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"I know my path will cross with Brokenstar's again. And one day I will do something to stop this tide of fire and blood that he has unleashed on the forest."
Yellowfang after her banishment from ShadowClan in Yellowfang's Secret, page 501

Yellowfang's Secret is the fifth book in the Super Editions. It features Yellowfang as the main protagonist, and Featherpaw in the prologue.

The blurb

One secret could destroy them all....
Yellowkit is a ShadowClan cat through and through and she can't wait to become a fearless warrior. Then Yellowkit trains as an apprentice and finally receives her warrior name, Yellowfang—and much to her surprise, she realizes that her paws weren't meant to shed blood. Her true destiny lies as a healer, and she takes her place as ShadowClan's medicine cat apprentice.
But Yellowfang's dreams are haunted by a dark prophecy, and every paw step she takes seems drenched in heartache. As she struggles to separate herself from her warrior past, she realizes that the future she faces is bleak and dim—colored by a devastating secret that could destroy the warrior Clans.

The praise

"Like other ShadowClan cats, Yellowkit has always dreamed of being a warrior, but as she begins her apprenticeship, she makes a discovery that is intensely disturbingly: Her paws are not those of a warrior, but of a healer. As she reluctantly begins her training as a medicine cat, her dreams are haunted by a prophecy she cannot completely understand and a sense of dark foreboding. What she does not yet know is that her fate conceals a secret that could destroy all the warrior Clans. Erin Hunter's fierce feline classic continues in high style."[5]
-Barnes and Noble

Detailed plot description

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Six cats, medicine cats from each of the four Clans that govern the woods, rivers, and moors gather at Highstones, for a half-moon ritual which enables each cat to share dreams with their warrior ancestors, StarClan. Sagewhisker, Hawkheart, Milkfur, Bramblepaw, and Goosefeather welcome a new medicine cat apprentice, mentored by Goosefeather himself, Featherpaw of ThunderClan. Goosefeather asks him if he's ready to delve deeper into StarClan and share its knowledge, and Featherpaw confirms that he truly is ready. Goosefeather presents him as a medicine cat apprentice to their ancestors, having his new rank seen clearly in their eyes. Featherpaw touches his nose to the Moonstone, and shares dreams with the spirits. He sees Mallowfur, and Mallowfur greets him warmly, reassuring Featherpaw that although she shares tongues with her ancestors, she will always be with him. Featherpaw's name is called by a mysterious tom, and he announces that he has a message for him. Featherpaw is awestruck, amazed that he receives a message from StarClan during his first visit.
The cat grunts in annoyance, knowing that the new apprentice won't think it's that great once he's heard it. The spirit cat tells Featherpaw that a "dark force is on its way, with the power to pierce deep into the heart of ThunderClan. And it will be brought by a ShadowClan medicine cat." Featherpaw is shocked, explaining how the medicine cat code contradicts that as medicine cats have no enemies. Molepelt disregards him, telling Featherpaw how he was once a ShadowClan medicine cat. He admits that he and his Clanmates performed a wrong to another Clan, a Clan that belonged in the forest as much as any of the other warrior Clans, but was driven away due to their selfishness. Molepelt confesses that he knew what he did was wrong, and he has waited, his heart full with dread as he anticipated the Clans to be punished. Featherpaw is still confused, wondering how the Clans would be punished. Molepelt warns Featherpaw that the time has come, and that a poison will spring from the heart of ShadowClan, and spread to all the other Clans. He adds that a storm of blood and fire will sweep through the forest, but he is broken off by Hollowbelly, asking what Molepelt thinks he's doing, spilling the secrets of an ancient prophecy to a new ThunderClan medicine cat. Hollowbelly tries to convince Featherpaw that things are different, and there is no need to punish ShadowClan, for the medicine cat code will keep the cats safe. Molepelt calls Hollowbelly a fool, saying that nothing will stop this tide of blood. Hollowbelly makes Featherpaw promise to not tell any cat, for even the future is lost in the mist of StarClan. Featherpaw promises, and starts to leave, but wonders to himself. If Molepelt was telling the truth, it didn't make sense. How in StarClan could ThunderClan be threatened by a ShadowClan medicine cat?
Yellowkit, a newly born kit to her parents, Brightflower and Brackenfoot, leaps out of the nursery with her littermates, Nutkit and Rowankit. They chase Littlebird, Lizardfang, and Silverflame, pretending that the elders are invading WindClan warriors. Yellowkit, pretending to be Cedarstar, ShadowClan's leader, playfully forces the elders to surrender, and they joke about how they don't want to fight the kits as they are too strong for them. Yellowkit turns on Nutkit, telling him to be the WindClan warrior, as she knows "awesome" battle moves. Raggedkit, an older kit, sneers at Yellowkit, saying she's only a kit. Yellowkit retorts, asking him what he is. Raggedkit brags about how he and his brother, Scorchkit will be apprentices soon, and that it'll be moons before Yellowkit and her siblings become apprentices. Scorchkit boasts about how they'll be warriors prior to them being apprentices. Raggedkit and Scorchkit show the kits more advanced battle moves, and Nutkit suggests that they hunt mice in the brambles. Raggedkit scoffs at them, doubting their ability, and Nutkit, catching up on elders' gossip about who fathered Raggedkit, calls Raggedkit a kittypet to his face. Raggedkit is furious, and he dares Nutkit to say it again, which Nutkit, frightened but bravely obliges. Brightflower interrupts them, bringing her kits back to the nursery. Yellowkit looks back, wondering what it was like to not know your father - especially if every cat assumes that he's a kittypet.
Nutkit suggests to play in the warriors' den, and he calls Yellowkit a scaredy-mouse for refusing, daring her to peek under the bush. Yellowkit knows she can't back down, but is warned by Rowankit that Brightflower is watching her. Yellowkit turns to her, noting how she eats with her mate and checks on her kits every so often, leading Yellowkit to wanting to be like her - a warrior, and a queen to have kits to bring up as valuable and loyal warriors to their Clan. Feeling inspired by this, Yellowkit comes up with a game - to be a mother, and teach her kits to catch frogs. She scolds her "kits", calling the two untidy, and Nutkit tells her that he thinks this is a dumb game, and that her pelt isn't peachy clean either. Yellowkit cuffs him, playfully telling him to not talk to his mother in that tone. Brightflower praises Yellowkit, telling her that she'll make a great mother and a warrior. However, Cedarstar's call cuts them short, and they gather for a Clan meeting. However, a thorn in Yellowkit's paw irritates her, and she protests about it, only to see that there is no thorn. After the slight embarrassment that she had dragged so many cat's attention to her for something that wasn't there, Raggedkit and Scorchkit become apprentices, now known as Raggedpaw and Scorchpaw, being taken under Brackenfoot and Crowtail's mentorship. When the ceremony ends, Lizardstripe comes into camp, with a thorn in her paw as well. After she departs Sagewhisker's den and Yellowkit moves in, she realizes that she can no longer feel the thorn, or the pain. Shrugging it off, she returns to play with her littermates.
Yellowkit wakes up with a bellyache. Ironically, Nutkit has one too. Nutkit begs Yellowkit not to tell anyone that it was because he ate crowfood, but Yellowkit can't remember eating crowfood. But pain overwhelming him, he confesses to Brightflower. Brightflower accuses Yellowkit of eating it as well, since her bellyache is just as bad as Nutkit's. Yellowkit tries to convince Brightflower that she didn't, but Brightflower brushes Yellowkit off as lying. They go to Sagewhisker, who gives them yarrow leaves to throw up the remains they ate, and she puts them off food for a day. Yellowkit is miserable that her mother thinks she is a liar, and the next morning, she tries to sneak a bite of food, but Sagewhisker warns her that it's too early for that. She invites her to help her sort out her herbs, as it'll take Yellowkit's mind off food. She teaches Yellowkit about several herbs, including juniper berries and daisy leaves. Sagewhisker praises Yellowkit as she comes up with possible remedies for ailments that hang over certain cats, saying that she learns fast. Sagewhisker tells Yellowkit to stay away from crowfood again, and Yellowkit knows that there's no point in arguing. But although she hadn't eaten any crowfood, she still had a bellyache as worse as Nutkit, and she is left wondering what made her so sick. Nutkit and Yellowkit chase each other to the elders' den, in which they realize that Silverflame is acting off. Noticing that Silverflame talks about how the young cats need to eat more than she does, and how her steps are uneasy and trembling, she brings up her concerns with Sagewhisker, who gently tells her that Silverflame is old. As Yellowkit searches for ways to heal Silverflame, she spots Raggedpaw and Brackenfoot training together. When the two leave, she wets moss and brings it to SIlverflame, much to the annoyance of the other elders as they fear it will get their bedding wet. Silverflame tells them to be appreciative, and thanks Yellowkit for the moss.
But that's not all that happened that day in the ShadowClan camp. Unexpectedly, the three kits - Rowankit, Nutkit, and Yellowkit, are made apprentices. Finchflight is chosen to mentor Rowankit - now known as Rowanpaw, Amberleaf to Nutpaw, and Deerleap to Yellowpaw. As Yellowpaw is chosen to explore the territory with Deerleap, her belly starts to cramp so hard that she can't breathe. However, she pushes it away, excitement devouring her to explore the territory. Convincing Deerleap she's fine, they go out and explore, seeing sights like Carrionplace, the Thunderpath, the WindClan border, lands that are great for hunting different types of prey, and more. When they finally return to camp, Yellowpaw asks Brightflower how Silverflame is. Brightflower replies grimly that it's time for Silverflame to walk with StarClan. Yellowpaw is heartbroken, and Littlebird takes her out for a walk, explaining how every cat goes to StarClan when it's time. Yellowpaw blames Sagewhisker for Silverflame's death, insisting that she should've worked harder. In order to get Yellowpaw's mind off of Silverflame, Deerleap takes her out for hunting practice. When she misses a frog, Deerleap gives her some tips, and she manages to catch food - her first time as an apprentice. They go back to camp, meeting Rowanpaw, Nutpaw, Scorchpaw, and Raggedpaw, and they go out to practice battle moves along with their mentors. Rowanpaw comments that Deerleap never stops when it comes to training her apprentices or working for her Clan. Each of them partner up for a move that Scorchpaw and Raggedpaw demonstrate, and Yellowpaw is partnered with Nutpaw. She feels a pain in her shoulder as if someone clawed her - but at the same time, Rowanpaw is clawed by Scorchpaw, who forgets the claws sheathed rule. Nutpaw swears he didn't do anything to Yellowpaw, and Yellowpaw notices that there's no mark on her, however it does hurt. In light of the broken rule, they practice one more time and head back to camp, where Yellowpaw practices the move on her own, although she can't seem to grasp the basics of it. Raggedpaw offers to help her, allowing her to be the one that attacks him so she can work on the hardest part of it. He gives her tips on how to perform the move more cleanly, and Yellowpaw perfects it, thanking Raggedpaw as he leaves for a hunting mission. Yellowpaw is surprised by his generosity in offering to help Yellowpaw, and thinks that he's not so bad after all.
Two new apprentices, Wolfpaw and Foxpaw join Yellowpaw, Rowanpaw, and Nutpaw for a hunting mission. When Foxpaw and Yellowpaw are signaled out to follow a scent trail, she realizes that there's a strange smell - not of any ShadowClan cats. They see the remains of a bird, with small pawsteps around it, putting the pieces together that it was WindClan, for they are the only cats with pawsteps that small and light. They go back to the training center, where they see Brightflower and Blizzardwing, and warn them of their sightings. Yellowpaw leads the way to the scent trail, and Deerleap sends out orders, sending Brightflower to investigate the area and Blizzardwing to get reinforcements in case of an ambush, and to also bring back Foxpaw and Wolfpaw. Blizzardwing returns with a fresh wave of warriors - Stonetooth, Crowtail, Brackenfoot, Raggedpaw, and Scorchpaw. They encounter a WindClan patrol, and Stonetooth questions Reedfeather about the hunting on their land. For a minute, Yellowpaw feels a flash of sympathy, for the WindClan warriors look very thin, as if they hadn't had a good meal for ages. She shakes it off, reminding herself that she will be fighting for her Clan and that they stole food. Reedfeather looks weary, and tells Stonetooth that he's made his point and they won't hunt on ShadowClan territory anymore. Stonetooth doesn't reply with words, but instead attacks Reedfeather, leading the two Clans into a full-flown border attack. A tom cat attacks Yellowpaw, and Yellowpaw is aware that he's too strong and big for her to have any chance of winning. Raggedpaw rescues Yellowpaw from the large warrior, beating him off easily. Yellowpaw manages to get up, feeling as if every pawful of fur was ripped from her, although she can't find any serious wounds. Much to WindClan's despair, the ShadowClan cats beat the WindClan patrol, and upon returning to camp, Cedarstar holds a feast in honor of them. He appoints Raggedpaw a warrior, now known as Raggedpelt. Yellowpaw notices the look of envy on Scorchpaw's face, and wonders how it must feel to have your brother outshine you. Raggedpelt apologizes to Yellowpaw for pushing her away in the battle, telling her that the WindClan warrior was too strong for her. Yellowpaw is still grateful, knowing that if it weren't for him, she would've been licking her wounds in Sagewhisker's den. Rowanpaw teases Yellowpaw about Raggedpelt liking her, but Yellowpaw is relieved by the fact that Raggedpelt doesn't seem to think of her as a troublesome kit anymore.
At Yellowpaw's second gathering, Foxpaw tries to convince Raggedpelt to show the warriors in the other Clans his battle moves. Raggedpelt refuses, reminding Foxpaw that the Gatherings are a sign of peace. A few WindClan warriors approach Yellowpaw and Raggedpelt, after Yellowpaw tried to reassure Raggedpelt as Foxpaw yowled names at him, insulting Raggedpelt for being a kittypet. Reedfeather catches a hold of this, and warns his warriors off. Raggedpelt confesses that he hates when other warriors gossip about him, commenting that all he wants to do is know, and Yellowpaw is determined to help Raggedpelt find who his father is and to help him know the truth. When they get back from the Gathering, Yellowpaw goes to ask the elders for any clues. Some of the elders, such as Lizardstripe, are annoyed, but Littlebird patiently responds to Yellowpaw, admitting she doesn't know much but reveals that Featherstorm, Raggedpelt's mother, used to spend a lot of time at the border near Twolegplace. Yellowpaw convinces herself that if she goes there, she may be able to find out who Raggedpelt's father is. Yellowpaw takes Raggedpelt there, who is extremely hesitant at first, but his hunger for knowledge drives him forward. They meet several rogue cats - Red, Boulder, Marmalade, Pixie, who are extremely hostile and tell the two cats to get out. Raggedpelt is infuriated at being ordered around by kittypets, and they race back, only to be pursued by Marmalade and his cats. A cat calls out to them - and Yellowpaw recognizes her as the cat who flinched when she explained why they were there. She explains that Hal spent more time with Featherstorm than anything else, and she takes them to see Hal, who insists that he has no idea what they're talking about. With a shocking sensation, Yellowpaw realizes that this cat is the exact mirror of Raggedpelt. Yellowpaw explains that Raggedpelt is his son, and Hal examines Raggedpelt, before simply insisting that he has no son. Raggedpelt, furious, declares that this was a mouse-brained idea and leaves.
The next morning, Deerleap takes Yellowpaw out with several members of the Clan to raid the Carrionplace, in an attempt to scavenge for more food as in leaf-bare, prey is scarce. Each cat is partnered with another warrior, and Yellowpaw is partnered with Archeye. They catch the biggest rat out of all of the warriors, and when they return to camp, Cedarstar compliments Yellowpaw himself. Brackenfoot and Brightflower praise Yellowpaw warmly, and Yellowpaw is elated that she had received so many compliments. Deerleap decides to take Yellowpaw to the Moonstone afterwards, and Yellowpaw feels a pang of sympathy for her mentor as she realizes that she's slowing down, for she does not call Yellowpaw so early in the morning anymore or take her out on several patrols a day. As they eat their traveling herbs, Sagewhisker wishes them luck, telling Yellowpaw to be aware for the dream she receives may be the key to her destiny. As they cross the Thunderpath and reach Highstones, they wait until the moon rises into the sky. During this period, Deerleap praises Yellowpaw, telling her that she is very proud of her. She says that Yellowpaw will be her last apprentice until she moves to the elders' den, and Yellowpaw promises not to let her down. As the moon rises, the two cats enter Mothermouth, touching the stone with their noses until they fall asleep. Yellowpaw instantly falls into a dream. In her dream, she sees herself getting her warrior name, Yellowfang. Afterwards, a pain twists in her belly, and she realizes she is having kits. Screeches of pain follow that, and an image of woodland ends her dream as Deerleap wakes her up. Deerleap insists that they must leave quickly, and she warns Yellowpaw to take notice of her dream and to use it to her wisdom. Yellowpaw looks at the sky, wondering what StarClan has planned for her.
After moons of training, Yellowpaw receives her warrior name, Yellowfang. Her siblings become warriors alongside her - Rowanberry and Nutwhisker. Scorchwind, who had previously been Scorchpaw, praises the three warriors, telling them that they'll get the hang of it eventually. However, his brother, Raggedpelt, doesn't show the equal amount of warmth, instead ignores Yellowfang completely. Yellowfang wishes he would realize that she wouldn't tell any cat what she saw, but she is interrupted by Sagewhisker, who starts to prod her about her dream at the Moonstone. Yellowfang refuses to give anything away as she asks if Yellowfang dreamed about serving her Clan as a warrior. Yellowfang turns away from her. While on patrol with Hollyflower, Newtspeck, and Toadskip, they spot a half-eaten squirrel. The warriors seem to believe that WindClan had done this, but Yellowfang recognizes the scent of Hal and his friends. She convinces the warriors that it was killed by kittypets, stating that no warrior would leave behind prey like this. They report it to Cedarstar, who sends two patrols to the Twolegplace to ambush them. Yellowfang, a part of the battle patrol, encounters Red, but Raggedpelt barrels into her and forces her not to say anything about the night that he and Yellowfang visited them. As the battle draws to an end, Yellowfang endures pain that becomes too much for her to bear, although physically she only has one or two scratches. Deerleap aids Yellowfang to Sagewhisker's den, where Sagewhisker sends Deerleap off. She briskly tells Yellowfang that she has no injuries, but asks Yellowfang if any other cat was injured in the battle - preferably, having the same injuries as Yellowfang thinks she has. When confirmed, Sagewhisker studies Yellowfang seriously, and tells her that she has a power - a power to feel other cats' physical pain when they are not her own, and that it is also a gift, but they must find out what to use with it. Yellowfang wails that she doesn't want to be different.
Sore from Sagewhisker's "accusation", Yellowfang's bad temper spreads over camp as she disregards everyone's questions about whether or not she is okay. But she accepts Rowanberry's comfort - about to tell her what Sagewhisker had said, but realizing that Rowanberry is in pain as well. She orders Rowanberry to see Sagewhisker, and she reassures herself that nothing will change, and that she will still continue to be a great warrior, regardless of the gift she has. After participating in a rather successful hunting patrol that had strayed to the marshes ever since a badger had moved into their territory, they return to camp, hearing pawsteps. For a minute, they believe it is the badger - but they realize it is Red and Boulder, who request to join their Clan. Several cats caterwaul outrage, but Cedarstar is prepared to listen. He asks them why they want to, and the two cats explain that ShadowClan could've killed them if they wanted to with their strength and skill, but they didn't, because the warrior code speaks of mercy and justice in battle. They add that they hunt their own food and care for their Clan as well - and if that's what it means to be a warrior, then they want to be a part of it. However, several warriors are still against this, or at least, believe that these cats will betray them. But Cedarstar deems that they shouldn't turn down two promising warriors. He allows them to stay with them for one moon, and if they prove their loyalty to the Clan during that time, they will be appointed apprentices. Still, cats are upset with it, but Yellowfang feels a twinge of defensiveness towards them, stating that they're cats just like them and deserve a chance. She catches Raggedpelt's eyes, and is still shocked to see Raggedpelt's anger and fury towards her. A good chunk into the day, Boulder asks Yellowfang if she was the cat that went to go see Hal. Red is sympathetic towards the amount of rules Yellowfang has to oblige by, and promises that they won't tell any cat. She even suggests that maybe they'll have adventures of some sort when they weave their way around the Clan. They are apprenticed afterwards, Red being given the name Russetpaw, and apprenticed to Featherstorm - although Cedarstar knows Featherstorm had been spending time around the Twolegplace. Featherstorm doesn't look pleased, but still touches noses with Russetpaw. When it is Boulder's turn, Boulder requests that his name stays the same, and when Cedarstar allows it, he gives Mousewing as a mentor to Boulder. The warriors are outraged, shocked by the fact that apprentices could choose their own names. Stonetooth is especially irritated, confronting Cedarstar about it. Cedarstar tells him wearily that he needs to know when a battle is worth fighting, and when Yellowfang looks at Raggedpelt, still ignoring her, she wonders if winning back his trust is a battle worth fighting.
After training with the two new apprentices, Yellowfang encounters Raggedpelt in a bloody battle with a badger. Raggedpelt, seriously injured to the point where he could've almost died, Yellowfang forces him up and attacks the badger herself, ordering Raggedpelt to go back to camp. When Yellowfang defeats the badger, she helps Raggedpelt back to camp. Raggedpelt thanks Yellowfang for saving his life, and Yellowfang is moved as their longtime grudge ends. Afterwards, Yellowfang is ordered to lead a patrol to where the badger attacked, but she notices it has three little cubs as well. She finds herself thanking the stars as they can't track the scent trail, and wonders why she feels so much sympathy for a badger. As they return to camp, Yellowfang receives a cramping sensation that refuses to let her sleep, and she goes to Sagewhisker, who tells her it's Nettlespot's pain. Yellowfang tries to tend to Nettlespot, for her own sake as well as Nettlespot's, but as she realizes that the pain is now scary, she wonders how she can be a warrior if she can bear the pain of all the Clan. During a patrol with her Clanmates, they meet a few of the kittypets they had battled before, and Hollyfeather and Newtspeck openly challenge them, probing for a fight, and when the kittypets ask where Red and Boulder are, the cats confirm that they lived with ShadowClan now. However, Newtspeck hurts her shoulder when she challenges them, leading Yellowfang to hurt as well. However, as they arrive back to camp, they realize that the rogues had misheard Hollyflower and Newtspeck, believing that ShadowClan kidnapped the kittypets, and leads a revenge attack on the camp.
As Yellowfang navigates her way through the battle, she finds Raggedpelt, Featherstorm, and Hal. Hal taunts Raggedpelt for his kittypet origins, and Raggedpelt, infuriated, attacks and kills him. Boulder and Russetpaw enter the camp, appalled, and explain to the kittypets that they joined ShadowClan of their own free will. When Russetpaw sees Hal's dead body, Raggedpelt explained that he had to die because he was "defending" Yellowfang, which the two cats both know is a lie. Russetpaw tells the two cats that he was her father, and mourns over him, and Pixie, one of the kittypets, tries to comfort her. Russetpaw promises not to forget him, but as Yellowfang turns to Raggedpelt, she knows that one cat will try his best to. The two go out hunting later, and Yellowfang confronts Raggedpelt for his bad mood, and for ignoring Russetpaw, defending the young apprentice by stating it wasn't her fault that Hal was her father, and that she did nothing wrong. Despite their heated argument earlier, Raggedpelt's temper cools off as Yellowfang catches a piece of prey, and confesses he wants to be a mentor along with Yellowfang, basking in the idea of him being leader and Yellowfang being his deputy. Raggedpelt asks Yellowfang if she wants to be with him, and Yellowfang agrees. When they head back to camp, Raggedpelt suggests they do more fighting moves, but Yellowfang argues that the Clan needs food. However, they are put on hunting patrol. Prior to this, Yellowfang catches Littlebird's fever (the feelings of her sickness, at least) and she warns Sagewhisker. On the border patrol, Yellowfang spots coltsfoot - good for coughs, and she collects it, much to the scorn of the other warriors, who believe that Yellowfang should be hunting, and not collecting herbs. Raggedpelt suggests that other cats would think she's not a warrior, and Yellowfang wishes she could tell Raggedpelt her feelings of other cats' pain, and wishes she could just be a warrior. Later, she helps Sagewhisker treat Littlebird, much to Raggedpelt's dismay. But he seems to forgive her quite quickly, for he displays much affection towards her later. Yellowfang joins a hunting patrol across the WindClan border, in which they approach a WindClan hunting party. They are ambushed, and Yellowfang suffers the worst of the fight, in which she is brought back to camp. Sagewhisker oversees her, telling Yellowfang that she could've avoided the injuries but she had been too badly hurt because she couldn't brought herself to fight. She tells Yellowfang that she needs to face her destiny and become a medicine cat.
Russetpaw and Boulder become warriors - Russetfur and Boulder. Raggedpelt constantly checks on Yellowfang each day after the battle, but as night nears, Sagewhisker leaves for the Moonstone, and Cloudkit, Nettlespot's son, gets very sick. Yellowfang, having picked up a basic knowledge of herbs from her time in the medicine den, treats Cloudkit to the best of her knowledge, working efficently. The next morning, Cloudkit is better, complaining of hunger, and Sagewhisker praises Yellowfang herself. She tells Yellowfang that she has a good memory for herbs, has the courage to act on her instincts, take part in a fight, etc, and says that she'd be a great medicine cat. Yellowfang protests, saying that Sagewhisker can ask if cats are in pain. The two quarrel - with Sagewhisker wanting Yellowfang to be her apprentice, but Yellowfang refuses. Sagewhisker tells Yellowfang to face her destiny, and informs her that her power has been given to her for a reason. Swallowing up courage, Yellowfang finally agrees to be her apprentice, and Sagewhisker is relived. But when she tells Raggedpelt, Raggedpelt is furious, thinking that Yellowfang wanted to spend her life with him. He tells Yellowfang she had a choice, but she didn't pick him. Cedarstar accepts Yellowfang as Sagewhisker's medicine cat apprentice, and although most of the Clan is shocked, they respect her choice. Sagewhisker's first task for Yellowfang is to concentrate on blocking out pain, which Yellowfang is appalled by, commenting that she became her apprentice because she had these feelings. Sagewhisker gives Yellowfang other tasks to do as well, and questions her on her knowledge of herbs, to which Yellowfang gets wrong. Sagewhisker is annoyed, and Yellowfang snaps at her that she needs to be given a chance. That night, Yellowfang receives a dream from Silverflame, who tells her that she must be brave, and she has faith in her. Yellowfang is confident that she won't let her down, and when a patrol returns from being attacked, Yellowfang knows that she will help them - and she is perfectly capable of it.
The patrol reveals they were attacked by rats, and as Yellowfang treats the cats, Raggedpelt suggests with a plan to ambush the rats. Cedarstar approves of this, but as the plan is carried out, they start to lose - for there are too many rats. Cedarstar loses a life, and Raggedpelt is ashamed of himself, allowing Cedarstar to exile him. But Cedarstar does just the opposite of that - telling that Raggedpelt that when Cloudkit is ready, he will be his mentor. At the Gathering that night, Cedarstar announces that Stonetooth will step down from the deputy position, and ShadowClan is appalled, realizing that no cat knew this but Stonetooth himself. Cedarstar appoints Raggedpelt in his place, and as they come back, Raggedpelt asks Yellowfang if everything can be like that before - but without any cat knowing. Yellowfang knows what he's asking - to still be Yellowfang's mate, but in secrecy. Yellowfang admits that she can keep a secret. A few moons later, Raggedpelt is playing with Yellowfang in a remote area of territory, but they are interrupted by a battle cry. Rogues have attacked a ShadowClan patrol, and Cloudpaw, who was apart of it, gets his belly sliced open. Raggedpelt is guilt-stricken, but Yellowfang refuses to give up on him - although Sagewhisker believes it would be kinder to get StarClan take him. Yellowfang is angry at Sagewhisker for giving up so easily, and treats Cloudpaw with as much strength as if she was fighting a thousand cats. Thanks to her unwavering loyalty of treating her Clanmate, Cloudpaw gets much better, and when he is finally able to leave the medicine den, Cedarstar announces that he will become a warrior once he is all healed. Sagewhisker tells Yellowfang that it's time she stops becoming a medicine cat apprentice - and becomes a full medicine cat. Yellowfang, realizing how satisifed she feels healing Cloudpaw, knows that becoming a medicine cat is her destiny - and believes it is time for her to let go of Raggedpelt.
Yellowfang tells Raggedpelt her decision, which makes Raggedpelt confused, upset, and angry. Yellowfang tells him to go have kits with Foxheart instead, and Raggedpelt replies that Foxheart means nothing to him, and that his whole world is with Yellowfang. But Yellowfang can't let him, for it is her destiny to become a medicine cat. At the Moonstone, where Yellowfang is appointed a full medicine cat, Silverflame once again visits her in her dreams, showing her a vision of three kits, but they disappear. Silverflame reassures Yellowfang that whatever choice she makes, she will be with her. At the Gathering, while her name is being called out by the Clans, Yellowfang feels a squirming sensation in her belly. She knows that it's the feeling of kits growing inside of her, and wonders what queen was expecting kits. But as she tries to block out the pain, it won't leave, and she realizes that it isn't another cat's feelings - but her own. But there's no way she can expect kits. How will she become a faithful medicine cat? As moons pass, Sagewhisker starts to catch on, and asks Yellowfang how long it is until delivery. She admits she is a little mad at Yellowfang, and advises her to tell Raggedpelt. Raggedpelt, who, other than angry, is elated, but tells Yellowfang that she has to stop being a medicine cat. Yellowfang refuses, telling him that Lizardstripe, who is also expecting kits, could foster their kits until they were old enough to feed. Raggedpelt accepts, but on one condition - that their kits never know who their mother is. Yellowfang agrees to this promise, although her heart is breaking. Though her kits may not know her, Yellowfang vows to always love them.
Yellowfang gives birth a while later. Two of her kits, both she-kits, die. One is born dead, and the other dies slowly after birth. But one kit survives - and she names him Brokenkit. She is a bit frightened at first, seeing a look of twisted hatred on her kit's face, but brushes it off easily, noticing that the kit needs her. She buries her she-kits, and brings Raggedpelt her kit, in which they ask Lizardstripe to foster him. Yellowfang tells Lizardstripe that the mother wishes to keep her identiny a secret, and at first, she refuses. Raggedpelt tells Lizardstripe that if she fosters Brokenkit, then she will win the respect of all the cats - for it's not just Brokenkit she'll foster, but the Clan deputy's son - and maybe the Clan leader himself. Brokenkit is born with a bend in his tail, in which Lizardstripe thinks he got his name from, but Yellowfang had named him after the feeling in her heart as she left him there in Lizardstripe's nest. Sagewhisker prescribes Yellowfang some parsley, in which will dry up her milk. Yellowfang looks up at the sky, and promises StarClan that Brokenkit is not her son, and she will be more focused on her medicine cat duties than ever. Yellowfang hears Nightpaw, a newly apprenticed tom, coughing in the training center, with Foxheart scowling at him. Yellowfang breaks in, and brings Nightpaw to her den, but amazingly enough, he recovers from his coughing bout. Sagewhisker advises that Nightpaw drinks plenty of water, and when Yellowfang asks how Brokenkit is, Sagewhisker tells her that Lizardstripe doesn't seem too happy to have an extra mouth to feed. Several cats believe that Foxheart is Brokenkit's mother, but she didn't wish to have her identiny revealed for the cats believed she was set on becoming deputy. Lizardstripe lets out her kits, and the warriors comment on how strong Brokenkit is, although there is no real warmth for they do not know his mother. Yellowfang pays a visit to Littlebird, who also joins in on the gossip in which who Brokenkit's real mother is. Yellowfang believes it is none of their business, and Littlebird contradicts her, saying that everything in the Clan is her business. Yellowfang says that some things are better left as a secret.
Yellowfang visits the Moonpool, in which she asks Silverflame about Molepelt. Silverflame tells Yellowfang not to give up on Brokenkit, for she could be his only hope. At home, several kits make fun of Brokenkit, for not knowing his mother. Yellowfang scolds them, and takes Brokenkit away, teaching him some herbs. Brokenkit starts to relax, playing with a few leaves, and Yellowfang swells up with pride, wondering if Brokenkit could become her apprentice. But as the teasing goes on, they start to taunt Brokenkit about how old she-cats are the only friends he has. Brokenkit realizes that they're right, and starts to ignore the medicine den all together, telling Yellowfang to leave him alone. Cedarstar warns Raggedpelt, saying that Brokenkit must learn the importance of honor and loyalty - not just battle skills. Yellowfang suddenly feels searing agony in her chest, and rushes back to camp, seeing Sagewhisker in excruciating pain. It's too much for Sagewhisker - and she passes away, much to Yellowfang's dismay. She grieves over her, apologizing for letting her down. Although Sagewhisker is gone, Clan life goes on. Brokenkit is now an apprentice, mentored to Nightpelt - formerly Nightpaw. Runningkit, now Runningpaw, becomes Yellowfang's apprentice, due to his keen interest of herbs. Yellowfang notices that Nightpelt refuses to teach Brokenpaw battle moves - or, at least, not now. Yellowfang notices that Deerleap, Archeye, and Crowtail had recently retired to the elders' den, and listens to them remensince about old times. As the Clan goes to the gathering, Brokenpaw breaks away from the group, getting reprimanded by Raggedpelt. Brokenpaw explains that he was just checking a vulnerable piece of territory, saying that they can't neglect it when getting to Fourtrees is so important. During the Gathering, Brokenpaw erupts in a fight between two WindClan apprentices, and Cedarstar scolds him, departing from the Gathering early as his punishment. Cedarstar and Raggedpelt argue about Cedarstar punishing Brokenpaw. Raggedpelt says that he was proving ShadowClan's courage and loyalty, and that's more important than rules. Yellowfang hopes that Brokenpaw can learn to control his temper, for Brokenpaw's loyalty and temper can lead to battles.
Cedarstar eventually dies of a sickness, unknown to the cats. Raggedpelt immediately accompanies Yellowfang to the Moonstone, and when he is ready to receive his lives, Yellowfang is pushed away by Molepelt, who warns her of the cat with blood on his paws. When she leaves, Raggedpelt receives his last life, and is now known as Raggedstar. He appoints Foxheart as his deputy. As his first duty as leader, he makes Brokenpaw a warrior, now known as Brokentail, although he had been apprenticed for only five moons. Although the elders are hesitant of this, the warriors welcome him with open paws. Raggedstar comments on how his son is everything he wanted, and Yellowfang, knowing that Brokentail is not her son anymore, acknowledges him politely. Rats attack a returning patrol, and Brokentail, annoyed with all the attacks, devises a raid plan, which involves killing the rats in front of their denmates so that they will be frightened. Brokentail leads this raid, and it is successful - but at a terrible cost, for Foxheart dies. At her death, Raggedstar makes Cloudpelt deputy, which leaves Brokentail infuriated. He claims that he should've been deputy, because the rat attack worked and as it was his idea. Raggedstar tells him to use his brain, and that, if anything were to happen to Cloudpelt, Brokentail would be the next deputy. With Stumpypaw as Brokentail's new apprentice, he punishes him severely for chattering through battle training, having him biting on a tree branch and hanging from there. Yellowfang tells Cloudpelt about this, and Cloudpelt sadly says that he can't do anything about it as mentors train in different ways. Runningpaw tells Yellowfang to be careful around Brokentail, and Yellowfang thinks it's time for him to stop being her apprentice. At first, Runningpaw is shocked, and then realizes what Yellowfang meant. When the medicine cats meet for the half-moon gathering, Featherwhisker reveals sadly that Goosefeather had joined StarClan. Runningpaw receives his full name at the Moonstone, Runningnose, a reminder that medicine cats can't cure everything, but they have the courage to try. As they dream, Yellowfang receives a vision of kits - barely old enough to be apprenticed, ripping one another to shreds. Yellowfang wakes up, haunted, and Runningnose tries to comfort her, asking what the dream was about, but Yellowfang insists that they are not for idle gossip.
Yellowfang treats Featherstorm the next day, who gives birth to a new, healthy litter. Brokentail breaks into camp with a killed rabbit in his jaws, that smells of WindClan. He insists a WindClan cat had killed it, but the patrol that had bordered WindClan earlier claims they didn't see that. Brokentail insists that it must've been killed recently, but Yellowfang looks closer at it and realizes that there are traces of Brokentail's teeth in it, and Brokentail's scent was stronger than the WindClan scent. Although Brokentail had carried it, his scent still wouldn't have been that strong - and Yellowfang thinks that he might've killed the rabbit to intentionally provoke a war with WindClan. Yellowfang brings it up with Raggedstar, but Raggedstar immediately turns the idea down, angered at the fact that Yellowfang would accuse his son of doing such a thing. He leads the raid attack on WindClan, and Yellowfang goes to search for comfrey. She sees the raiding party, and notices that WindClan is fighting much more savagely than normal, for they were accused falsely. Cloudpelt gets hurt majorly, and Yellowfang attempts to heal him, but Brokentail breaks in, telling Yellowfang to not waste her time with Cloudpelt, for he deserves to be leader instead. Yellowfang convinces herself that although Brokentail was ambitious and started the battle, there was no way he could've known how badly Cloudpelt was hurt. She continues to try to treat Cloudpelt, but to no avail - for he joins StarClan. Yellowfang breaks the news to Raggedstar, and tells him it was a battle that should not have been fought. Raggedstar roars that if she truly thinks that, she is dishonoring Cloudpelt's memory. Yellowfang replies that she wouldn't do this, but tells him that she thinks Brokentail looked for this battle, and says that she didn't think he should be made deputy. Raggedstar snarls at Yellowfang, telling her that she's only here to heal his warriors, and to never question his orders again. Brokentail is appointed deputy, although no cat is surprised. Yellowfang, herself, can't be brought to feel proud of him, for the prophecy of blood and fire that Molepelt had given her still lingers within her, wondering how far Brokentail will go to achieve his ambitions. A few days later, Raggedstar tells Yellowfang that he had a dream of kits killing one another, which Yellowfang shared the same night. Raggedstar realizes he made a terrible mistake making Brokentail deputy, for all he wants to do is lead his son into battle. He asks Yellowfang what they should do about their son, and Yellowfang is outraged - telling Raggedstar that all these years he'd made Yellowfang to promise to keep her identiny a secret from Brokentail, and that she was nothing more than a medicine cat. Yellowfang tells Raggedstar that Brokentail is his problem, and not hers. However, after a dispute of a piece of prey between Frogtail and the elders, Brokentail and Raggedstar seem to be in agreement, for both of them believe that elders deserve the prey first. But Yellowfang is hesitant on how long it'll last.
Another border patrol gets into an attack with WindClan, but this time, Raggedstar gets hurt. His wounds become so severe that all of his nine lives get drained out at once - and Brokentail is grief-stricken, although he was the cat that killed him. After Brokentail grieves, he and Yellowfang go to the Moonstone to receive Brokentail's nine lives. Through the ceremony, the cats who grant them his lives seem to have a hidden, veiled warning in their lives, and Yellowfang is slightly nervous by this. Brokentail, now known as Brokenstar, calls a Gathering and tells Featherstorm to bring her kits. He makes Blackfoot deputy, and Mosskit - now Mosspaw, his apprentice, although he is too young. Brokenstar defends himself, saying that Mosspaw is a strong kit, and promises his siblings that they will be apprenticed once they are as big as Mosspaw. Yellowfang helps Fernshade deliver her new kit, Badgerkit, and thanks StarClan for the blessing of the new life among a age of turmoil and battles. Brownkit comes to Yellowfang with a wrenched shoulder, and he outright defies the medicine cat, saying that although his wounded shoulder was because of a training session, he'll do it regardless. Brokenstar calls a Clan meeting, saying that the Clan could be sharper. Cats suggest that they could keep a permanent patrol on the Thunderpath, and battle train every single day, and even have a sunhigh patrol along with a dawn and evening patrol. Brokenstar announces that even the elders have a role to play - and orders them to leave camp, for they take up precious space. Other warriors try to convince themselves it's the right idea, for they'll be safer, and Yellowfang, although heavily against this idea, helps the elders prepare to leave. The elders declare that this isn't their Clan anymore, at least, not the Clan they had defended. Yellowfang confronts Brokenstar about training kits too young and banishing the elders, and Brokenstar says that as long as the elders are safe, they're fine. He directs a training session with the kits, and with Mosspaw as the battle subject. They try a double move attack, but Mosspaw is lying still, and Yellowfang realizes that he's dead. Brokenstar shows little genuine grief, but in the light of this tragedy, he makes the five kits in the nursery apprentices as well, taking one for his own. Brightflower announces to Yellowfang that she and Brackenfoot are expecting kits, but Yellowfang cannot muster any happiness. Instead, she hopes StarClan can help them all. At the Gathering, Badgerpaw is announced an apprentice, although one apprentice is missing - Volepaw, who died from a rat bite. The other medicine cats are highly suspicious that he is too young to be an apprentice, including Spottedleaf, Featherwhisker's replacement when he died. The other medicine cats, Barkface and Mudfur seem to insist that Yellowfang should do something about the training, but Yellowfang turns away, saying that Brokenstar knows what he's doing. In a battle against WindClan, Badgerpaw dies, and Yellowfang is devasted. Flintfang, his mentor, says that he gave Badgerpaw his warrior name before he died - Badgerfang. Yellowfang confronts Brokenstar, saying she will tell StarClan to take away his nine lives. Brokenstar is amused, saying that they'll do nothing to stop him, for he has made their Clan glorious.
Yellowfang sees Cedarstar in her dream, and asks him why he made Brokenstar leader. Cedarstar cannot defend his actions, and Yellowfang realizes she cannot even trust StarClan anymore. She comes to terms that ShadowClan will not survive forever - at least, with Brokenstar as their leader. Brightflower, haven given birth a few moons ago, has her kits disappear. Yellowfang looks for them, and finds their bodies, smashed and ripped apart by a fox. She tries to heal them, but it's too late. Brokenstar appears, along with Brightflower, and Yellowfang explains how she scented the fox. Brokenstar tells her that there is no fox here, and brings her back to camp. Brokenstar tells her story to the camp, but he says he found no scent of the fox. A cat asks who could've killed them, and Brokenstar says that only one cat knows, and turns to Yellowfang, clearly accusing her. Several cats accuse her, and some make up reasons for why she would've done that. Newtspeck breaks in, asking if they seriously think Yellowfang would kill her mother's kits so she wouldn't have to treat their wounds. Brokenstar asks Russetfur, who had gone to search, if there was any clues that Yellowfang had treated them. Russetfur denies it, and Brokenstar asks Frogtail if their bodies were cold, in which Frogtail replies no. Brokenstar, clearly coming to the conclusion that Yellowfang had killed the two kits, exiles her from the Clan. Blackfoot asks to escort her, but Yellowfang, driven by anger and grief, insists that she'll go by herself. Yellowfang declares that this is not her Clan anymore, and Runningnose is desperate to prove that it is a fox. But Yellowfang doesn't listen - and leaves the Clan she had lived in all her life. Yellowfang stumbles onto ThunderClan territory, desperately apologizing to Marigoldkit and Mintkit that she couldn't treat their injuries. She realizes that there is a cat stalking her, and he leaps out to attack. Yellowfang, weakened by the trauma she had gone through, realizes that this cat is a kittypet apprentice, and dares the cat to finish her off. Instead, the cat, finding sympathy, goes off to find food for her - knowing that she'd die without him. Yellowfang, letting out a sigh, allows the future to bring what it will bring. She knows that one day, she will cross with Brokenstar's path again, and she will do something to stop the wave of blood and fire he has unleashed on the Clans.


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  • Yellowfang's Secret does not include a map of the territories like the other books.[6]


A compiled list of the errors present in Yellowfang's Secret can be found here.

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