"Well, I drop in on my housefolk now and again. When I feel like it. It's warm and comfortable there, but it's pretty boring, and the food is disgusting. So, when I've had enough of it, I leave and go exploring. That's when I met your friend, just outside the Twolegplace."
— Yew to Crowfeather in Crowfeather's Trial, chapter 20

Yew is a huge tabby tom with a broad head and muscular shoulders. He has a white chest and paws, and amber eyes.[1]


In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

When Crowfeather is knocked out after a fall off a hill, he awakens to discover a strange tom bent over him. Crowfeather attempts to struggle to his paws but collapses, making the tom hiss at him to stay still, as he's trying to fix his head. Confused, Crowfeather notices the smell of a herb and asks if the other tom is a medicine cat; the strange tom answers that he doesn't know why he keeps getting asked that, and only wants to help. Crowfeather asks who he is, noticing that he isn't a Clan cat. Coming to the conclusion that the gray tom is one of the crazy cats from the forest, he explains that he's just a cat who likes to keep to himself, and is called Yew.
Crowfeather asks if his name is like 'hey you', and Yew, in exasperation, informs him that it's like a yew tree. Pausing for a moment, Crowfeather introduces himself and apologizes. Yew says that it's no problem and he's learned a bit about patching up cats and likes to help out whenever he can. Crowfeather sits up, and the tom explains how he'd found the Clan cat almost dead in the snow, after a she-cat led him there. The black tom thanks him for the help, and Yew seems embarrassed. He leaves to hunt, and brings back a rabbit for them to share.
As they eat, Yew brings up that he met a cat with Crowfeather's scent about half a moon ago. Crowfeather questions if she was okay, thinking it to be Nightcloud. Yew replies that she'd had a bad wound on her side, and that he'd met her outside Twolegplace. The tom points Crowfeather in that direction, noting that he's a kittypet, and occasionally drops in with his housefolk that live there. He continues that he'd given her some marigold for the wound, but instructed her to go to the Twolegplace to get help from a vet. Crowfeather is shocked that she'd have agreed, but insists that he needs to go after her. He's tempted to ask Yew to come with him, but decides not to ask any more of the tom.
Crowfeather goes with his Clanmates to try and track Nightcloud. They find Yew and Nightcloud's scents together, but fail to pick up a trail. The patrol opts to head further into the Twolegplace to pick up another scent, as Yew said he'd advised her to seek treatment for her wound there. They find Nightcloud in a Twoleg den, where she explains that after she'd followed Yew's advice, she'd gotten healed.

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Yew: "Oh, you're one of those lunatics who live in the forest. No, I'm not one of them. I like to keep to myself. My name's Yew."
Crowfeather: "You? Like 'Hey, you'?"
Yew: "No, flea-brain. Yew, like the tree."
—Yew and Crowfeather Crowfeather's Trial, page chapter 20

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