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《蛾飞的幻象》(英文:Moth Flight's Vision)是《猫武士》系列小说长篇外传的第八册书。

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The five warrior Clans are newly formed, and the forest is at peace—but much remains uncertain, and in WindClan, one young cat struggles to find her place. Moth Flight is troubled by visions of strange spirit cats that seem to call her toward the high stones in the distance . . . and by the rest of her Clan, who all still see her as a foolish kit with her head in the clouds.

When Moth Flight's distraction nearly causes a terrible accident, she is compelled to go on a journey that will reveal the truth of her dreams—and her own destiny. Moth Flight's path is one that no cat could have predicted, and it will determine the fate of all the Clans for generations to come.

细节 编辑

  • 起初有读者在凯特的博客上称呼此书为Mothflight's Vision[1]而在随后的所有提及中使用的都是Moth Flight's Vision[2][3]
  • 凯特表示在《蛾飞的幻象》的初稿中引入了两个博客族的用户名,分别以 S 和 H 开头。他们都是博客族的忠实成员,而且不与故事中的其他人物名称重复,因而被引入书稿中。[4]

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