she gave Firestar one of his nine lives and advised future ThunderClan medicine cats with numerous prophecies. During the Great Battle she kills Brokenstar a second time. Yellowfang trained Puddleshine as a medicine cat, gave Tigerstar one of his nine lives, and was present when both Leafpool and Squirrelflight were judged by StarClan.


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The Prophecies Begin

"A medicine cat has no time for doubt. Put your energy into today and stop worrying about the past. You have a duty to your Clan. Stop dithering and get on with it!"
―Yellowfang scolding Cinderpelt Rising Storm, page 53
Yellowfang, injured and starving after being exiled from ShadowClan, attacks Firepaw on ThunderClan territory. She insists the young apprentice should kill her, but Firepaw takes pity on her and provides her fresh-kill. Yellowfang is taken prisoner, and Firepaw is tasked with taking care of her. At a Gathering, Brokenstar warns the Clans of ShadowClan's former medicine cat who killed some of their kits. When ShadowClan attacks the camp, Spottedleaf, ThunderClan's medicine cat, is killed and Frostfur's kits are missing. The Clan believes Yellowfang committed the crimes, but she actually left to rescue the kits. She recruits her old Clanmates in ShadowClan to drive out Brokenstar and his followers, and Bluestar grants Yellowfang the position of ThunderClan's medicine cat.
Yellowfang fights Brokenstar

Yellowfang fighting Brokenstar

After treating Cinderpaw's leg injury, Yellowfang takes Cinderpaw as her apprentice, and the two form a close bond. When former members of ShadowClan attack the camp, Yellowfang blinds Brokenstar and reveals to Fireheart that Brokenstar is her son. She asks Bluestar to take Brokenstar as a prisoner, but later convinces him to eat deathberries after Brokentail plots with Tigerclaw against ThunderClan. She discloses the truth about Brokentail's parents, but he refuses to believe her as he dies.
She gives Cinderpaw her full name, Cinderpelt, and rebukes her for lingering on Silverstream's death. During a fire, Yellowfang and Fireheart go back to the camp to rescue Patchpelt, Halftail, and Bramblekit. Yellowfang is separated from Fireheart, and she drags Halftail to her den. However, both become weak by smoke inhalation, and Yellowfang collapses in her den. Fireheart finds her dying, and Yellowfang insists she wished Fireheart was her son instead of Brokentail and apologizes for not living long enough to see him fulfill his destiny. She goes to StarClan and grants Firestar one of his nine lives, the life of compassion.

The New Prophecy

"You will tread a path that few medicine cats have walked before you."
―Yellowfang to Leafpool Sunset, page 102
Yellowfang presents Leafpaw a prophecy about how blood will spill blood. Later, Yellowfang, Bluestar, and Lionheart comfort Leafpool and vow to be with her through the path few medicine cats have traveled.

Power of Three

"Curiosity must be tempered with patience. Knowledge is wasted on those without the wisdom to know how to use it. And wisdom comes only with time."
―Yellowfang to Jaypaw Eclipse, page 283
Yellowfang and Sagewhisker

Yellowfang reunited with Sagewhisker, her mentor

In StarClan, Yellowfang scolds Jaypaw for using his powers to spy on other medicine cats' dreams, although Jaypaw insists even StarClan cannot do anything to stop him. She senses the eclipse coming and insists StarClan should tell Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw the "truth". When Hollyleaf reveals the truth about their parentage at a Gathering, Yellowfang attacks Bluestar for withholding the truth for so long. She later provides Jayfeather a crow's feather to give a hint about the identity of his biological father.

Omen of the Stars

Yellowfang: "I will send an Omen. An Omen of the Stars."
Bluestar: "Which cat will you send it to? Lionblaze or Jayfeather?"
Yellowfang: "Neither. I will send it to the third cat."
—Yellowfang and Bluestar about the prophecy The Fourth Apprentice, prologue
Frustrated by the lack of progress made by the Three, Yellowfang sends the Third cat an omen of the stars. She shares Jayfeather's suspicions of the Dark Forest, so she, Spottedleaf, and Jayfeather go to there to speak to Tigerstar. However, they run into Brokenstar, who prevents them from continuing on. Yellowfang argues with Sagewhisker and Fernshade about Russetfur's death and adamantly insists ThunderClan must stand alone in the coming fight with the Dark Forest to survive.
When Jayfeather wishes to return to the mountains, Yellowfang tries to convince him otherwise by showing how important he is for securing the peace. She also attempts to convince Jayfeather that ThunderClan needs another fully trained medicine cat, possibly hinting at Leafpool. Despite hinting that Jayfeather should reveal Cinderheart's past life as Cinderpelt, Yellowfang later admonishes Jayfeather for doing so.
When the medicine cats confront StarClan, Yellowfang continues to insist that they must stand alone, but quietens when Whitestorm snaps at her. She argues again at the other later attempt to unify StarClan, but Sunstar silences her. She participates in the battle against the Dark Forest and kills Brokenstar after he murders Ferncloud. She comforts Firestar after Spottedleaf's second death and welcomes Brambleclaw as ThunderClan's new leader.

A Vision of Shadows

"I'd forgotten the impatience of youth. I came only to praise you for speaking out. [...] I wondered at first if you had what it takes to be a medicine cat, but now that I see that you are willing to say what you believe, I trust that StarClan made the right choice after all."
―Yellowfang praising Alderpaw Thunder and Shadow, page 327
She praises Alderpaw for finding his voice at the half-moon meetings and urges him to continue to speak out for what he believes in. Yellowfang mentors Puddleshine in his dreams and agrees that ShadowClan should reclaim their land from Darktail. When Needletail criticizes Rowanclaw solely for ShadowClan's downfall, Yellowfang shines a light on Needletail and several other apprentices who joined Darktail.

Super Editions

This section summarizes Yellowfang's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

"I know my path will cross with Brokenstar again. And one day I will do something to stop this tide of fire and blood that he has unleashed on the forest."
―Yellowfang vowing to stop Brokenstar Yellowfang's Secret, page 501
In Yellowfang's Secret, Yellowkit is born to Brackenfoot and Brightflower alongside Nutkit and Rowankit. Yellowpaw trains as a warrior with Deerleap as her mentor and grows angry at Sagewhisker when her grandmother, Silverflame, died despite Sagewhisker's treatments. When she becomes a warrior, Yellowfang and Raggedpelt become close despite their arguments as kits. However, during battles, Yellowfang becomes immobilized with pain despite not being injured. Sagewhisker reveals that Yellowfang has the power to feel other's pain and insists she must become her apprentice. Yellowfang doesn't want to give up her life with Raggedpelt, but eventually agrees, and Raggedpelt isn't fond of her decision. However, they agree to be mates in secret.
Yellowfang and Brokenstar

Yellowfang confronting Brokenstar

Yellowfang gives birth to three kits alone in the forest, though her two daughters die shortly after. She names the surviving kit Brokenkit and gives him reluctantly to Lizardstripe to raise. She tells Raggedpelt the truth, and he forces her to forget about their son. Despite this, Yellowfang attempts to befriend Brokenkit, but he isolates himself after being teased by his foster littermates. Yellowfang also befriends Nightpelt and Cloudpelt, and takes Runningkit as her apprentice after Sagewhisker's death.
When Brokentail becomes deputy, Yellowfang warns Raggedstar of their son's violent nature that would ruin the Clan. Raggedstar, who had been blinded by his pride for his son, finally realizes the truth in Yellowfang's words. However, Brokentail kills Raggedstar, and Yellowfang accompanies Brokentail to receive his nine lives. Later, Brightflower's newest litter goes missing, and Yellowfang finds the kits' bodies with Brokenstar. He convinces the Clan that Yellowfang killed them and exiles her. Yellowfang wanders into ThunderClan territory and vows to stop Brokenstar.

Detailed description

Yellowfang is a skinny,[22] battle-scarred,[14] and grizzled,[4] dark gray she-cat with wide-set,[23] rheumy,[24] and rounded orange eyes.[14][25][26] She has a broad, flattened face,[21] a snub nose,[23] bony haunches,[27] and long,[14] dull,[26] patchy,[27] thick,[28] and matted fur.[26] Her ears are torn and ragged,[14] and she has cracked,[29] blackened,[30] yellow teeth.[31]
Yellowfang began to neglect grooming her pelt during Raggedstar's reign in ShadowClan, which continued through her death in Rising Storm.[32][26]

Scars gained

The following is a chronological list of scars and/or major injuries that Yellowfang has gained:

  • Torn and ragged ears, patchy fur, and battle-scars caused by unknown battles prior to Into the Wild.[14]

Character pixels

Main images

Alternate images

Official art

Killed victims

This list shows the victims Yellowfang has killed:


Lives granted

The following is a list of gifts Yellowfang has granted during nine lives ceremonies:

Personality and Relationships

Yellowfang is a grouchy, harshly-spoken she-cat at the best of times. However, underneath her tough exterior, she is shown to have a heart to a select few cats. For more of Yellowfang's personality and relationships, click here!


Yellowfang's parents are Brightflower and Brackenfoot. Her former mate is Raggedstar, and Brokenstar, Wishkit, and Hopekit are their children. For more of Yellowfang's family, click here!



Toys and Plush

Yellowfang Large Plush Cat

  • Yellowfang large plush cat.
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Yellowfang & Ivypool - Mini Collector Figures

Yellowfang and Ivypool

Yellowfang and Ivypool

  • Series 3
  • Few cats have faced such darkness and danger as these courageous she-cats. Yellowfang's secret affair with Raggedstar brought into the world one of the cruelest leaders the forest has ever known, forcing this brave, long-suffering she-cat to blind, and later kill, her own son to save the forest. While her time in ShadowClan ended in horror and suffering, she eventually found peace in ThunderClan, and a new son in the brave and noble Firestar. Meanwhile, Ivypool's resentment of her sister brought her to the Dark Forest, where Hawkfrost preyed on her insecurities to tempt her into training with him. Once she realized the true intentions of her Dark Forest mentors, she turned spy for the Clans, risking her life among murderers and traitors every night in order to learn valuable information for the battle to come.
  • Sturdy mini figure of Yellowfang and Ivypool, approximately 7cm in height.
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Brightheart & Yellowfang - Mini Collector Figures (The Prophecies Begin)

Brightheart and Yellowfang

Yellowfang and Brightheart

  • The Prophecies Begin
  • Reprints of Yellowfang and Brightheart in new poses.
  • These two she-cats both suffered the pain of betrayal and uncertainty. Yellowfang suffered the agony of being banished by her own son, struggling to find a way forward until ThunderClan took her in. Brightheart’s scars and cruel new name left her floundering and no longer sure of who she was, until Cloudtail’s support and her own strength led her forward to a brighter future.
  • Also included in a three-pack bundle with the rest of The Prophecies Begin: Firestar, Scourge, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw.
  • Approximate individual price is $12.99 USD, and the three-pack bundle is $38.97 USD.


Yellowfang has mirror-touch synesthesia, the ability to feel the pain of those around her. For more trivia about Yellowfang, click here!


Yellowfang: "I'm going to become Sagewhisker's apprentice. I'm so sorry."
Raggedpelt: "Not funny."
Yellowfang: "I'm not joking."
Raggedpelt: "Is it because you're a coward? Did the fight with WindClan scare you too much?"
Yellowfang: "Never! I just cannot inflict pain on other cats, not anymore. Sagewhisker says this is my destiny."
Raggedpelt: "You'll lose me as well as your life as a warrior. I thought you cared! I thought you wanted to spend your life with me. I-I even thought we might have kits one day."
Yellowfang: "I thought the same. I care for you so much! But I don't have a choice."
Raggedpelt: "You always have a choice. And I thought you had chosen me."
—Yellowfang to Raggedpelt about becoming a medicine cat Yellowfang's Secret, pages 238-239

Raggedstar: "I've made a terrible mistake, haven't I? Our son wants to do nothing but lead ShadowClan into battle. I should never have made him deputy! What can we do to stop him?"
Yellowfang: "He's our son now, is he? I have never been allowed to be his mother! You said you would only keep my secret if I never called him my son. What can I possibly do to change him? Brokentail is your problem, Raggedstar."
—Yellowfang to Raggedstar shortly before his death Yellowfang's Secret, pages 432-433

"I have no Clan now, no destiny, no place to be, and no duties to tend to. Let the future bring what it will."
―Yellowfang Yellowfang's Secret, page 501

"Have a safe journey. And tell Russetfur that I'm sorry."
―Yellowfang Night Whispers, page 5

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