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Chapter Number: 17 (of 40)
Page Numbers: 214-225

Chapter summary

Yellowfang jerks awake in her nest. Frantically, she thinks she's suffocating, and attempts to push the moss off her. Her paws, however, do not meet any moss, only empty air. She looks around the warriors' den, watching some of the cats sleep soundly. Yellowfang rises from her nest and stumbles from the den, almost tripping over Nutwhisker.
Emerging into the clearing, coldness grips her body, and she hears murmuring from the elders' den. Yellowfang imagines the coldness sinking into her fur like claws, and she limps over to the den. She peers in, and Littlebird is in her nest, fighting for breath, Lizardfang attempting to comfort her. Lizardfang tells his denmate she needs Sagewhisker, and Yellowfang offers to fetch the medicine cat. She runs to fetch Sagewhisker, and when she awakens the medicine cat, Yellowfang notes it took several heartbeats. The white she-cat, half-asleep, is confused, and doesn't act, making Yellowfang impatient. The gray warrior slips into the herb store, remebering the coltsfoot she'd collected some sunrises ago, and snags a berry from the store. She emerges back into the medicine den, and demands to know if the berry will help; Sagewhisker wearily replies that it will. The medicine cat adds to fetch her if there was a problem, and Yellowfang protests against this silently, but leaves the den.
Lizardfang looks up in alarm as Yellowfang enters the den. The elder questions why Sagewhisker didn't come, but Yellowfang assures him that she's just tired. The gray she-cat takes the berry over to Littlebird, and coaxes her to eat it. She murmurs to the ginger elder that it'll be okay, and Littlebird takes the berry. She eats the medicine, and Yellowfang can feel the tightness in her own chest ease up.
The gray warrior suggests to pile up moss in Littlebird's nest over the night, to aid her breathing, and Lizardfang hoists the elder up. Yellowfang pushes moss beneath Littlebird, and when Lizardfang gently sets her down, the elder lets out a sigh.
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