"Yellowstar's eyes were troubled, and Talonstar's deputy stared hard at the RiverClan leader as if challenging the wisdom of his decision, but the law was accepted. The word of a Clan leader was now to be treated as if it was a part of the warrior code."
— Narrator in Code of the Clans, page 128


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Code of the Clans

Yellowstar is an ancient ShadowClan leader.
In the tale regarding Darkstar's law, Yellowstar is the last leader to jump onto the Great Rock, waiting for Darkstar to leap up first. At the Gathering, they report that there is an old, mangy fox that ShadowClan is having trouble with, for it is described as being not afraid of anything.
When the new law idea is brought up by Darkstar, it is noted that Yellowstar's eyes look troubled.


"Yellowstar described an old, mangy fox that had been causing trouble on the edge of ShadowClan territory because it didn't seem afraid of anything."
—Narrator Code of the Clans, page 124

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